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Valyutoterapiya - what is it?

Stock up with raznonominalny notes of euro and dollars. Put them in one of offices of a purse, and let they will become an emergency ration. It will give you forces, cheerfulness and feeling of wellbeing. You can begin to make plans if not on the near future then on the future. Existence of currency in a purse promotes the vital beginning, gives the chance to feel independent, safe, taken place.

You can imagine yourself the full-fledged person capable at least mentally to come to be worldwide, and touching notes, to present how you pay with them for the overseas goods provided at your choice, services and delights of life. It does not depend on the total amount which you have the main thing at all - to feel self-confidence and tomorrow. Later some time, unexpectedly for yourself you will notice that notes become more and more and, respectively, opportunities. Then you pass to the following stage of a valyutoterapiya - accumulative.

Do not give in to a temptation to spend the saved-up means right now since there will occur the disappointment after collected thus bank notes do not equal your hopes. You do not hurry, everything is good in its season. Occasionally get them from a purse and touch, display, examine, even I recommend to smell that will create favorable climate and pleasant feeling. Try to remember this smell that will subconsciously bring you there where it is possible to earn or get already quite decent quantity of money. You can involve almost all sense organs. Fall in love with the image applied to notes. It will become you expensive and close if first was only an acquaintance. Only it is not necessary to lick them and to bite.

It is better to keep currency in its natural look, do not bend at all, do not crumple and do not twist, she does not love it. Therefore the purse or a purse has to be convenient and capacious.

Never leave currency: for the night put under a pillow, and in a bathroom or a bath put in a tight bag and, having attached a string, hang up on a neck.

It is not necessary to mix foreign currency with rubles even if it will be notes on 5000. However many was at you rubles, they will always seem a little.

One more of valyutoterapiya options - opening of the currency account. It will raise your rating both in own eyes, and in the opinion of your friends and acquaintances. Do not trust anybody information on the sums on your account even if there is almost nothing, it will not promote your success.

You should not lend or take the credit, you will not borrow health and happiness, in addition it is possible to lose the last. Having only own means, you will be more self-sufficient that will prevent to become stingy or squanderers.

And in conclusion I want to tell the following. When, at last, you become quite independent of the means characterizing your financial position, can refuse further passing of a course of a valyutoterapiya. You became absolutely healthy. And memories of a way which helped you with it will remain only in a purse which will not have former value any more - by this time you for certain will be an owner of a platinum or diamond plastic card.