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Whether it is necessary to speak on the eve of Easter about bad even if became painful?

Smoking kill! So now print on each pack of the cigarettes sold at us in the country. What did it give, and who did not know about it? Really there were less smokers? I doubt. Sale of hard alcoholic drinks was forbidden after 23. 00. Began to drink less? Constantly threaten with a rise in price, and it has to reduce too the number of persons interested to receive a share of poison and a poison. Nonsense! Will not help. Both drank and smoked, and will be and addicts less too do not become. And prostitutes became so many that you are surprised and ask a question and whether there were in general decent women?

The youth is corrupted to a limit. Night clubs in which it is possible to meet the young children who are making up yourself so that you will not guess how many to them years actually, passports are not asked and a notorious face - control does not make special difficulties.

One of public opportunities to be in a condition of euphoria - the use of beer which is even more dangerous since massive advertizing on all channels continues universal round-the-clock sale and for certain production of “brewers“ is flavored with various harmful ingredients, up to causing addiction to this drink. At first sight this product can seem to the least dangerous of alcohol-containing, but actually beer alcoholics became incomparable more, than all others since accustomed to beer youth is universal. Especially in the summer it to become too actually, it seems as soft drink which is even tried to be propagandized as useful.

Even legalization of prostitution at us will give nothing, there will be a competition at every turn on lower quotations. And often quite well-mannered, educated and often safe individuals are engaged in such business. What then is not enough for them, can be man`s attention? For each man there is a cruel fight and not only because it is less of us. Men degenerate. Someone the Internet, with multiple dating sites completely absorbed, intim - services, a porn. Someone just became the virtual irrevocably. Someone replaced orientation, at someone from an excessive excess or veins. diseases there came early impotence, someone is just reinsured to strike up acquaintances. Changes of spouses each other became already not only in the nature of things, and just a cult. It is promoted by promoting through low-standard feature films, series, a reality - shows in which the running line for all audience offers anything.

Sex - shops, half-naked stars from all covers of the glossy magazines which are on sale in all public places pass - skirts which already do not even cover advantages. Schoolgirls in low-necked undershirts and blouses, go on school and on the street it is not better dressed at all, than their not always more senior contemporaries on the panel. Any taxi driver will tell you how many in a night offer them services, it seems as ordinary passengers.

Generally - full demoralization of society. Who is concerned by lofty matters? About what culture it is possible to tell when syringes, condoms, empty jars and bottles and even laying roll where it is only possible. How to the normal person with all this to be reconciled? To complain? To whom? To fight? In what way? To preach morals? Who will listen to you? If a half of society in poll about faith in God answered about its absence, that it can stop this part from total loss of human shape.

If it was possible to translate sexually dissipated energy only randomly having sex, then, probably, at least, nuclear power plants were not required. And how many it is made crimes in a drunk or narcotic state? It is more than a half of prisons and camps are filled by those. And how many the destroyed families, the street children, bums who were simply degrading and mad. How many only on roads perishes also drivers and pedestrians because of drunk, smoked and shirnuty. And we want to construct a civilized society? From whom? From the rest of still full-fledged citizens? And where all others will get to? Will recover? To change? Will think again? Will be re-educated? Figs! The whole generation of spiritless, moral freaks very soon will win a victory over decent, law-abiding and well-mannered citizens.

The global catastrophe is put first of all in ourselves as we are part of the nature too, but it is possible, its worst part. Eventually we will disappear from the face of the earth much earlier, than there will be some new epidemic of the incurable illness which is perhaps created by the person or cataclysms with which we will not be able to cope efforts which are made on preservation of the nature and life are so scanty, on comparison with the funds allocated for destruction of the same nature and self-extermination of people.

Technological progress develops not in proportion to moral and cultural shape that does not promote application of its achievements for the good. And people who in the majority became the consumers who in exchange are not giving anything are obviously doomed to rolling not on the inclined plane, and already as it is possible to see, down down. It is already time to open business on production of huge frying pans as the most demanded goods of the future. Interestingly, and if the mankind begins to roast itself on them, maybe, thus, will be able to atone the sins in advance?

I congratulate all believers on the coming holiday of Great Easter! All non-believers I urge to come round, reflect and try to change the life or at least to save myself from devil temptations and sins. To everyone it will be rendered on his merits.