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Indecent gift or What you should not give, trusting signs?

the Choice of a gift - business difficult. Not to be trapped, it is necessary not only to know tastes of the addressee, but also it is good to understand traditions and signs. And that you present to the person a set of handkerchiefs, having torn off from heart, and he also will take offense at you. Will decide that a present with a hint.

Many consider signs in relation to gifts as prejudices, but at the same time, giving a purse, will surely enclose a coin there - “that money was found“. To give an empty purse or a moneybox is presently practically a nonsense moreover and with an obvious shade of a bad form. Almost beliefs that it is impossible to give cosmetics and perfumery if you have no exact idea of tastes and preferences of the one to whom you give became dogmas today; it is indecent to give to the unfamiliar woman underwear; you should not present as a gift pets, and further according to the list.

However the speech will go not about ethics of a gift now - about it and so a lot of things are known. Though concepts of ethics and national signs were so closely weaved with each other that it is not always possible to tell even about the same coin at once: whether it is put in a purse from - for superstitions that the owner never felt a lack of money whether because to give a purse without coin already indecently?

A belief that it is impossible to give the pricking and cutting objects (knives, scissors, hairpins, pins etc.) passes at the people of the whole world from generation to generation. At Chinese was considered, for example, that they (the pricking and cutting objects mean) as if cut positive aura around the person. And at us such gift is considered - to separation, quarrel, a rupture of the relations and in general to all negative in life.

Personally I never give handkerchiefs. Still the grandmother said that it to separation. It always gave me a money, I went also itself bought to myself kerchiefs. And my director as souvenirs to all staff of the Moscow branch brought on a set of handkerchiefs. Yes here so just you will not get off only them … Recently I heard

that a bad sign - to give candles. And we now quite often, without knowing what to present, especially for New year, we are limited to a set of decorative candles. It appears, to a funeral. Well, or at least to shutdown of light.

Language of flowers - in general science difficult. Therefore in advance to know better what flowers are loved by the person, and already to give without any fears - then any superstitions are not terrible! Not for nothing, by the way, many women and girls do not love a carnation. It would seem, a past remnant, “sovetshchina“ when in flower booths there were one carnations and those, as a rule, red. On the contrary - to separation, it appears. Exact sign. Here awarded this author with the diploma for progress in work, reaped the handle on a scene and solemnly handed red carnations. Also I left from there in two months. Here also do not trust signs after that.

In general the set of superstitions is connected with mirrors, everyone for certain knows at least one. For example, say that mirrors bear in themselves power of aging, and even death that the other world is reflected in a mirror.

And before giving precious and semiprecious stones, be not too lazy - attentively study their properties. For example, to give pearls - to tears.

It appears, a bad sign if the guy before a wedding gives to the girl books and vice versa, - will disperse. In general, at this superstition very interesting sources. Was considered earlier that with a gift - the book the girl will read overseas novels about unearthly love and beautiful knights and will grow cold to the promised. So if you give - that detective stories.

And if all - presented to you a kitten, a puppy or a guinea pig (a krokodilchik in a bathroom), then it is necessary to give for him a small money, differently the animal will die or will escape. Though, maybe, in a case with a crocodile of money you should not give?

The same treats also window plants. Do not stint - present a dobrodetel with a money. And if the one who presented you a palm tree incidentally envies a gift, then the tree will not get accustomed even if pay a money to it.

In general, the small change given for a gift which “cannot be given“ is as if “payoff“ from all negative that can bring for itself this gift.

One more moment: never you should regift gifts or to give what you already used. In China, for example, was considered that at a gift when repackaging the power changes, and it cannot bring to the person so much joy, how many any new gift any more.

Many beliefs at the different people exist also about hours. There is an opinion that hours have property to collect, to connect together time which is released to the person on life and then begin to count it.

It appears, it is impossible to give also socks! And even pants! And how the devastated shelves of shops of underwear with man`s collections on the eve of February 23?! Though, maybe, therefore also the percent of stains in society is so high now? To give socks - to withdrawal of the man from a family. And if cowards present, then to leave, maybe, and will not leave, and here will change to the right and on the left (of course, in new - that pants!). So reflect: can, it is better barefoot and in old and but together?

But whatever one may do, and all of us are different. Someone likes to receive as a gift objects of a family life, to someone - spirits and diamonds, and to someone - and just lovely knickknacks. But immutable is a truth: first of all your attention will be pleasant what you presented. So give gifts and be happy!