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What breed of dog the cleverest?

Absolute majority of us consider dogs as clever animals. The dog is the old and checked friend of the person, and it is indisputable truth. During our close communication hundreds of dog breeds are removed. And what breed was the cleverest? This question was answered by the Canadian scientists recently.

During researches of mental abilities of our canine friends they established the following. The ordinary dog on the development thinks as the two-year-old child, and understands sense (will be to tell more precisely, catches sense) 160 human words. There are also more erudite dogs which are capable to understand to 250 words. They do not concede in arithmetics to three-year-old and even four-year-old kids. In social development of a dog are even more developed and reach the teenager`s level. Researchers and breeds of dog divided into the cleverest and “not really“.

So what breed of dog the cleverest in the world? Enlisted three breeds in the three of leaders. Let`s begin to list with the end.

The third place was taken by a German shepherd whom, we hope, especially it is not necessary to represent. On the second place, be not surprised, there is a poodle . Yes, yes, this our curly favourite. And is in the lead among dogs - intellectuals a border - a collie .

After the three of leaders go, without lagging behind, Dobermann terriers, golden - retrievers, Labradors and a sheltie. Hunting breeds, strangely enough, do not shine with special intelligence.

As a result of the carried-out tests as the cleverest dog in the world it was recognized 6 - summer a bough a border - a collie by nickname Cheyser. In three years of daily trainings she learned to distinguish more than one thousand various objects of names. For example, Cheyser can find for that which her owner asks to bring in lots of soft toys. Moreover, this cleverest dog in the world distinguishes objects even on color and a form what begin to accustom children to 3 to - x years. By the made experiments it is established that Cheyser remembered names more than one thousand various toys. She was also taught various manipulations with them: on command it pushes them with a nose, the Breed of dog a border - a collie typically shepherd`s moves a paw, etc. of

. It possesses not striking appearance, and sometimes it can be confused with ordinary is black - a white mongrel. Only this dog is extremely mobile and tireless in work or game. Still it is distinguished from other dog breeds by a penetrating glance. Shepherds claim that Bardera caught in “sight“ the sheep falls into prostration, and the rabbit so in general can die of a cardiac rupture right there.

Border is a collie, possessing honest and open character, feel devotion and love to the owner. In a family they are always pets. But nevertheless this dog not for all. It is required to walk and load it everyday and long business that she did not miss from inaction, lying at a sofa.

If to ask you what, in your opinion, a dog the cleverest, then you, probably, will point to the pet. He is able to do different tricks, whether so too?

Here it is also worth noting that cats on ingenuity and mind do not concede to dogs. Here only concrete results on their abilities cannot be given. These moustached - striped - having a tail are too freedom-loving and therefore training and testing are practically not given in.