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So all - will save the world?

us learn All life to something, demand something from us, ask, force. Disobedient or inattentive condemn, scold, humiliate, stipulate, punish. Laugh at us if do not understand, and, having understood, all the same laugh because, having explained them a lot of things, these a lot of things seem simple. Dissidents are despised, pursued, destroyed. Rejected to have very difficult, but it tempers them, does more resistant, hardy, but not indifferent.

To fight and win, rejoice to success of others, to find in simple - difficult, and difficult to make available. All this does not make any sense if the person is indifferent to the fact that demand from it, in other words, everything that is necessary for the person, it is love.

Love not necessarily in understanding of the man to the woman and vice versa, not to children or to the Homeland, not to favourite business or a profession and even not love for God. Love as the certain abstract concept independent of anything existing in itself and for all, always and in everything.

Beauty is not fundamental concept since subjective character has. Especially she is not capable to save the world as the famous classic approved as all. Without being spiritualized, you will pass by and you will not notice that it is even worse - you will kick with a leg and you will not be upset. Beauty is not universal, it is present only where there is an object admiring it. The world creating in the imagination in which he would like to live and create.

The people not capable to love - are insignificant, defective, low in the manifestations and a way of life, as a result. Any craft, a profession, business, an act or a plan which is not allocated at least with a part of love turn into a faceless, pointless investigation without began. And any beginning or the reason, will not turn out to be consequence, and will become the end, something.

Mother is dear to the child not because will teach him to all knowledge of life or will help to become independent and it will do all life, not because will wipe snivels, burst into tears or hit, stumbled, got lost or got confused in a vital variety or misunderstanding but because only it is capable of true, strongest love. And this love is not comparable with that feeling which lovers whose feelings of subjects are stronger have to each other, than it is more than passion and desires they in themselves have. What can be still comparable with maternal love? People believers will tell - love of God, but it can be such far and unclear. Though they will tell that the love of mother is transferred to children in connection with the Divine. But it - as to anyone, only seems to me that this feeling is even more significant, i.e. perhaps the love also created the Lord who on its image and similarity created the harmonious world around himself and submitting to its laws, made this love a driving force of creation, perfection and universal development.

The Mother of God, not less, than the God`s Son is not incidentally so esteemed among believers at all. This feeling too familiarly, as well as to any mortal means to God. And Jesus Christ`s sufferings for sins of all mankind are comparable only with sufferings of his mother who lost the son. And for any mortal mother loss of the child is more significant too, than any other losses, even on the scale of all mankind.

So why, the person born in love, and who is brought up in love suddenly frequent to become such cruel, ambitious, spiteful sinner ready to destroy similar, for the sake of imaginary benefit, vanity, thirst of the power and wellbeing, at the expense of weaker or unfortunate. The same believers will tell in this respect that such is destiny of those in whom the devil who has no belief is installed, or a lost soul of such sinner the God`s voice is not conducted. But why suddenly all become such different, love in the most of their mother equally. Perhaps fathers are guilty of that. Fathers are the soldiers, aggressors, avengers, blood-thirsty getters and hunters aspiring to a victory and heroism. Well, both defenders too, and not suffering the competition in rivalry for hearts of a fine half of mankind. Jesus was executed, from - for the created threat for the mighty of this world over bodies and thoughts, to lose this power. But why the love cannot rescue if it has such force majeure over people? Because not everything it is allowed to have this feeling equally and if someone cannot test it for any not really obvious reasons, then to become not just envious, and the tyrant, the monster, the despot and the monster who is out for blood and sowing death for the sake of death.

Animal passion, fornication, lust, destructively affects the person seeing in object of the joys and imaginary adoration only a subject of desire, satisfaction of the low feelings. And excesses and availability bring them into even big rage and uncontrollability.

The love promotes vision of beauty surrounding us and creates images still, finer, in the description of reality. Therefore, the person only loving is capable to estimate the world in which we live and to tell all about it so what it is actually. And only the one who not only is capable to love can be happy really, but also will teach others to it.