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How to look after tableware? A couple of simple ways

Tableware - the most popular objects used by us in life. We use them daily therefore and have to look after them also often. It would seem in what a problem? Turned on the dishwasher, put in a basket all tableware, and it`s done - everything purely and sparkles. However not everything is so simple. Skilled hostesses know what needs to be done that knives - forks - spoons shone as newcomers.

Before opening these secrets, we will tell about what do tableware of and what types are known to us.

Plastic tableware. Ideal option for idlers, inveterate bachelors, and also fans of marching romanticism. Tableware from plastic - disposable, it is not necessary to look after them, ate and threw out. But we appreciate in things not only a practicality, but also a certain esthetics therefore this option does not suit us.

Wooden tableware. Well are known to us according to fairy tales, old movies and pre-revolutionary photos of feasts of that time. Sank into oblivion from - for the unattractiveness, have a reputation for devices unhygienic therefore long ago went out of use. But! I can argue that each house has - a rare copy of a painted wooden spoon.

Aluminum tableware. Hi from school cafeteria. For certain all remember the spoons bent by irrepressible children`s hands and forks which were unsuitable for meal, but perfectly approached as the fighting shell loaded with mashed potatoes. But here houses to use such tableware somehow is not popular.

Tableware from stainless steel. Welcome, the most widespread tableware which is appreciated the low price, the acceptable quality and quite attractive design. The stainless steel protects devices from emergence of a rust and corrosion, they are quite strong and long keep the initial form.

Tableware from table silver. Are part of a family inheritance, are given on anniversaries, weddings, anniversaries, are used for laying only on big holidays, are sometimes made by request in exclusive option and in general are a subject of pride of owners. Table silver is capable to decorate with one presence a table and to emphasize a solemn situation.

As to look after tableware?

There are several simple rules:

1. After preparation of dishes or meal try to wash tableware at once - it will be much easier to get rid of pollution.

2. Read the instruction! We often neglect this rule, referring on “perhaps will carry by“, using not only the dishwasher, but also washing, both the microwave oven, and even the computer. And then we are sorry about it. Therefore I repeat - read the instruction! There, by the way, it is in detail painted how many detergent and a conditioner need to be added for effective washing of tableware.

3. Knives - forks - spoons arrange randomly in a basket handles down. Tableware should not be sorted by types. In - the first, it will take more time, and in - the second, will not bring the expected result.

4. After completion of work of the dishwasher whenever possible unload it at once.

5. If necessary use special means for metal clarification if noticed a raid or a rust on surfaces of tableware.

6. That tableware shone, it is necessary to wipe them (though sometimes) with soft napkins.

Thanks to these simple rules your tableware will keep the original form and will serve to you very long! And those to whom laziness to use a knife and a fork, can safely get the Chinese sticks - they do not demand leaving, and there is them, for example, a borsch loved by all, very cheerfully.