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“127 hours“: how to get out of a deadly trap?

Among ten nominees on the first prize of the past ceremony of delivery of awards the Oscar were several pictures based on real events or removed based on biographies of the real-life / existing people. Their number includes the winner - “The king speaks!“, and also David O. Russell`s “Fighter“, “Social network“ of Ffincher and “127 hours“ of Danny Boyle. The last tape tells about misadventures of the rock-climber and fan of extreme types of pastime Aron Rolston to whom in 2003 “has the luck“ to get into a desperate situation. Its sob-story also became basis for the heavy and naturalistic drama about what the person driven into a corner is capable of.

… Everyone has a rest in own way. To someone it is lovely and lyub a sofa with decubituses. Someone prefers long walks in park or visit of haunts of vice with the subsequent opokhmel. And to someone as to Aron Rolston, it cannot wait to get out from the megalopolis to hell that in the pleasure to polazat on rocks and to enjoy reasonable rejection from a civilization. Friday evening Aron collects equipment where a little food steadily enters, it is a little drink, hours, video - and cameras, the knife, a small lamp plus a standard set of the climber including a long hank of a strong rope and carbines. It is a pity only what Aron`s habit did not become to report to the relatives and friends about the purpose of the next travel after portion of thrills.

At first on the jeep, then by bicycle and on foot Aron reaches the desired destination - a rocky canyon where plans to spend the forthcoming days off. He perfectly is guided by districts therefore he moves quickly and surely. Having met on the way the company from two nice tourists, Aron even arranges them small excursion. An alloy of adrenaline and mutual sympathy cultivate in Aron feeling of self-confidence, dangerous to local places.

When you feel in the seventh heaven, it is very easy to stumble. What Aron literally also made, having come to be after several seconds of falling in a narrow mountain crevice. All trouble is that the right hand of Aron appeared between “a hammer and an anvil“, pressed down by a huge boulder. In other words, though the poor fellow also survived - is healthy, but he cannot leave anywhere because neither the hand, nor a stone move a little. Ahead at Aron long 127 hours almost without water, food and chances of rescue, for which the young man should have been through a lot everyone …,

It is possible to write off some the incident about a grief - the thrill-seeker for his own mistakes, but agree, anyone could get into a similar situation. And even better (if so in general it is possible to be expressed) that on this place there was Aron Rolston, the person young, but already skilled in communication with artful rocks. That the main thing in a similar deplorable state? Correctly, to keep a precise mind and to have before itself the accurate action plan. Otherwise pipe.

Clear business, it is hard to observe over drudgeries of the main character of the movie. On the first viewings of a picture quite often it happened that the audience left a cinema hall, without waiting though natural, but very naturalistic final. The Rolston who visited premier display of the movie noted that in reality everything was even worse so creators as it is strange, managed to brighten up some moments. The poor creature was so touched at a premiere that even shed a tear, remembering the event which forever turned it into the cripple.

Aron forgot to take with himself the mobile phone, but was densely equipped with video - and a camera on which it wrote down the messages to relatives and part of the misadventures. It was kindly allowed to creators of a picture to get acquainted with these materials as much as possible to like a condition of the person who got to a deadly trap.

“127 hours“ are a solo performance therefore to James Franco it was much heavier, than to his partners in the nomination of the Oscar for Best Actor. What is interesting, the director of the movie Danny Boyle stopped the choice not at once on Franco who not often had to dramatize before on the screen (the trilogy “Spiderman“ and the comedy “The pineapple express: I sit, I smoke“). Originally for this role planned to take Killian Murphy (“The dark knight“, “Beginning“).

Whether Franco coped with the put mission? In general and. In a task of authors did not enter to move to pity the viewer. It is about empathy absolutely of other sort in which the despair mixes up how it is strange, with sports interest - will be able or the main character will not be able to get out of a stone trap? Whether will be able to overcome own emotions and desire to panic? In my opinion, Free looked convincingly in places. But it lacked the trifle for character disclosure. This almost imperceptible feeling, but at fixed viewing is visible that Franco falls short yet. Whether owing to inexperience, whether from - for excessive desires to hit the bull`s eye.

Danny Boyle is very versatile director, but practically always successful. “On a needle“, “Beach“, “The millionaire from slums“, “28 days later“. Very different, not similar at each other, the movies united by only one: the main hero of Boyle always - strong and in something very lucky person. Someone likes Evan McGregor in an early masterpiece of Boyle “A superficial grave“ and in the well-known screen version “On a Needle“ more. Someone hates Leonardo DiCaprio in “Beach“ though the movie is visually fine. “127 hours“ - absolutely another on style and on execution, but a hand of the director are guessed unambiguously.

Verdict: not the most cinematic plot in hands of professionals developed into the strong drama about opposition of the person with itself. In this movie there is much less habitual eccentricity of a shot which is present at last works of Boyle. However “Sukhoi“ a video series is perfectly compensated by rather living character together with whom the viewer will divide let and not 127, but experiences full an hour and a half.