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How on the coat of arms Duglasov Bloody Heart appeared?

Lord James Douglas met the king on March 24, 1306 on Skunskaya Road. The lord - the title which was often applied in Scotland and in England instead of baronial. But all possession Duglasov were confiscated, lord James served in armourbearers at the bishop Sent - Andrews. Even the horse on whom James Douglas arrived to a meeting belonged not to it, and his senor.

However, and the king was a match for it. Neither real possession, nor army, nor international recognition. The small group of the Scottish aristocrats recognized Robert Bruce as the king, and the vast majority took the oath to Edward I Angliysky who had the nicknames Long-legged and Hammer of Scots.

On March 25 - crowning. The well-known stone brought by Skota, the Pharaoh`s daughter, a crown in Isabella Makdaff`s hands, daughters of the count Fayfsky. On Robert Bruce`s reign the bishop William Lemberton who was already senor Dzheymsa Duglasa blessed. In other times it would be full to impossibility of notable grandees with magnificent titles here, but this time and the landless lord appeared among guests of honor.

Then there were defeats at Mesvin and Delri, escape on Reslin - a tiny island at coast of Ireland. Guerrilla war, generally attacks on the own possession occupied with the English garrisons. Here original mentality of lord James began to be shown fully. His people as provocation defiantly steal a wagon train with hay, dress up as women, and even in general pretend to be a cattle. Each such joke came to an end with capture of the strengthened lock.

Battle on the pass Brender - the first victory of army of the king of Scotland. However, yet not over British, and over the competing clan McDougall, but all the same - a victory. And again - continuous guerrilla operations, small skirmishes, capture of locks and exile of enemy garrisons.

On June 23, 1314 - Bennokbern. Together with Walter Stewart lord Douglas ordered the left wing of the Scottish army. Then hundred kilometers pursued the king of England Edward II while that did not manage to take refuge in the lock unapproachable at that time Dunbar.

Scotland found real independence, but war did not end. Fourteen years James Douglas made raids to Northumbria - northern part of England. In national memory of nortumbriyets there were two terrible periods - Vikings in the 9th century and Black Douglas in XIV.

British also nicknamed him Black, and the king Robert I, on the contrary - James Dobry. And so there was also lord Douglas in the history with two nicknames.

Battle at Maytona, fight at Old Bayland - again to Edward II was necessary to escape, and the queen Isabella (the French She-wolf) was nearly taken prisoner.

In 1327 - m already Edward III intruded in Scotland with huge army. Huge for those times - 12 thousand - 15. Battle of the present did not turn out. At night two hundred Scots were transported through the river Weir and with wild shouts “Douglas! Douglas!“ walked on the English camp. Everything was perekrushit, broken. Bodyguards of the king of England died in unequal fight, Edward III managed to run away.

Then the young king cried and conducted the huge crowd of the frightened people which was until recently army to Durham. Finished some part. All this disgrace costed to the English crown 41 thousand paund, the huge for those times money. To fill losses, Eduard had to nibble France, however, he at the same time did not reflect that launches Centenary war.

Such is there was lord James Dobry Chyorny (for whom as) Douglas.

In 1329 - the m died the friend and the benefactor Robert I Bruce. Lord James ordered to cut out the king`s heart, packed it into a precious chest and went to a crusade.

Palestine already is also hopelessly lost long ago by Christians. But there are also other options. The king of Castile Alfonso XI desperately battles against Moors for the Iberian Peninsula - future Spain.

In August, 1330 - go - a siege of the lock of Teba in Andalusia. Besieged were come to the rescue by the sultan of Granada Muhammad IV with big army. The small Scottish group - one lord, seven knights and twenty six squires - got to an environment.

Lord Douglas chose Robert Bruce`s heart from a casket and threw it into a thick of Muslim soldiers.

- Follow forward as in old time, and we - you!

Also got the idea of enemy ranks.

Attack was so cruel that the small group managed to break through to the. With losses, of course, but with glory, and some nevertheless escaped.

So lord James Dobry Chyorny (as for whom) Douglas died.

Of Alfonso XI at You all - won fight. James Douglas`s body and Robert Bruce`s heart were found in the battlefield, sent to Scotland and there are buried with honors.

And “Bloody Heart“ lodged on a family crest Duglasov, under white asterisks on a blue background.

P. S. When writing this article I had a question - why to the bishop the armourbearer? Well, as why - to help to put on armor, to give a spear. Such times were.