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How to organize beer restaurant? We do everything correctly

Most important within the concept is to coordinate idea with an opportunity to equip the room according to needs of beer restaurant. So, the author design - the project has to understand accurately that it can realize and that cannot technically be embodied. Therefore it productively works “in one team“ with the technologist of the project, and also conducts architectural supervision when carrying out construction and finishing works indoors.

of the Room

Besides rooms, standard for restaurants, are required additional, for example, the room for storage of pothouses keg, the place for brewery. It is necessary to define whether you will have one hall, or to divide halls for smokers and non-smoking visitors. The separate attention should be paid to rooms under bathrooms: for convenience of their visitors has to be more, than at usual restaurant.


Is important part of the concept which has to be surely coordinated with the designer. At registration of restaurant it is necessary to provide the place for placement of pavement signs, billboards, neon advertizing, a display for posting of information on actions, the place for carrying out tastings and advertizing campaigns.


Making a start from the concept, it is necessary to define features of your institution. Often visitors of beer restaurants - people smokers. Therefore it is important to pay attention to ventilation of the room. If at restaurant carrying out mass viewings of sports broadcastings is supposed, then it is necessary to think over lighting carefully: brighter in the usual time muffled - during viewing of a match.

the Equipment

the Beer restaurant assumes the accounting of some features at selection of the equipment. Therefore it is extremely desirable that the cook already at the initial stage worked in a tandem with the technologist.

At installation of the equipment it is important to calculate power supply network power. If power is small, then it is very probable that in the future there will be a set of problems with electricity. If it is beer restaurant, then, besides a standard set of the equipment, it is necessary to get special installations for storage and cooling of beer. The capital thermal equipment of beer restaurant is the powerful grill, a deep fryer, parokonvektomat.

of System of automation

the Most widespread problem of beer restaurants is, unfortunately, theft of personnel. So, statistically, more than 25% of profit of an institution are made by damage from unfair manipulations of the bartender. Therefore many count an opportunity to limit direct access for personnel to alcohol, using special installations (the Systems Aser, All - Bottle, Tar).

They are the special batchers calculated on superfast pouring of popular unicomponent drinks and cocktails. These batchers, as a rule, are calculated on several types of the drinks (from 6 to 32) poured in special capacities. Capacities can also be stored in the special closed room, or in the locked case in the bar. Besides, to exclude plunder not only among personnel, but also among visitors, it is possible to mount surveillance cameras in rooms.

It seems to you that it is excessive measures? But most likely, expenses on the equipment will justify possible damage from theft of production and ware.

For bigger convenience it is possible to establish special hardware - program complexes or the automated systems of effective control and the analysis business - processes. They allow to optimize competently work of beer restaurant, beginning from management of the menu and finishing with management of prime cost. Possibilities of the program assume managements of all processes: from purchases to the analysis of financial results.

So, systems allow to automate a set of workplaces: from the restaurant manager, the finance director, the purchasing manager to the waiter, the cashier, the manager of a delivery service. The accounting of work of restaurant realized in the program supports all operations connected with purchase, storage and sale of goods, purchase and processing of semi-finished products, preparation and realization of dishes and mutual settlements connected with these operations with buyers and suppliers.

of the Menu

absolutely definitely has to be suitable

of the Menu for beer restaurant “under beer“ and promote consumption of frothy beverage. It is known that in the different countries there are traditions of giving of snack to beer. For example, French consider as the best snack to beer cheese, Bavarians - ham, sausages, pork sausages, rolls, salty pretzels, a garden radish, marinated cucumbers, crayfish. By truly Russian tradition to beer salty or sun-dried fish is served. Germans prefer croutons and pork.

Besides, to beer it is possible to serve svezhesvarenny crayfish, crabs, shrimps, sausages, sausages, sandwiches. Among hot dishes salads, soups, the meat, fish and bird dishes prepared on a grill are most widespread. It can be the jelly, julienne, cocktail from seafood or meat allsorts. The main thing that the menu completely corresponded to the concept of beer restaurant and was pleasant to visitors.

As we see, at the organization of beer restaurant it is necessary to consider a set of various subtleties. Before starting development of the competent concept, it is necessary to conduct careful research regarding a general state of affairs in the concrete region, the analysis of a portrait of the consumer, the location of restaurant etc. At coordination of the plan of collaboration the project is approved and realized. And here the most interesting begins!