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Russian passport. As well as of what it is made?

Since January, 2004 in Russia are stopped use of the old Soviet passport. Seven years the identity of the citizen of the Russian Federation is proved by only the national passport. Let`s it consider?

The cover of the passport is decorated with the State Emblem. The print of the coat of arms becomes by means of an import gold foil only 5 microns thick. The cover is pasted to the passport book by the special quick-drying glue tightly fixing it to the fly-leaf after a stitching of all sheets in a uniform book.

If to look at the first page on a gleam - watermarks with the naked eye are visible. In spite of the fact that watermarks are applied more than 150 years, it is still one of the most reliable methods of protection of securities and documents. Their production requires expensive equipment which not each country is able to afford.

Letters of the inscription “Passport of the Citizen of the Russian Federation“ can try to be distinguished to the touch. The inscription is put with method of the metalgraphic press, the same method printed all letters and figures on each page. Money is around the world printed by way of a metallography.

On the second page the owner of the document undersigns, starting with it on each page a series and number of the passport are specified. A series will tell about in what region of the country the document is issued. For example, Muscovites receive passports 45 series.

Through all page under the words “Russian Federation“ there passes bright and large, well distinguishable inscription “PASSPORT“. But you do not work it to make out. The inscription will be seen only by those to whom follows, having lit the page with an ultraviolet. This so-called latent (hidden) image, one of ways of protection of the main document of the citizen.

On the third page to the right of a photo of the owner of the passport the inscription “RUSSIA“ is in the same way put. The page is covered by a film. The laminate “is decorated“ with the scarlet waves formed by small small letters of “the Ministry of Internal Affairs of RUSSIA“. It is so-called kip - effect.

The laminate is sewed in the book of the passport at factory of Goznak. The specialist of passport service removes protection from a laminate and sticks with a film the completed page with a photo and a name of the owner. Without having damaged the document, it is impossible to remove a laminate therefore on reaching the citizen of 20 and 45 years the new photo is not just pasted, and all passport entirely changes.

The passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation, unlike old Soviet, is adapted for computer authorization. Columns are filled in with the printer, the data of the owner introduced in the passport at the same time are entered in the centralized database.

Internal sheets of the document are covered with special drawing - background grids, one more way of protection “borrowed“ from banknotes. At the press of background grids the special paints protecting the page from erasures and other ways of removal of records are used.

The paper used for production of pages of the passport as well as banknotes, contains protective fibers which add to liquid paper stock. Fibers are clearly distinguishable under ultra-violet lighting.

The last technological operation at production of the form of the passport - a stitching of single sheets. A stitching for what use special a cord, the next way of protection against a fake. The cord is called the reinforced bicolor. It is the strong design twisted from two threads of different color, red and white. Threads shine in an ultraviolet too.

The passport is stitched by the ordinary sewing machine. The seam is stuck under a cover that it could not be sorted and replaced pages.

In passport 20 of pages. A stamp about registration bring on 5 - yu the page, data on the previous passport of the citizen if that was, specify on 19 - y. At the request of the owner of the document information on its blood type can be entered. The column a nationality is absent, but a floor is specified.

Except the listed ways of protection, at all passports there is invisible information which only the special computer can consider. These are confidential to no - Hau of the relevant services.

Well as? Considered own document? That`s right?