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Who such “good“ wife? A look of the man

All of us once were young people, read and now we read, jokes about the husband and the wife. Many of us did not believe that such relationship is possible actually. And from where to them to undertake, as a rule, marry for love. However there are years, family life takes its course and even more often reminds situations from jokes. We, men, even more often begin to think of the fact that it for us the “good“ wife?

Let`s look at this term from two parties. From serious - we will approach a question taking into account interests opposite, female, the parties, we will try to consider various factors influencing formation of views of the term “good“ the wife, so to speak, we will consider a question on - to the adult.

On the other hand, we will approach a question with humour, i.e. from the same jokes, we will analyse this folk art.

We will begin with humour. So, from the point of view of folk art, the “good“ wife:

1) never “saws“ the husband for the fact that he came in the morning drunk and the more so does not ask why it has lipstick on a face and women`s tights in a pocket;

2) never distracts the husband driving and does not specify to him where to go;

3) does not invite to you home the mother and does not crack with her by phone for hours and at all does not use phone for talk with girlfriends;

4) not only does not ask money from the husband, but also gives the salary to him;

5) it is indifferent to soccer, is glad when it is watched on TV by the husband, for this purpose previously runs behind beer and will invite the husband`s friends;

6) does not change and is not interested whether the husband has “a bit on the side“, passionate in a bed, wants sex then when also the husband;

7) harmonous (90 - 60 - 90), on the house goes in pass - a skirt and in a make-up with a magnificent hairdress;

8) likes to cook and to indulge the husband, at the same time always itself goes to shop;

9) gold products are not interesting to it, shopping does not love, several years can wear one dress and a jacket;

10) always listens to the husband and does as he will tell, in a family the husband main.

And now it is serious.

Many a true word is spoken in jest therefore the “good“ wife is the woman loving the husband. Exactly thanks to love, the woman is capable to meet, so to speak, requirements of the husband, exactly thanks to love the wife:

1) treats the husband and his interests with respect even if she does not like soccer or a fantasy, she understands that all people different, all have tastes;

2) watches the appearance, the body, moderately uses cosmetics and not only at work, but also houses where walks not in the shabby dressing gown, and in convenient and pleasant to the eye clothes;

3) understands that the husband needs the money therefore is not surprised when he gives not all salary, at the same time, before most to spend money for a new jacket, thinks of the family budget;

4) wants to prepare something tasty and to indulge the husband;

5) tries to be sensitive, attentive and careful to the husband.

Of course, the speech does not go that the views given above are “game in one gate“, i.e. only the wife has to be such. I am sure, as women have requirements to the “good“ husband.

And the most important, the husband has to apply the to formation of the “good“ wife, sometimes considerable, efforts. But if there is a mutual love, then and both parties will be “good“. Good luck to you!