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You want to lay the foundation of a happy zhizniya to the children?

ONLY the RIGHT way fortunately in this life are a positive view of all its “tricks“ with us. Exactly! With sense of humour in any situations!

Fans of “black“ humour will need to be retrained urgently because you want to live happily too. Agree?

But positive outlook on life does not come suddenly!

I “to turn“ the outlook by 180 degrees, it will be necessary to work diligent soul not one year! Honestly I admit, had “to allocate“ to me for this process years 10 today to BECOME healthy and happy!

But a question in another! Who will teach our children to such relation to life as not we, parents! Children study since small years on behavior and acts of the parents. So let`s try to begin to train in the POSITIVE RELATION to LIFE of and the children.

I with pleasure will spend you according to pages of the remarkable book of John Gray “Children - from heaven“. In it it imparts the 14th summer experience of POSITIVE EDUCATION of three children.

When John Gray married, his wife Bonnie, already had two daughters. Giuliette was eight, and Shannon - nearly twelve. In a year after a marriage they gave birth to the daughter Lauren.

till the marriage John Gray advised thousands of adults, helping them to solve problems which roots go to a childhood.

He offers new ideas and methods of education which are applicable to children of any age. And in my case, even to adult children!

In correctness of the methods he learned by own experience: two of his stepdaughters reacted to a new method of education immediately. Though before them brought up with application of old methods - punishment and shout.

These technicians work even in relation to children who grew in the atmosphere of neglect, improper treatment and cruel punishments. Children are unusually pliable and easily change if to give them necessary love and support.


if you are ready to study new methods of education of the children, then God to us in the help!

the Purpose of positive education - to grow up strong-willed, but at the same time the child, ready to cooperation.

First of all, to us it is necessary to imagine accurately results standard in the majority of families of methods of impact on own children today:

1. Punishment threat only incites children against parents and induces them to resistance.

2. Using punishment, we become to the child enemies from whom it is necessary to be concealed, but not parents from whom it is possible to wait for the help.

3. When it is impossible to achieve obedience from the child from us, we apply punishment, we beat him; thus, training it in aggression.

4. The children who are brought up on fear and punishment, answer with violence violence more actively.

To what we will aspire:

1. Instead of developing obedience in children, we will develop in them compassion.

2. We will develop spirit of cooperation, self-confidence and responsiveness in the child, developing his will, and, without breaking it.

3. We will learn to keep calm, good nature and respect for the child vmoment of his stressful state because children are programmed on imitation parents.

4. We have to know that needs to be done when the child leaves from - under control of parents.

Modern children do not need motivation fear and punishment. They possess knack to distinguish good from bad - it is only necessary to give them the chance to develop this ability.

John Gray, the American writer and the active propagandist of new ideas in education, offers five major principles of positive education directed to improving communication with children, to deepen cooperation with them and to induce them to the fullest manifestation of the abilities.

These new ideas will give us, parents, confidence that we do all necessary to help the children to realize fully the potential put by the nature.

I will be very glad to read your comment on positive education. And if this subject is interesting to you, we could continue its discussion.