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And you are sure that your child does not use drugs?

in our society are discussed Recently a question of obligatory testing for drugs of school students and students.

Drug addiction, this plague of the 21st century, became real threat for country demography. Children on average from 12 years are subject to harmful thirst for drugs. How to parents to learn in time that their child began to use them? There are signs by which it is possible to determine that the child was fond of drugs. Let`s try to list the main:

we Will begin with the fact that the teenager began to disappear periodically from the house. On questions of parents where he is, gets off with senseless excuses. On all attempts to find out in what business, reacts with rage and irritation.

the Teenager began to lie often at the slightest pretext. And the versions which are thought up by it or are monotonous and primitive, or on the contrary, are too unclear and confused. Does not concern him any more that the stories told them would have to resemble the truth.

At the guy or the girl for the short period of time completely replaced a circle of friends. And parents practically do not know these new acquaintances. They or do not call on at all, or run for a couple of minutes about something to be whispered at a door. Nevertheless, quantity of telephone negotiations at the son go daughters sharply increased. In talk began to slip slang expressions.

the Sign of the use of drugs at the teenager is also lack of its interest in family affairs and problems. It considerably changed, became in relation to native more mistrustful and cold.

observes sharp change of mood at the child. A minute ago it was cheerful and cheerful, and after a short phone conversation became irritable, up to shout and a hysterics.

the teenager has no former interests. He (she) ceased to read books and to go to the cinema. Sometimes just sit over the textbook, but actually do not even try to do homework or to prepare for examinations.

One of signs of the use of drugs at the teenager is violation of its mode of a dream. He can sometimes not sleep and pace the room of half of the night, and at times sleeps for days on end without waking up.

One of important signs - things and money began to vanish in the house. In families where there are addicts, these unpleasant phenomena meet pretty often.

After return from walk home at the teenager notes an incoordination of movements, an absent look. He seeks to hide eyes and to disappear quickly in the room.

Now we will turn to other very important question. What to do if you learned that your son or the daughter use drugs?

If such trouble came to a family, parents need to fight for the child to rescue him, and at the same time to manage not to get under influence of the negative situation created in a family. Most often it is difficult to make it, testing anger, depression, fear and confusion. Avoid scandals. Charges and scandals you never solve a problem.

Of course, it is possible to pay attention of the teenager to your experiences. But better give the chance to him to notice own failures in study, loss of close friends, habitual interests, that is negative changes in the life.

You should not pay to the teenager considerably excessive attention and care at once. Clean far away valuable things and money. Let he will understand that with it especially nobody is going “to rush“. At the same time the teenager has to understand that you, as before, love him and are ready to help.

Now in the large cities there are many private and public medical institutions of a narcological profile. Even for relatives of patients professional psychologists provide trainings and seminars. However no treatment will help your son or the daughter if violently to place them in similar clinic.

The teenager using drugs can help to get rid of this harmful dependence only in one case - if he wants it.