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Egypt: how to solve tourist problems on racks a reception? About friendship and not only

In the previous short research of ways of adjustment of relationship with employees of reception and accommodation of guests - a reception in hotels of Egypt - we considered two effective, effective methods.

But all of them are not absolutely ethic, and sometimes and are dangerous. Why are not ethic? Well, so to bawl with irritation and an anguish in a voice to adults at each other (to row) not really beautifully, on most - that business. Especially if it is they from different continents and belong to different human races.

Why are dangerous? Gifts - bribes (baksheesh) all the same create a certain discomfort at heart both giving, and accepting. Let the sum be ridiculous, but by and large all the same it is a crime. Dacha / taking of a bribe. Yes, we agreed to perceive a baksheesh as a gift for a reception, only gifts usually give with pleasure, and here and under a magnifying glass will not notice pleasure. Therefore we will pass to the following, safer options of building relations about a reception.

the Human factor

Is still the third option - simply to improve the human relations. To steam of jokes, steam of suvenirchik unpretentious. I would recommend to those who go to have a rest to Egypt, to take with myself with desyatochek small knickknacks from Russia. About what the speech? Small nested dolls, cheap badges with the Russian symbolics, brelka with a plastic toy small bottle of the Russian vodka etc. Try not to give gold ingots weight in kilogram and diamonds in three carats. Unpretentious something. What cheap is on sale in our Russian souvenir shops. Having presented a small gift from Russia on other continent - in Africa - you will become if not the friend, then not the worst companion to the Egyptian. a gift in the east - business special .

The author of article somehow slowly left subsequently “warpath“ about a reception and unostentatiously so, little by little, began to talk to the staff of hotel on accommodation of guests without excess pathos . Ice in the relations, strangely enough, began to thaw. Even without “baksheesh“. To me it is obvious that many Egyptians really try to try to understand that mysterious Russian soul. On a reception in resorts owners of hotels try to employ children educated which studied at large universities of Egypt, know foreign languages. It to you not cleaners and cooks. Therefore receptionists are often curious.

In one of hotels the young guy, the recent graduate of Cairo university, so directly also declared that he very much appreciates communication with the Russian tourists if it happens. In Russian he practically “bub - boom“, but in English spurs perfectly. He emphasized that he seeks to understand the Russian tourists that read Dostoyevsky the “Crime and punishment “ and would like to communicate not just for the sake of “a bl - a bl - a bl“ namely that “to understand other people, other culture“, other manner of behavior, other customs and mentality.

So we will return to experiment of the author on interaction about a reception. I between times presented to employees behind a rack of reception and accommodation of guests of hotel a number of small knickknacks from Russia, and the relations were absolutely improved. Really service improved. But the most important that small disorders ceased to poison rest. Egyptians on a reception are people too, they can tell a lot of interesting about the country. That surprised me after several days of normal communication: many of Egyptians called at all to stay for a while with them in Cairo or Alexandria! I hope, they did not want to make to me “pole-axes a head“. I nevertheless believe in people …

I still I will quote one employee - the Egyptian. We sat in the foyer of hotel and burst local very tasty ice cream. He told us that many tourists from Russia do not understand a simple thing. Here it: while you stay in other country, in others house, communicate with the owner`s representatives - foreign person for you, whatever one may do, good, the non-contentious relations about a reception are very important for normal rest! Grant

, I will agree with it. “It is very important“ is, of course, search. However it is very desirable to have normal relations about a reception and with personnel. If it was succeeded to improve the excellent relations - rest will become even more comfortable. If to spoil the relations - dirty tricks are inevitable.


Is absolutely healthy

if the tourist initially does not “bother“ on the terms of accommodation in number and comes there only to fail to a bed and to pokemarit several hours, and then again in fight with sights and sharks of the Red Sea. And if not to go in cycles strongly in “domestic squabbles“ on that fifteen, say, days at all that you have a rest here and if not to pay special attention neither to personnel, nor to a reception, then you as if will become for each other imperceptible! Employees of hotel will not react to you is negative, is positive and to you everything will be “to a lamp“. It too - approach, and not so it is also bad.

Summarizing the aforesaid, I so would range on points efficiency of interaction about a reception for the Russian tourist:

Best of all works as it is sad, “baksheesh“. That is - a money.

On the second place I would put adjustment of the kind, cheerful relations with employees behind a rack of reception of guests.

the Third place will be taken by readiness to row and to rigidly assert the rights if they are obviously broken. Here, as you understand, wait for small dirty tricks from service personnel. But it is sometimes better to suffer dirty tricks, than to live in unacceptable for you or your children conditions.

On the fourth place - absence of any relationship with personnel in principle. A certain game in mutual “ignore list“. Personnel of hotel for the tourist in this case - as if a background. Neither you notice employees, nor they you. The zero status - kvo. Staff of hotel thinks that you have some special “cockroaches“ in the head and to you not before communication, and you as the tourist of communication with representatives of other people are not eager. Everything, there are no problems as if. In that case you have to decide that you came only to have a rest, but not to learn feature of customs of the alien country alien to you.

I at first chose scandalousness, and then the kind, cheerful relations - and, in general, was with rest satisfied. But there is one more hassle: happens, as most it is unknown in advance as you will behave in this or that situation.

Be attentive to a situation reality - and the right decision will take place.