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the New era of Aquarius which will last 2500 already began. The questions of education of children which are based on laws of astrology and features of Modern Times become more and more actual every year. Indigo children are the phrase widespread for today which hints at something mysterious and unknown more, than opens an essence.

Indigo is only Xing - violet color. It began to be shown actively in aura of the children born in 80 - x years of last century, that is at those to whom now about 30 years.

Today indigo color prevails in aura of almost all children born in the third millennium. It is considered that emergence of violet shades in aura of the person, says about his high spirituality or that spiritual development is the main direction of development of his Soul. The spiritual component of the person is higher, the his unusual abilities and opportunities are higher. The children born with such color of aura naturally already have these abilities.

But also another is not less important - children of the third millennium have essential changes in DNA. At all people on the planet Earth goes change of DNA, so to speak, in voluntarily compulsory order now. Shift of poles, change of a power lattice of Earth are factors which initiate change of DNA of the living people. That is still physical bodies of generation “to whom for 30“ try to adapt to new energiya and changes in their DNA, children are already born with these changes. Moreover, changes in structure of DNA of children 10 times more those changes which happen to DNA of adults.

Here such “aliens“ come to ours a family for education today. The word aliens can and be not put in quotes. During a transition period - changes two Ayr developments and changes of races come many Souls from other planets, the parallel worlds and civilizations. They come to share experience and to help mankind, or to get experience of this transition. They as a rule have no experience of development in our World. The Soul has no memory, there is only a memory of a body. How harmoniously at Soul it will turn out to operate a body? How many mistakes she will make so far adapts in this world?

We - in the bulk, have parents no experience of education of “aliens“.

So what should be known and considered in education of children today?

1. To love their such what they are.

2. To appreciate their identity, the majority of them already persons who are ready to be shown already now. But at each fruit the time of maturing.

3. They need the help in development on the planet Earth. Only the help in adaptation, but not their description in a rigid framework of the old become obsolete social, public, political and other systems of the fading race.

4. Each of them came with a certain mission of personal development, mission of the contribution to development of the arising new society of people and developments of the planet Earth. In difference from us - the leaving generation, they know and will always remember these missions. And the main objective us as parents not to pull on them our old world - this web of illusions of which ourselves sometimes do not find a way out.

5. Children are always our teachers, and today especially. They - the shown future, so let`s study through them how to live in these Modern Times.

6. At the heart of their education values of all cultures of the leaving race, ours morally - ethical and cultural wealth have to be put.

7. 10 precepts of Christ can form the basis of their education. Try to ponder more deeply upon each of them from positions of Modern Times.

8. The astrological birth chart of the child - his space passport. How parents can bring up the child without knowing his vital purposes, his weaknesses and his strengths, without knowing where he needs their help and in what questions it has more experience of Soul, than at the father and mother combined?

9. Questions of spiritual education of the child have to be on the first place. Unfortunately, the psychology very faintly answers the matters today. And here astrology can give concrete answers to specific questions, as for separately taken child, and age group of children.

The concrete technique of spiritual education of children is very simple and therefore it seems not absolutely to us clear and effective. Our consciousness sometimes is so distorted that we do not perceive simple truth. This technique is transferred near a floor hundreds years ago by Virgin Mary in Elisabeth Claire Profet`s dictations especially for people of an era of Aquarius. Knowing features of the astrological card of your child and considering the main directions of spiritual education for every year, it is possible to cope with hard and very responsible problem of education of “aliens“ more successfully.