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Whether the truth that children who are engaged by Montessori`s technique grow up closed?

Work in montessor - a class assumes the independent choice of material and individual work on it. The child with concentration works until it is interesting to him, then returns material on the place and a beret new., It seems, such activity does not dispose to communication. But repeatedly during occupation children should solve also communicative problems.

For example, two or three children at the same time showed desire to work with the same material. Collision of interests often happens in a zone of household skills, mainly around a sink to water. In this case the children who are engaged by Montessori`s technique, as well as any other children need to learn to carry on constructive dialogue with each other.

If in Together with Mother group permission of disagreements quite naturally lays down on shoulders of mothers accompanying kids, then in I Am group children gradually master this ability that usually and occurs at first under the leadership of the teacher, and then more and more independently. Here, near a sink or a mirror which honor also invitingly as well as the water running from the crane, the teacher helps to regulate the potential conflicts and to switch cognitive interest of the child, in the same way as it happens in a sandbox near the house or in group of usual kindergarten. Thus, children learn to observe sequence, to concede, to correctly advocate the interests.

As well as in usual group of kindergarten here children rejoice to arrival of each other, miss if someone is ill, exchange the toys brought from the house. It should be noted that mothers maintain interest to each other, begin to communicate among themselves, to visit, will organize joint walks more often than it is done by mothers in groups of a usual garden. Perhaps, it is connected with short duration of group and consequently, that mothers have on average more opportunities to spend time with the child, than mothers sending the child for full day to a garden.

Some materials if do not assume group work, in any case do not exclude it, or logically assume it. For example, such material it becomes frequent tea service from a zone of development of the speech. Of course, it is possible to lay the table and to drink tea and alone, but to treat someone much more pleasantly. In Together with Mother group mother becomes the guest behind a tea little table, certainly, most often, however it is frequent and the whole family teams are invited on a visit. It is difficult to overestimate importance of work with this material for development of the speech. In I Am group usually other participants of group who became interested in process are involved in tea drinking. Skills of communication, development of ritual communication occurs thus quickly enough.

It is necessary to mention musical and informative circles in which children take part each occupation. It is a work form, assuming interaction of children with each other methodically. Children pass each other a ball, participate in the general dance, in joint games.

Thus, one may say, that M. Montessori`s technique though does not place special emphasis on development of communicative skills and abilities of each child, but also obstacles to it in a technique it is not put. Anyway, those several hours a week which the child spends to montessor - group render on his ability to communicate considerably smaller influence, than a parental example in household communication or games in a sandbox during walks near the house.

How sociable the child will grow up, depends on his personal features, a family environment and only in small degree from what groups of early development he visited in two - three-year age.