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Give a hat, I will dance... What can offer the power to the people before presidential elections?

Not so long remained to presidential elections. If to speak about political and economic situations in the country, then it is possible to draw sad conclusions. Such feeling that the power not only cannot solve any problem from that uncountable that collected for years of presidential boards of Putin and Medvedev, but also does not want to do it.

It concerns questions of both external, and domestic policy. It concerns questions of military and food security of the country, development of the industry, creation and development of public sector of economy, establishing order in the social sphere, increases of a standard of living of all segments of the population, and not just the corrupted top which plunders national property of all people. I would call it crash of a course of liberalization, to be exact, of monetization of all spheres of life of our society. If solutions of all problems “bucks“, then owing to our Russian mentality are regarded as of paramount importance, it does not pass. Everything begins to slip.

What the top can offer the people before State Duma elections and before presidential elections? Yes anything! It so discredited itself, having created the state in the state that about any support by bottoms out of the question. As for the party in power, in the people there was a permanent definition as about party of code-bound criminals. To pensioners and state employees in anticipation of elections you will spend nobody by the next tips any more.

Whom our people will see before presidential elections again? Two candidates - Putin and Medvedev.

As shows poll, about 30% of the population do not want to see either that, or another as the president. But from “The law on elections“ deputies of United Russia fraction removed the item “against all“, and also accepted addition that elections will be declared valid at any turnout of voters.

All the time says the first about stability that we (all corrupted top led by it) began to live better, more richly, and gas and oil it will last still for a long time. Yes, it is. Rating researches of the Forbes magazine confirm it. By the number of dollar billionaires and millionaires (and it in the conditions of yet not ended crisis) Russia on the first place. I recommend to watch Garry Kasparov`s video about schemes of plundering with a top of our national property. Whether the top will fight against corruption whether she is interested in it? Of course, no. Even earlier, during the stay of - on Putin the President, at meeting of prosecutors of subjects of the Russian Federation in Moscow, when a gene. the prosecutor of g - N Ustinov brought up a question of total corruption in the state and about need of strengthening of fight against it, in a week he was ousted. And instead of it the g - N Chaika was appointed. Therefore the ruling clique is interested in “stability“ of the enrichment further. And the simple people which need workplaces, salaries for which it is possible to exist normally, working in the budget, again will manage the next tip. Since July first wages will be raised for 6%. Ridiculously and offensively. The prices jumped up on products and gasoline utterly, and - 6%. Mockery!

The second, g - N Medvedev.

Before a holiday watched videos on YouTube. com with participation of our President Medvedev which just shook me. The first video that he addressed the leadership of Israel for obtaining the second nationality. The second how he dashingly dances at a party in the presence of - on Martirosyan under the known hit “Ameriken Fight“. Therefore there were questions. Whether has the right, from the point of view of the Law, our g - N the President to have the second nationality and to dance at a party of the Armenian diaspora? Probably, has. And here from the point of view of ethics of the statesman - probably, no.

Why it needed the second nationality? Uncertainty in a victory on elections? And then that? And then where, in what direction... and with what? With light baggage or how? Or support in race for power was required, and the second nationality is necessary urgently? I would like to hear his comments, for example, on “Twitter“. And how he dances? Just international dance. As it promotes strengthening of friendship between the people! Even “the father of the people“ would be happy! And as he fights “solidly“ against corruption in the state! I “am simply happy“ to tears that I saw on video.

All this would be ridiculous if it is not so sad. What we will have before elections, it becomes already clear to me now. If there is no unity of patriotic forces around any new political party which will reflect interests of the majority of the working people if there is no change of a political policy, then we are doomed to two terms of extinction and survivals in extreme conditions in the native state which is called Russia.