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Mutton leg as you are dear to me! How to enjoy tasty meat?

Mutton are considered the best and useful meat, and this opinion is not groundless. Many people of the world consider quite so. In - the first, it vitamins, richly useful to our organism. In - the second, it is easily acquired, and this quality, you see, is important for our health. In - the third, it can be recommended to people who for one reason or another have to limit themselves in the use of meat.

And there are a little more facts: cholesterol in mutton is twice less, than in beef, and time in four, than in pork. And of course, special attention upon purchase of meat needs to be paid on that it was the young lamb. Its meat will be gentle, juicy, useful and without foreign smell or smack which appears at rams with age. In the east the preference is given to lambs is not more senior than one year. That`s it meat of such lamb, and is more right than it a leg, we also will look for for preparation of a mutton leg in an oven.

So, we take a mutton leg (it is powerful about 1,5 kg) and we rub it with marinade. But first of all be convinced that the thin film covering a leg is whole, it does not need to be deleted, then meat when roasting will remain juicy and gentle. Too it is desirable to leave fat. We take “Provence herbs“ seasoning. If you do not have it, then you will be able to create an own bouquet of spices, for this purpose it will be required: rosemary, oregano, sage, peppermint, thyme and basil. You can establish proportions, all depends on you and your taste. To add olive oil and juice of one lemon to herbs. Thick porridge has to turn out. Then you need to crush segments 5 - 6 garlic and to add to herbs. Also it will be necessary to rub with this mix a mutton leg and then also to pound sea salt of a coarse grinding. Then carefully “to pack“ mutton into a foil and, having placed in the refrigerator, to forget about it for about 10 hours. What it is necessary for? First of all under the influence of olive oil, a grass will disclose all the aroma and will sate with it our mutton; lemon juice, in turn, will make meat softer and more gentle, and garlic will add savors.

We get mutton from the refrigerator, we open it. We warm an oven to 200 degrees, we place in it mutton, having laid it on a lattice. It is desirable that under this lattice there was also a baking sheet on which fat will drip. And we install by a tier the pallet with water below. While our mutton gradually begins to take a steam bath in an oven, we peel potatoes, we cut it in half and we cook minutes 10 in slightly added some salt water. In an hour we dump temperature to 180 degrees and, having laid out potato on a baking sheet with fat, we continue to prepare our dish. Mutton can carry out about 2 in an oven - x hours, again - time depends on leg weight. Here the main thing not to overturn a leg, having left it a section up that juice did not follow from meat, then it will remain juicy and gentle. We do not forget to overturn potato that it became ruddy from all directions - amber.

We give a leg with potato to a table with green juicy salads and kind red wine. The recipe very simple, try and estimate all charm of good mutton. Bon appetit!