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How the movie “Viy“ was shot?

“Viy“ removed the First Soviet horror film in 1967, with adventures. It seemed to actors that evil spells of ghouls extended even out of limits of a shooting stage... Workers tried not to come into the church built on “Mosfilm“ once again. Meanwhile in the Soviet thriller only one drop of blood spilled: the witch - a pan-night, frightening the philosopher, shed a bloody tear.

The picture was still “in start“, and it was already bought by nine countries of the world. In the Soviet hire the movie occupied symbolical 13 - e the place.

The well-known flights of a pan-night in a coffin which frightened the whole generations of the Soviet children appeared thanks to the fact that under a dome of the pavilion the difficult mechanism fastened. All coffins were black color, as at Gogol. The coffin No. 1 was considered as the basic - in it the died pan-night lay. The coffin No. 2 flew on church with the closed cover - it, according to the scenario, could not punch the magic circle outlined by the philosopher in any way. This coffin rushed about in a shot empty and was absolutely small. Moved a coffin manually - by means of ropes.

The coffin No. 3 was suspended on six metal strings to a ceiling. In it the witch flew on church, standing in all growth. In the basis of a coffin the metal probe - an arm to which the actress was fastened an assembly belt was built in. Behind the back, under a loose overall, it fixed a reliable support.

Before letting Natalya Varley in “free flight“, in an unusual coffin nearly all film crew flew. Also the fact that newly appeared “witch“ - Natalya Varley - was from the Romanian city of Constanta was interesting. And Transylvania long since was considered as the homeland of sorcerers and vampires.

Scenery did in several pavilions at once. Half a year of staff of “Mosfilm“ of a scarecrow the gloomy church tightened by a web. In the movie there is an episode when the infinite quantity of monsters flies to the temple: icons fall to the ground, the broken glasses fly down, doors break from loops... Right there the huge chandelier - a church chandelier has to fall. Property men were not too lazy and on the basis of a chandelier hung a set of sacks with dust. When the church chandelier crashed down about a floor of church, all for a moment grew dumb: in the risen column of dust it seemed that explosion was distributed... And on shootings of “Viy“ burned several centners of candles though wax then was the road. It was necessary to order the fat candles consisting of wax and stearin in special church workshops of Zagorsk.

The evil spirit was presented in “Viy“ and a peculiar fauna: for example, in a picture “crew“ of black cats worked. The film crew got nine grown-up black kittens in inheritance from the picture “Black Imp“ where the main four-footed character was played at once by nine doublers. The same cats worked for Gaidai in “A diamond hand“ and in the movie “Ivan Vasilyevich Changes a Profession“. Not only that in “Viy“ black cats jumped out from - under legs of the poor philosopher Homa at the most inappropriate moment, put on cats also special hats - hoods with horns. They were let to jump from an eminence, and in a jump removed on a wall of their shadow.

For the image of any evil spirits the director with the operator tried to remove in an enlarged view insects - mantises, unicorn beetles, spiders... But all stopped - on bats, crows and eagle owls, close to mystical substances. All living creatures were delivered for shootings by the trainer, famous on “Mosfilm“, and the director of stunt scenes with animals Tariel Gabidzshvili.

About 50 crows were involved in “Viy“. Caught them right there, on “Mosfilm“, in the yard. Spread a bait in an old shed, several days did not approach not to frighten off cunning birds. The captives who got to a drag-net were taken away only at night not to cause suspicion in other free crows. On a shooting stage gave command, and black birds with noise fluttered out from the windows of church revealing with a crash. Happened, the trainer shouted to the director Alexander Ptushko: “Lukic, crows came to an end“. He declared a break, cinema-men put out the light and climbed with small lamps on grid-irons to remove birds, and pavilions were huge - to 16 meters in height.

Alexander Ptushko had also favourite animals who wandered with him from the movie in the movie. He adored, for example, a dog Mishka. The trainer Tariel Varlamovich brought a dog from army. The bear was the real dog sound simulator. Could growl as the real bear, to howl on - wolf. In “Viy“ he desperately “mourned“ the died pan-night in the yard.

By the way, the pan-night - Natalya Varley - on shootings really had a deadly episode. Once Natalya dropped out of a coffin which at great speed rushed around. As in a kaleidoscope, candles blinked, logs of church flashed... The girl lost balance and departed from big height headfirst. Pang philosopher is Leonid Kuravlev, without having experience of an insurance, by some miracle caught Natalya at the landing on a deal floor of church. Only then the actress admitted that, despite the work as the trapeze artist in circus, she strongly was afraid of height. You represent what will power this fragile girl had to have that every time to rise in a coffin under a ceiling of church?

Werewolves in the movie at Alexander Ptushko wonderfully climbed a vertical wall. The most experienced cameraman Fedor Provorov shot this trick: “From thick boards hammered together “wall“. Put the model at an angle to a floor and removed the vampires slipping on the inclined plane, from above over a shooting stage the crane with the operator and the director froze up. It turned out that ghouls, clinging claws of hands and legs, climbed directly on a vertical wall.

Natalya Varley agreed to act as a pan-night... out of curiosity. Flights in a coffin under a dome of church did not frighten her, superstitious fear that take measurements for a coffin of it, the actress did not test too. Natalya not only acted in at film - in “Viy“ she was taken for the sports preparation shown during “The Caucasian captive“.

“Pannochka“ in a shot was put on the special vibrating device that the impression was made that it shivers with rage; imposed a dim make-up as though it turns green for rage; highlighted eyes that they shone devilish fire from within... And the young actress who was not wishing to waste in vain time while on the platform established light, lying in a coffin, read abstracts and textbooks.