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Why wives change?

Usually, telling about adulteries, mean changes of men, “forgetting“ about what women also change the husbands. It is possible all the matter is that to men pride does not allow to admit what to them was changed. And still - why the women who from time immemorial are keepers of the center and family rest fool around?

Option first. Lyubov is angry and how many goats use it! The charming Princess married the Prince charming, but in family life he was a goat a goat. In other words: drinks, beats, home does not carry a salary, and that runs also on the left. And the wife who is deeply disappointed in the husband begins to seek consolations elsewhere. This option most often comes to an end with divorce, and both parties consider that another is guilty.

Option second. Early marriage. In the people this option is called “was not acquired“. Got married absolutely young, gave birth to children, and here children grew up, do not require constant attention and leaving (in many cases enough that left diapers), the wife had free time. And with what to occupy it? It is good if there is opportunity at least sometimes to relax in the company of the husband, to conduct life free, not burdened with a family, contemporaries. And if is not present? For example, the husband very is negative to discos, clubs, a sit-round gathering in cafe. And there is a wish for all this - the years devoted usually to such life were spent for diapers, and there are a wish to make up for lost time.

At this option divorce is frequent, but deep regrets are also frequent subsequently (“That I did! What I am a silly woman! If it was possible to return everything back!“). It is characteristic that in similar cases of betrayal of the wife it would be possible to avoid, just crisis “it was not acquired“ there has to help to pass the husband, without waiting until it someone makes another.

Option third. Curiosity. It happens too, especially for the company (not without reason say that for the company and the Gipsy hung himself). If the girlfriend who is fooling around by the first option is available, then at the woman curiosity can wake up. Especially as modern bonds of marriage, alas, are not so strong as before, generally because the financial moment in many respects disappeared - the woman can grow up the child independently, without the obligatory help of the man. And here curiosity (“And what is it? And all have a lover, and at me is not present...“) pushes on change. If the woman clever, loves the husband, changed at the short-term moment which it is possible to call turbidity of consciousness, then she bethinks in time, stops “circulations on the left“, and all episode carefully erases from memory. Unfortunately, the woman is younger, the it is heavier to bethink in time: more often young wives get confused in such relations, and the family at the same time collapses irrevocably.

Option fourth. Age crisis. Not only men have “a gray hair in a beard, and a demon in an edge“, women in a bigger degree are subject to psychological instability during age crises. Thirty and forty years - turning points in female life. Also torments begin: “I grow old! I am unattractive!“ - and so on. On change in this case pushes the general condition of uncertainty in itself. The woman needs to prove that she is still young, still attractive. And this - that desire to obtain the indisputable evidence pushes on change. The husband - not the proof, he could get used for years of joint life, and here the foreign man - another matter. At this option most often the woman eventually recovers as she in the previous case, and fast stops all “left“ relations.

Change when passing age crisis is not obligatory at all, especially if the husband tries to understand psychological disorder of the wife, will make thrifty use of it during all “inexplicable“ hysterics. Optimum - during such periods to look after the wife, as in the first days of acquaintance. With flowers, candies, champagne. To go where - nibud (if there is no opportunity to go abroad, to the good resort etc., it is always possible to find something interesting nearby). Especially as during age crisis quite often there is a fear to lose the husband: “Yes, now he, apparently, loves me. But he will notice soon that I grow old, and around there are a lot of young people!“, - and the woman begins to prove to herself that she is attractive first of all to the husband, and changes him. Do not think that it is illogical, remember about crisis instability of mentality. So here - all in the man`s hands.

Option fifth. Revenge. If the husband changes moreover not too hides the changes from the wife, and sometimes even says her directly charges of the novels (“If you were not such thin, thick, pale, lazy, a workaholic, the stay-at-home etc.“), the woman can have a desire to revenge. An eye for an eye, tooth for tooth, change for change.

Option sixth. Spare airfield. If the woman is not too sure of marriage durability (for example, at it the weight of evidence suggests that the husband can want divorce for any reasons), or something does not suit it in marriage, she can begin to prepare “waste ways“ in advance. In this case bring not just the lover, but the potential spouse that immediately after divorce to enter new marriage.

Option seventh. Lyubov. It happens too. Married, gave birth to children, and then suddenly met him. One and only. Also it turned out that all previous life - a mistake. And husband good, and everything, it seems, remarkably, but … love. If the feeling is mutual, then changes practically not to avoid. But in this case divorce with the subsequent marriage follows.

However, it happens that the feeling is not mutual. The woman loves, and the man uses it. And when there comes the turning point (for example, it comes and reports that told everything to the husband, left him), speaks: “Why you made it? Everything was so good!“. For the woman it is the terrible moment. Instant enlightenment - One and only never loved it! And the family already broke up.

There are also other options at which wives decide on change. But in most cases change can be prevented. Practically all female changes are a connivance of the man, his insufficient attention to the wife. And if the man is attentive and is that is called vigilant, then his family will be firm, the love of the wife will belong only to him. And any changes!