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Why virtual marriage is popular?

the Internet extended everywhere, in a world information network various people got access, there are representatives of all age (behind an exception unless children in diapers and babyhood) and social categories, from janitors to oligarchs. And it is not surprising that such widespread system mentioned all corners of our life, beginning from work and finishing with personal problems. On the Internet work, communicate, get acquainted … And recently even marry. However, in virtual.

There is an essential difference between virtual dating service and a virtual REGISTRY OFFICE: if the first is intended only for acquaintance, assuming that then people will meet “alive“, will transfer the relations to the real plane, then the second offers continuation of “life“ in virtual space. Virtual marriage of a real meeting does not require, moreover, often it even superfluous, such close acquaintance can destroy the virtual novel.

Also there is a question: for what virtual marriage is necessary? There is no speech neither about the birth of children, nor about material support, about anything real, about what, as they say, it is possible to touch. All relations are only talk, no more than that.

If to look narrowly at people who enter virtual marriage then it becomes obvious: all of them are in a varying degree not satisfied with the private life. Or their real marriage is unsuccessful, or they in general are lonely and cannot even get acquainted with the potential partner.

It is curious that if for those who are not satisfied by the partner who is available in real life virtual marriage is only means of derivation, and actually such people aspire to the real relations, then for singles virtual marriage in many cases becomes full replacement of the real partner.

Popularity of virtual marriages is promoted by a certain anonymity. If not to use video chats, it is impossible to learn how the interlocutor looks. Not only the age or appearance, but even a sex are unknown! It is not without reason said that on the Internet all of us young, beautiful and successful. And the old maid suffering from surplus of weight can quite be represented by the young beauty who is not married only for the reason that did not find the person close spiritually. And the modest clerk imagines himself such “cool macho“ spending the time between Canary Islands and French riviera.

Of course to fascinate the interlocutor by beautiful phrases in a chat where as it is simpler, than to make it in real life. And many singles, having waved a hand on reality, go to virtual space, fall in love with lines on the screen, conclude virtual marriages. Play life.

Here too there are tragedies, the Othello and Desdemona, Romeo and Juliette. There are jealousy scenes (why the partner was late for half an hour, did not come to a chat as agreed or why he (she) sent (sent) a smilie with a kiss to another and so on). And sincere torments in the virtual can be also strong, as well as in real life. And there are already virtual stains which are followed by quite real tears torn by nerves, charges of the partner in the broken-up virtual marriage of all possible sins and meanness.

It is interesting that most of lonely people after virtual divorce seek for virtual marriage again. Without having managed to receive the letter with the notice of divorce yet, they begin to look for the new partner.

Generally, everything, as in real life.

All yes not all. If you get sick, the virtual partner in marriage will not give you medicine, he can only sympathize - from a distance, and that to learn about his sympathy, it is necessary to crawl to the computer. He will not offer a hand when you stumble, its gifts are also virtual, as well as all relations in the world of the Internet. Generally, it is that virtual bagel - beautiful just as real, here only absolutely not nutritious. Still nobody could satisfy with the picture hunger.

And that who played in the Internet in the virtual relations and virtual marriages, it is necessary to remember: it is not real life. In it there is nothing real. Words are only words, acoustic vibrations. Behind them there are no real acts.

And only the real relations can change really life with which you are dissatisfied. It is necessary to aspire to them. To go on a diet, to visit the psychologist, to change work and so on. The person - is real and cannot fully exist in electronic space.