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Crimes are relative?

In our world everything is relative. Especially - the concept “crime“.

From 1550 to 1700 in Norway 350 criminals accused of sorcery were burned. Today Norwegian “witch“ can get a grant on development of small business.

The inhabitant of Alabama can go to serve in army or police from 18 years, and the right to buy cigarettes from it appears only in 19. That is it can already kill other person, and light - no. The American teenagers smoke. In Norway cigarettes can be bought from 18 years. About the Norwegian schools on breaks a smoke screen.

In Iran gays are hung up. Homosexuality there - violation of the law. In Norway same-sex marriages are legalized.

The gay - parade in Moscow are a crime. In San - Frantsisko - norm of life.

Murder of the gentile in many countries still still - a religious feat. In the developed world this crime.

Sex to a certain age in Russia are forbidden by the law. Who from reading this record waited for the legalized term?

The Russian public consciousness belongs to beating and murder of children tolerantly. In the developed countries children are raised without violence. It is legalized, and the law, unlike the Russian analog, works.

In the Islamic world lawfully beat for an adultery stones. In the Christian world does not change only lazy.

In Malaysia for sex out of marriage of women subject to flogging. Under the sharia law. In Norway people often marry, having a great number of joint children.

In east countries of the man get married with little girls. And even with several little girls at the same time. In the western countries sex with the little girl - one of very grave crimes.

In Turkey prostitution is legalized. In Norway the person who bought services of the prostitute is a criminal. The woman at the same time is not considered the criminal.

Unmarried women are obliged to store virginity in many modern countries. Though to a coffin. Under the law. Modern western sexologists call late virginity pathology.

Vegetarians in the USSR and Hitlerite Germany were put in prisons. Against Krishnaites charge of “malicious vegetarianism“ was brought. Now vegetarianism is not considered a crime.

Passive smoking - a crime against non-smoking. In many countries the smoker violates human rights if smokes in public places. It is stipulated by the law. Finland builds houses for non-smoking.

The drowned refugee from Somalia under the law is a criminal. The refugee who hid in the truck and imperceptibly got on the territory of Europe, having told the treasured word “azit“, - stops being the criminal.

Abortion in the Stalin USSR was a crime, abortion today - the right of the Russian woman.

The person who staged a demonstration in protection of the Constitution in London, and the person who left with the similar poster in Moscow also have the different statuses. However, not under the law. Under the law they will be just equal. But Russians will consider the Muscovite as the criminal. As the Muscovite will be arrested.

The person who just smoked marijuana in Amsterdam flies by plane to Moscow. Its status slowly changes. If he smokes in Moscow - risks to break the law and will be forced to bribe the cop. Or it will be arrested for a crime.

To pass without ticket, to pass on red light, to throw out garbage not in a ballot box is a violation of public norms which the citizens considering themselves “law-abiding“ make daily.

There are many violations of norms and laws to which inhabitants close eyes: buying the jacket sewed in the Chinese potogonka, buying the bananas gathered by slaves, buying the drugs tested on Africans, imparting children it is unknown what why and for what, approving taxes aggressive wars...

Many laws remained from time immemorial. Borders, a conscription, passports (analogs find in “Old Testament“), visas, accessory of people to this or that sovereign, a subear tax - from among similar laws.

Concept of the law - not dogma. The law - only geographical and historical category.