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The tactless behavior of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal, for children

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour

Tactless tactless behavior the address of the reason will get rid to affect to resist to eradicate to fight will be protected not to allow to resist consequences result reaction perception definition feeling depends concept

pv the tactlessness Reason often low spirituality and immorality is.

pv does not allow Philanthrophy of tactlessness.

p Tactless people are, as a rule, deprived of self-control.

p Forwardness - the girlfriend of tactlessness.

p Tactlessness is more inherent in people rough.

z can be the Cause of tactlessness ignorance of psychology.

to Mother of tactlessness - nonsense.

and Tactlessness is in many respects obliged not to benevolent and rough tone.

and Tactless people are, as a rule, deprived of conscience.

p Ignoramuses take tactlessness as the steepness, and tactfulness - for weakness and obedience.

p Tactlessness - comes back.

in Tactlessness - can cost life.

and Tactlessness becomes a habit.

and Tactlessness leaves - when the respect comes.

d does not concern the Tactless person whether it offends people and as influences a situation.

z Tactless people, as a rule, do not possess sense of proportion.

p not to allow tactlessness to the person - the thicket should put itself on his place.

d the Tactless person around himself will wound all. dp the Tactless person asks

excess and unpleasant questions.

d For the tactless person it is peculiar to interpose in others matter and the relations.

and the Tactless person does not try to adapt to others, and dictates and imposes the.

and Unbalance - the girlfriend of tactlessness.

p Excessive emotions of tactlessness on a hand.

p Absence of feeling of a step is in many respects obliged to fieriness.

dp Tactless people, as a rule, badly control the behavior.

d is tactless to pay attention to others shortcomings.

z Tactless person, as a rule, not the owner to the emotions.

dp Excessive curiosity - is tactlessness.

and Tactlessness can be a familiarity consequence.

and Tactlessness - is truthful. p We sometimes fair criticism about ourselves accept

as tactlessness.

vp the Tactless treatment of people - affects their health.

z is frequent the fact that we take for tactlessness - only nonsense.

and Tactlessness can cross out essential advantages of the person.

pz not to allow lie in conversation with tactless, people it is necessary to learn to leave from persuasive questions, to give the conversation another turn, and even for fun, to ask the counter distracting questions.

and it is possible to influence the tactless person severity.

to Better tactlessness - than affected tactfulness.

p is tactless - to state mistrust.

dp Tactlessness - does not know what it is a suitable situation and time, employment,

dp Tactlessness humiliates people.

dp is tactless - to say much. dp it is tactless to

- to say only about himself.

dp is tactless - to kill speaking.

dp is tactless to make noise.

dp the Tactless person - bypass far off.

dp to the Tactless person - is difficult to find friends.

and From tactlessness - a direct road to loneliness.

p Tactlessness can become the work loss reason.

p Tactlessness destroys a family.

p Tactless good - turns into the evil. p the Tactless help - humiliates


yu Tactlessness is when the person says everything that, thinks, tactfulness - only what is pleasant.

yu Tactlessness - freedom, a step - restriction.

yu is tactless to suggest to begin work - to yet not freshened the nip person.

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