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Spring, cosmetics, birch. What communication between these words?

I Suggest to solve first of all this problem to women. Of course, over it also men can think, but only those which understand desire of the companions at any age to look delightful! We begin to solve?

1. A statement of the problem

“On morning I wakened, to a pocket mirror turned around, it showed me …“ Eh! Every spring we hope to see a fresh face in a mirror, but our reflection in it not always pleases. Give, lovely ladies, we will be indulgent to ourselves. What it is possible to wait from the skin upon termination of winter, after long stay near languidly flickering monitors and TVs for, in houses and offices where air is overdried by electric heaters? And even if your skin by some miracle avoided such stress, there is a wish to improve the appearance in the spring all the same! I offer now when everything wakes up around, young and beautiful, to try and to get to us in step with spring transformation. Let the nature will help us to solve minor problems of our appearance.

As it is necessary to begin with something one, but not to run for all hares at once, already in the question of article I simplified a task. We create a sheaf from three offered words. We should find in the spring means of natural cosmetics which the birch can present . If we find them - the objective will be solved.

2. The solution of a task

Since the end of March to the middle of May many go to the wood behind birch sap. You about it forgot?! If the foliage on birches did not appear yet, then you have every chance to drink this wonderful drink! Only do not forget carefully and with gratitude to treat the fine tree giving you curative juice! As it is correct to gather birch sap, what benefit it will bring to your health as to apply it to treatment of an organism Ekaterina Yelizarova in the article “Than Birch Sap Is Useful?“ very well told. Remember that the healthy organism is guarantee of beauty too!

I will afford very small, but important derogation from a subject. Recently learned the way of collecting juice which is very sparing for birches (at a traditional way juice drips through the cut-through opening in a trunk at the tree basis). Here only the knot on a branch of a tree is cut off and on it the bottle is hung up. The cut-off knot is slightly lowered down, having tied its basis to the lower branch or a tree trunk. In such a way professionals who collect many years juice in the same place use and keep healthy birches. Do not merge all juice from one tree! If the birch gives you one liter of juice a day, it will restore forces. But if you a tree completely exsanguinate, it will dry up. Still it is known that juice of the birches growing on edges and heights, more tasty and more usefully and contains more active agents. You gathered birch sap in due form?

Then let`s learn how to use it in the cosmetic purposes. Birch sap and cosmetics

As a conditioning agent behind appearance it use

long ago. Washing birch sap, you will nourish the skin, reduce number of wrinkles, and also you will get rid of pigmentary spots and eels. It is useful to wipe with juice of a birch skin at irritations, for moistening and clarification of dry skin.

The following mask is very useful to the person: to mix 1 tablespoon of sour cream, 2 tablespoons of birch sap and 1 h a honey spoon. It is necessary to hold such mask on a face minutes 15, then to wash away cool water. Your skin will get a beautiful opaque shade.

It is good to wipe a face and a neck with ice cubes from birch sap in the mornings. It perfectly tones up skin, does it elastic and fresh. There will be a feeling that you used expensive cream with dietary supplements. At sluggish, dry, yellowish skin put on a face a mask from honey and birch sap in the ratio 1:1. Such mask softens and bleaches skin a little. It is possible to apply juice on skin of hands, it will become more elastic.

Birch sap is a fine conditioning agent and behind hair. That they grew better, became a thick and are more magnificent, after washing rinse hair with juice. It will add them softness and gloss!

For elimination of the increased fat content of hair and prevention of their loss it is recommended to use lotion: mix 2 glasses of birch sap, 1 tablespoon of liquid honey and 1 h a spoon of small table salt. When salt is dissolved, pour structure in a pure bottle from dark glass, add 1 glass of vodka, again mix everything. Put densely corked mix to the dark place for 10 days. After that lotion is ready to application. Use it before washing of hair, having applied on head skin, slightly rubbing small pillows of fingers. Tie the head a towel, in 1 - 2 hour wash up soft an oily hair shampoo and rinse with the acidified water (1 h a spoon of vinegar or lemon acid on 10 liters of water). Such mask with birch lotion is done by courses for 10 days with 10 - day breaks.

All this is remarkable, you will tell, but it is known that fresh-gathered birch sap can be stored in the refrigerator without special processing only during 2 - x days. Further its transparency will disappear, and drink will begin to ferment.

The best and fast way to keep birch sap - its freezing. After defrosting juice keeps practically all the properties. It can be poured in small plastic bags or special forms for cubes of ice and to freeze. Also juice can be preserved, having added 40 - 50 g of alcohol on each glass of juice.

During collecting juice the birch gives us one more surprising cosmetic. These are birch kidneys. Dried up, they keep all useful properties during 2 - x years.

Birch kidneys and cosmetics

When to collect buds of a birch? As soon as the kidney bursts and the leaf will seem on 1 - 2 mm, it is necessary in the same day, without postponing, to collect the necessary number of kidneys. In the woods and parks of a birch are dismissed at different times therefore you have a week in the spring for harvesting. For himself, darling, is enough one glass for two years of use.

Birch kidneys in the cosmetic purposes apply in the form of tinctures and broths.

can wipe with Broth of birch kidneys the growing old sensitive skin, she is well brought up, pores are narrowed. At rubbing in in head skin broth will help to strengthen roots of hair. Lotions from it promote healing of wounds.

At eczemas, youthful eels, irritations and inflammations, for improvement of fat porous skin use spirit tincture of birch kidneys. But if you have a dry sensitive skin, then before application tincture needs to be diluted with an equal amount of water, and after application to put nutritious cream on a face. For strengthening of growth of hair and strengthening of roots tincture is rubbed in the head, diluting 1:10 just before application. Recipe of tincture: 10 gr. dry buds of a birch to fill in 100 ml of vodka, to insist 2 weeks, then to merge and filter. You store in a dark large bottle in the cool place. And still, 10% tincture of birch kidneys on 90-degree alcohol - an effective remedy at external herpes.

As you noticed, the story was only about application of a birch in cosmetics. And how many at it other useful qualities! But it already condition of other task.

So, in the spring when the nature wakens and all its elements have revival force, such tree as the birch gives us the natural, checked by women throughout many centuries cosmetics . We found communication of three offered words. The task is solved! And for it to you, lovely ladies, numerous wishes of health, happiness and unfading beauty!