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Why the lie about 90 is necessary - x?

our today`s leaders came to big-time politics in the nineties. Then the unknown lieutenant colonel from state security Vladimir Putin began to work in the Petersburg city hall, became the chairman of committee on external relations, and the candidate of science Dmitry Medvedev was his legal expert.

In the second half of the ninetieth years the remarkable tandem moved to Moscow: at first Putin, three years later - Medvedev. Vladimir Putin got acquainted with Yeltsin in March, 1997 when he headed the Main thing control management of the Kremlin administration. “The presidential marathon“ is so described in the book of memoirs of Boris Yeltsin.

Whether the first and third presidents of Russia were familiar personally - it is unknown. However, it is not so important. Much more essentially the fact that our today`s leaders as politicians were created in the second half of the ninetieth years.

It was time when the country, having learned Gorbachev reorganization and Yeltsin revolution, without excess disputes moved on the way of oligarchical capitalism. Time when the first Chechen war when society wanted stability after a default 98 - go year ended, but still there was a political competition, and the uniform party of crooks and thieves was not even in the project.

Now the Russian political space is smoothed thoroughly out; large mass media and all meter TV channels are under control of the state. However it does not exclude need to explain to the population of the reason of unsuccessful government of Petersburg security officers. Steadily badly people do not want to live, and nobody needs the tale of the stopped time. The recipe for explanations was made as follows. In - the first, enemies of Russia who constantly build malicious intrigues are guilty of everything; the country is in a ring of enemies! In - the second, our temporary failures are a consequence of the wrong foreign and domestic policy of former imperious elite in that the ninetieth which were dashing and pernicious for the people.

There was also the main reason of why the ninetieth should be called dashing. At Yeltsin Chubais was guilty of everything, at a Petersburg tandem - respectively, the dashing nineties. Those who in 90 - e were years at early age can quite believe in such treatment, little saw and knew, and today is ready to come for spontaneous meetings of a protest (as that youth that in December of last year gathered on Manezhnaya Square in Moscow). “Our“ and other participants of a Seliger kamlanye, and still all those who thoughtlessly absorb programs of meter (government) TV channels believe in such treatment. Indeed, if on TV - a box many times red call white, then you will begin to suspect at yourself daltonism.

Now our leaders wish to talk that it became better to live, to live it became more cheerful. Russia - forward! However nobody has the right to move forward without United Russia party members. Defects sometimes still meet in the Russian state, but their reasons are covered in the past - in the dashing nineties.

Children! It is not pleasant you what inheritance got from Yeltsin? Well, so would repair! Ten years as in power!

... After events of August 91 - go years there passed so much time that it is possible to estimate consequences impartially. On the most part of the former Soviet Union authoritarian regimes, or quasidictatorships became stronger. Exception of steel of the Baltic State, Georgia and partly Ukraine.

The mass of mistakes and crimes was in the nineties made. It is not necessary to close eyes to it. In the ninetieth there was a default, flight of the capital from the country began, dishonest presidential elections in 1996 - m took place and there was the most important error of the state - the Chechen war, in fact, civil war through which passed in total one million Russian men. It could not but leave a mark all over the country. Besides the North Caucasian problem so up to the end is also not solved - either Putin, or Medvedev.

Today`s authoritarian Russian regime appeared at the crossroads. Its carriers would like anything to change, however understand that on a long time span it is impossible. At the same time it is not possible to modernize economy, and modernization of political life will lead to emergence of the competition what the Russian tandem is afraid more fire of. Alternative is dictatorship on which duumvirat does not decide yet.

The last decade of the twentieth century became an ancestral lands of historians long ago. But still officials of category “A“ write off the miscalculations for the dashing nineties. However the ninetieth are not only about what Victor Pelevin wrote to “Generation P“ , not only gangster dismantling, narcotic nonsense and “the banana republic which replaced an empire of evil is evil which imports bananas from Finland“ . There was other life in which, as well as at all times, people loved, gave birth to children, honestly worked, rejoiced and grieved. That was time of historical changes when there was an unrestrained rush to freedom and there lived the hope.

The ninetieth were only thaw in the middle of long Russian winter.