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“Silver sphere“ of Vitali Woolf. How the television changes life?

Vitali Woolf for the first time saw the actress Maria Ivanovna Babanova when he was 17 years old. Together with the friend Vitaly ran away from lectures to MSU where they studied at law department. Friends hardly acquired tickets for the performance “Tanya“ according to Alexey Arbuzov`s play. The Moscow drama theater (nowadays - theater of Mayakovsky) could not accomodate all audience wishing to see famous Babanova as Tanya.

Vitaly Yakovlevich well remembered how he was surprised by emergence on a scene of the little and fragile woman with an unusual voice. They then exchanged glances with the friend, having much been surprised. Tana was only twenty years old, and Babanova was already elderly. About fifty were it. But the friends who were going to leave a performance in the first act looked as bewitched on the actress. “Her“ Tanya was sensitive and vulnerable, in her there was a strange connection of authoritativeness and childishness.

In 1955 Vitali Woolf and Maria Babanova got acquainted and made friends. At this time the theater where the actress played, went on tour in Baku. Woolf, the graduate of university, with a huge bouquet of flowers came to Babanova to hotel to express the admiration of its game on a scene. Vitaly Yakovlevich remembered later: “I then was young, silly and silly, but its age did not disturb me. I told something, called the actress talented, ingenious, and she in reply smiled“. Vitali Woolf for the first time told

About Maria Babanova on ORT (the first channel of television) in 1990 where he was invited by the editor of department of the literary drama Galina Borisova. It was his first story about cultural figures. In 1994 thanks to the head of the television company “Vid“ Vladislav Listyev Woolf began to keep the Silver Sphere program (later “My silver sphere“ on the second channel) …

Future art critic, a body (radio) - the leader and translator Vitaly Yakovlevich Woolf was born in Baku on May 23, 1930. Vitaly`s father, the famous Baku lawyer Yakov Sergeyevich, adored the only son. Mother is Elena Lvovna, taught Russian. Vitali Woolf spoke to acquaintances more than once about with what tenderness his mother and the father to each other belonged.

Mother and the father, according to Vitaly, had many friends, they collected houses excellent library, loved theater, knew many actors. When Vitaly was 7 years old, the father led him in local Baku theater. From this point the boy “got sick“ with theater forever. He dreamed to become an actor. Young Woolf studied in the 8th class when together with the father they went to Moscow where they went every day to performances.

But in family life Woolf there was much and adversities. “My mother, - Woolf told later, - was a clever and strong-willed person. Otherwise it would not take out those tests which fell to its lot“. Elena Lvovna`s Brothers in 1937 were shot, and their wives sat in camps as wives of enemies of the people. Long 18 years Vitaly`s mother sent them parcels (time in two months). Even in the years of World War II when it was especially difficult for their family.

During fight against cosmopolitism (1948) Vitali Woolf`s father was left without work. Elena Lvovna, to support a family, knitted to familiar ladies of a jacket, gave Russian lessons at home. Vitaly`s mother became a widow in 55 years, still remaining the beautiful and elegant woman.

To himself to Moscow Vitaly Yakovlevich took away mother from Baku in 1967 when it had an own apartment. By this time Woolf already graduated from the university, became the candidate of jurisprudence. At first worked as the lawyer, then passed into institute of the international labor movement of Academy of Sciences of the USSR where worked 30 years. Till 1967 Vitali Woolf`s life as he spoke later, “proceeded very sumatoshno“. He was considered as the minion of fortune. In reality everything was not so.

Yes, Woolf was on friendly terms with coryphaeuses of different theaters of Moscow, but was forced to be engaged in business which interested him a little. “There passed years before there was a transition from an unloved profession to darling, - Woolf said“. Working at institute, he was fond of studying of the youth movement in the West. Then, preparing the doctoral dissertation, prepared for the publication in magazines of article about the American theater 70 - x years. “There were also pricks at first in the theatrical critical environment, - Woolf remembered more than once, - it was “uphill battle“. All asked who this Woolf from where he?“

of Nearly 17 years of Woolf was not let out abroad (the reason - the Jew on a nationality) though in a number of the countries of the socialist commonwealth he could visit. During reorganization in 1985 Vitaly visited Paris. And in 1992 went to the USA where within two years gave lectures about theater to students of university of New - York.

Surprisingly, but Woolf, working at institute, it managed to be published in magazines and newspapers, was engaged in the translations of plays of Edward Olbi, Tennessee Williams, Eugene About’ Nile which went and still go on scenes of the known and peripheral theaters of our country. And still Vitali Woolf wrote books and … went to theater.

But popularity to Woolf came when to him already was for sixty. He already cooperated with television and prepared the well-known “Silver sphere“ for release.

For years of work on television Woolf faced resistance of foes, transfer rejection more than once, and then the program will begin to cause interest and curiosity in people. In the autobiographical notes “Overcoming of“ Vitali Woolf wrote: “It was difficult to imagine that my person will become recognizable … Also responsibility degree will grow“.

the television presented to the author and the leader of “A silver sphere“ many pleasures, meetings and opening.

Vitali Woolf told about actors, writers, politicians. Its programs about Oleg Efremov, Tatyana Doronina, Angelina Stepanova, Alla Tarasova, Marina Ladynina, Valentina Serova, Alexander Fadeyev, Marina Tsvetaeva, etc. were remembered. With many heroes the author a was sign, was on friendly terms, very much valued these relations. From here Woolf`s manner to keep the story - slow, confidential and valid.

In 2007 Vitaly Yakovlevichu it was offered to head at VGTRK a radio channel “Culture“. He agreed.

Vitaly Yakovlevich Woolf did not become on March 13, 2011. Work of the honored worker of arts of the Russian Federation Vitali Woolf was appreciated at his life. He became the winner of various telecompetitions, is awarded by the awards “For Merits before the Fatherland“.

Woolf`s mother was convinced, Vitaly Yakovlevich told once that “… I very fragile, and life demand steel. She was always afraid that her son “will break“. But it did not “break“, he stood. “Also rescued me, - Woolf considered, - the childhood when I was loved by all, and theater. They made me strong …“

A when Woolf were asked by journalists that it does when to it it is heavy, he with a soft smile peculiar to it answered: “I work. It is just necessary to do constantly some serious work“.

Tremendous working capacity, it appears, was not only the main line of its character, but also part of his soul.