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To you 55 - 60. How not to lose itself after retirement?

There is a wish to share thoughts how to be oneself and not to lose the status of the person, necessary for society, after retirement. All of us, people, very saturated work and we live. The present demands from us - give, forward, rather, and that you will not be in time. And what you will not be in time? Not to be enough for all stars from the sky. Work, family, children, old parents. These concepts are familiar to all. Whether but all have it in everyday life. So far are young - we accumulate all this. At first we study - at school, college, institute, to and just in technical training college though now it is called lyceum. Then job searches begin. To someone will carry. Work will give pleasure and joy of communication with colleagues, and, maybe, material prosperity. Then looking around we at last find the only thing or only. Then, as usual, wedding, birth of children. Alarms for them that grew healthy, clever, decent. Years already run. First gray-haired locks, first indispositions, first losses - parents, the half. And here children grew up, the service record is already completed with movements from place to place in search of the best application to the abilities and desire to earn decent reward for it. Now not you look for the place, and the administration offers you, all right, here we can give you the chance will work a little more. Then day when it is not necessary to get up early and hurry any more comes. But at this time, the most important not to grant permission to itself to be lazy. If you speak to yourself, I worked much, I can rest in luxury and rest, consider you was gone. Organism - sensitive piece. At once begins to listen and tell you - there creaks, there pricks, here, in general horror, reduces a spasm. This food does not suit now for me at all. No, only the effort over itself will lead you to the fact that you will remain afloat for a long time. Means, it is necessary to tell himself if there is no work, find it. Your relatives need you. Unostentatiously offering the services and the help. To sit with grandsons. Communication with these surprising people opens before you the new horizons. At them it is more than enough of imaginations. Besides, it is possible not to sit up at home, and to travel. In any city if to listen to radio or to read local newspapers, there are places where you never before were. Anything that not really good weather. Walking in park, it is possible to find a canopy with small cafe where it is possible to drink a cup of tea and to have a snack on the sandwich brought with itself. It is possible to find advertizing where it is told about exhibitions and where it is possible to go in announcements, only not to be lazy. There sometimes happen the master - classes. You learn to draw, embroider with beads, to do hand-made articles of old socks, of paper. Besides, it is possible to work summer in some temple, the monastery. There always workers are required. Of course, if you tolerantly treat religion or the churched person. And still, go outside, to the yard though now, concept the yard very vaguely. We sometimes do not know who lives through the platform. It is possible to be connected and apply the forces for overcoming of some problem like the proceeding roof, unauthorized construction in your yard of garages or parking. It is possible to plant bushes and flowers eventually. It for ourselves. And that the children did not tear and did not break, it is necessary to connect also them, besides not importunately. It is so much affairs circle that sores will escape.