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What did the Internet give us?

you never reflected what place (role) in our life takes (plays) the Internet, this greatest achievement of the end of the 20th century? It is difficult to present what we would do without this electronic miracle now. Probably, would visit more often, would write each other letters by hand on paper, sat, having stared in the television screen or for hours would hang on phone, discussing the latest news, beginning from domestic and finishing the world scale.

The Internet completely changed our life. Besides informative and entertaining functions, it gave to people the boundless chance of communication. Now users of the worldwide computer network should not keep thick reference books, dictionaries and books in cases, to dial in a drugstore or theater about existence of the necessary medicine or tickets for a sensational performance, to go to the museum on an exhibition of masterpieces of the English painting. Yes you never know what else will want to be found out, looked or learned to the modern person in our information century. You will not list everything. Now it is enough to include PC, to go online (the settled term symbolizing simplicity of the handling of this equipment) and to type the necessary phrase in the searcher.

Moreover, people had an opportunity on the Internet to show the creative opportunities, to express the relation on those, or other phenomena and events, to share the impressions, experience and knowledge (not nevertheless can be published in printing editions). And as it is pleasant to find article about ladybugs written last night on pages of the blog and know that it is read by other users of the Network.

The living example to that is the same ShZh. At school for all comers to self-express the wide field is provided. Write what you know about or what you want to tell others, only of that it was interesting or just comment on someone else`s literary opuses. Some users of a resource just also specialize in it. Most often comments supplement article, in the short text sometimes it is difficult to state all aspects of a subject. Sometimes there are discussions, useful and quite long on time. However happens when some participants, in the aspiration to self-express, criticize the “destructive“ author and, having rolled it the fat two as to some fifth-grader for not learned lesson, derive, probably, from it sheer pleasure. And that, for several years of participation in the project 3 articles, two of which did not gather and 4 - x points, wrote at most. Vampires, they are also vampires. That they should scratch teeth about someone. But we will not be about it, and that will be branded that the subject of article is not opened. Let`s return better to the Internet.

I will not begin to describe entertaining function of the Internet. Each user has a good time in the Network owing to the hobbies and interests as can, since online - games and finishing a porn - the websites (and can be, on the contrary?) . And here it would be desirable to dwell upon opportunities which are given by the Internet for communication of people of all age.

On official statistics, already 57% of our citizens use the Internet. How much time they “sit“ in the Network, the statistics holds back, and here the fact that 15 minutes a day are the share of dating sites and communication is the fact. Here - that everyone can show the imaginations, feel abrupt, with impunity perfect the lexical turns in the arising disputes.

And opportunities for this purpose the Internet provides not meryano. Any slender and pimply young man can act in the Network as the skilled and learned life macho, and the modest girl from the province easily to imagine herself the vamp, and even in general to pass into an opposite sex. It is not possible to check that the virtual partner or the partner as communication in the Network happens it is impersonal. My acquaintance - the fan online - games, is always registered on the websites a female and, according to him, derives pleasure, rebuffing too arrogant “krutyshka“.

And what can stir to be registered to the retired gay from Nizhny Tagil on a dating site as the hot brunette who is looking for sexual adventures? Moreover to put to the questionnaire the corresponding photo which to find on the Internet of work does not represent, climb on the monitor screen. Our advanced pensioner will receive an enthusiastic full sensuality of the letter from men and to satisfy with that the homosexual imaginations. In any case the lonely pensioner from Nizhny Tagil. On resources of communication and onlaynovsky games virtual weddings between participants practice for a long time.

Generally, on by all these tricks, social sites can have real therapeutic effect. The network gives the chance not only to communicate, but also to create couples, first of all to the same homosexuals and lesbians, it is not so simple to them to find each other in real life. Or, for example, the Network can help to get rid of complexes, to raise the self-assessment and to restore composure after divorce. The main thing at the same time strongly not to play and somewhat quicker to pass from virtual acquaintance to real. Otherwise the Network, it is also a network, will tighten to the abyss of the unreal world and so that treatment will be required to get rid of its dependence.

For adult married people there is one more risk connected with the Internet. It is certain too easy approach to the family relations. It becomes as simple to throw out from the life the real partner to such person how to remove virtual of the contacts.

Coming back to article subject, it is possible to mention still that the Internet for some became the additional, and at times and main source of the income and, besides, not small. But about how to receive from the virtual world real money wrote here already much. I will not repeat.

And if shortly to poditozhit - without the Internet our life would be boring and inexpressive.

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