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How to make pleasant impression on future mother-in-law?

There now, came true! Your darling made you the proposal, and now important and responsible action - acquaintance to parents of the groom is necessary to you. Allow to give in this article several advice how to make pleasant impression on future mother-in-law at the first acquaintance.

The most important - keep calm. Remember that mother of your groom - not the artful shrew is not eager to destroy the loving couple at all. Perhaps, at it it is full of the interests and hobbies in life. Of course, the son not on the last place in the list of its interests and it will try to make every effort to that the guy did not contact the marriage speculator and the coquette. Your task - to convince future mother-in-law that you do not belong neither to the first, nor to the second category of young women and quite you approach for a role of the wife of her son.

You remember a proverb “Clothes count for first impressions …“? Show consideration and is critical for the appearance. You should not frighten mother of your groom by extravagant appearance and excessively frank dress. You have to make impression of the girl who carefully watches the appearance, but at the same time does not look krichashche or vulgarly. At the same time you should not be zealous and go into extremes too.

For example, you will put on something too emphasizing your figure, and you will be considered right there as the libertine. And a skirt in a floor and total absence of cosmetics can stick to you the nickname “blue stocking“. You should not put on also too strictly and officially - it can be apprehended as desire “to twist“ her dear sonny for the sake of a registration. It is the best of all to put on something daily in what to you it will be convenient and comfortable, but to make some bright and original accent: some darling and original detail of clothes or ornament. You can discuss all advantages of this bagatelle and questions of its acquisition with future relative, this conversation will help to reduce a distance and to adjust the first communication.

At the same time, you should not take the initiative and to try to be pleasant very much to future mother-in-law, showing excessive friendliness. Remember that all of you - on a visit and the initiative has to proceed from the hostess. Remember a scene of acquaintance of Tosi to future relatives from the movie “Moscow Does Not Trust Tears“. The confusion and simplicity of Tosi impressed more favourably the groom`s parents, than beauty, confidence and Lyudmila`s pressure.

One more good means to gain future mother-in-law - to show her that it all the same on the first place in the son`s heart, it is as if strong he loved you. Ask her in detail on what dishes the most favourite at your groom or as it is better to behave when he not in mood (even if you already and found out long ago all this), consult about a gift for your darling. Let mother know that her opinion and knowledge of character of your groom for you is very valuable and authoritative.

Try to be natural, lovely and simple and you will not notice how your future mother-in-law will get an album with old photos to show you a photo of your darling sitting on a pot.