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Quality of food

Not qualitative food can seriously affect the health of the person.

Haste, a carelessness and laziness - girlfriends of poisoning.

try to pack and not to give to try Low-quality goods more feasibly, qualitative - to open, offer to look.

offer Stale products first of all.

Into the forefront expose products with the coming to an end expiration date.

If is difficulties in the choice of goods, it is enough to define

quality and the price of the seller. The good person will not begin to sell bad goods and

expensively. people to learn to understand easier, than a great number of that,

with what they deal.

Is not always more expensive - better, but in full ignorance it is better to choose expensive.

Before a product it is necessary to get, consume or apply it to cooking determination of its quality.

the Philanthropic and caring for relatives people by inertia are more inclined to the serious choice of products for food and themselves.

to the Choice of safe food upon purchase is promoted by knowledge of psychology.

At an assessment of products should be trusted more intuition - than to reason.

Attentiveness, responsibility, gravity promote the best determination of quality of food.

Help to define quality of products sight, sense of smell, touch, taste.

With acquisition of skills the accuracy of determination of quality of products increases.

the Product has to have an attractive, appetizing appearance.

If appearance of a product is not pleasing to the eye, it seems suspicious or unnatural it is better not to use it in food.

it is necessary to Listen to what is prompted about quality of products of an eye even if it seems not reasonable.

Not natural color of products - a signal of bad quality.

the Smell of crude products has to be pleasant, and ready to the use - to cause desire to their reception.

can tell Presence of foreign smells about bad quality of a product.

Taste of products has to be faultless. Determining by

on taste a food product it is necessary to listen to receptors of language of minute.

is difficult to define taste of cold products.

can tell Foreign taste about bad quality of a product. Determining by

products on a smell it is expedient to listen more to receptors of sense of smell in the top part being further from a mouth.

That products radiated a smell them it is possible to rub, scrape, heat, cut better …

can determine by Tactile feelings elasticity, hardness, friability … have to be Selkhozprodukta`s

whole, fresh, not faded, have a beautiful, healthy appearance

Suggestion to itself the fact that the product is useful can muffle natural ability of determination of its quality.

Receptors of language are given to the person to distinguish natural

qualitative food from low-quality, necessary from unnecessary. with

We often, flavoring low-quality or unnecessary products or processing altering them, we deceive language and we eat incorrectly.

That an organism could estimate correctly qualitative and necessary food, it has to be natural and unmixed.

At the person eating artificial and furthermore failure of the natural mechanism regulating process of consumption of products and rejection necessary for an organism unnecessary or those which it in this

the period is sated happens the mixed products.

Eating artificial products, the person for control

has to pass information on food constantly through consciousness.

the Mixed food can be estimated not language - and only mind.

the Unnecessary and low-quality food mixed with qualitative or skillfully processed by language can mistakenly will be defined as suitable for the use.

p should be excluded From food not only low-quality, but also

doubtful products even if these doubts are proved by nothing. it is expedient to

to include New products in food on one - listening, to reaction of an organism.

Seasoning hides shortcomings of dishes.

Modern business, using culinary traps for language, eyes and a nose - forces weak-willed and silly people to eat food hazardous to health.

to Acquire goods and furthermore products, it is necessary to try at kind and decent people. it is easier for

to define Quality of grapes, than wines. Nachesny culinary specialists flavor with

low-quality products for the purpose of their realization.

If it is possible to listen to work of the organism over the years will learn to feel how they pass and food influence it.

is easier to analyze quality of food and their impact on an organism - if to enter again acquired products on one.

feels the Sick organism and reacts better to bad quality of food.

the Healthy person can is long to use not qualitative products - without noticing it.

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