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How to receive client and financial return from the website?

Exist various communication channels of the producer with the consumer and the seller with the buyer - traditional mass media, television, radio, outdoor advertizing and sales outlets. The only and main objective of all these channels - to capture attention of the potential consumer and to induce it to make necessary action - about what it is spoken (to buy, order, try in the advertizing message and so on).

How to achieve it, thousands of authors and trainers in different languages in different points of the world constantly try to tell. There is a set of literature on effective business and successful business management, is much written also how to make the website effective. However as well as with many similar recommendations, their value is defined by Pareto principle which in a general view is formulated as follows: “20% of efforts yield 80% of result, and other 80% of efforts - only 20% of result“.

In this regard it would be desirable to use at disclosure of this subject this basic principle that you could choose a minimum of the most important actions for receiving considerable part from the planned full result.

On it I suggest to finish with and so a prolonged preamble and to pass to “ambula“. So, we reject abstract reasonings and we pass to the dry facts which will help to receive client and financial return from the website:

1 . First of all, learn to distinguish the main thing from minor. The most important is a convenience and a practicality of the website, that is usability. Beautiful design without usability - anything, only empty expensive picture!

2 . Whenever possible in 2 - 3 - x offers tell, than your company and why it is engaged in it in the market better than the others is engaged. Competitive advantages have to be formulated as it is possible more accurately and more simply.

3 . Place on the main page the bright visual learner, and it not necessarily has to be the highly artistic design. Its main objective - to draw attention, but not to focus at all. There is an excellent way to balance on this side - to clean all graphics for fields, having left in the center information, key for visitors. The design should not distract the visitor from a basic purpose of the website at all.

Each website has the task including at yours, you need to reformulate it for the consumer and right there “in a forehead“ on the main page to address it, using for this purpose all verbal and nonverbal methods. Once again we pay your attention that the accompanying sections, for example, “about the company“ or “our team“ cannot be such information.

4 . Contact information needs to be placed in a visible place, and it means that the user has to find without effort it on one and all pages of the website.

5 . If you have quite good positions in ratings or you have some awards, then do not hesitate to declare at once them on the main page. Not only that it will increase credibility to your organization, but also will help to create in the shortest possible time at the user idea of that with what company of level he deals.

6 . Content - competent, laconic, selling. All the rest - compromises which will hardly work for you.

7 . Headings and the text - a large readable font. At the same time the text does not need to be entered in graphics at all. Let it look more beautifully from the point of view of design, but it will work for increase in sales hardly because it is inconvenient to read such text.

8 . Professional optimization did not harm anybody yet, moreover, it is capable to make essential profit due to increase of a rating of the company. If you have many texts under optimization which are “stuck together“ from key inquiries, then it is desirable to hide them where - nibud far away down that they did not close the main material.

9 . If you sell goods or services online, then the user has to “stumble“ nearly every time about it - a line the application for purchase of goods or services. The completed application - already on a half the concluded bargain.

10 . If your range includes any difficult services, then the explaining articles in simple and clear language are necessary. Where the user best of all will understand an essence of goods or service - there he him and will buy.

11 . Study and predict routes of users and you remember that any route has to be the shortest and come to an end with the words “buy“ or “order“.

We live during an era of a total lack of time therefore now the simplified interfaces have huge success. You should not underestimate their force. Be not afraid to be simple, simplicity disposes to trust and saves time. If you describe all the services and advantages laconically and directly if there is opportunity quickly to come into individual contact, then in most cases the Internet - the representation will be doomed to success.