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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on April 23 - 24? “Waters to elephants!“, etc.

In anticipation of shock Wick - an enda when on screens of the Russian movie theaters two large-scale blockbusters appear at once, “the Forcing 5“ and the marvelovsky comic book of “Torahs“, this week represent calm before a storm. Only six film novelties, including two thrillers, three comedies and one star drama. Among debutants one domestic picture, one project assuming a napyalivaniye 3D - points and the new movie of the famous Georgian director Otar Ioseliani. And now is more detailed:

1. “Waters to elephants!“ (Water for Elephants, 2011)

the Big event for admirers (or it is rather fans) the Hollywood actor Robert Pattinson who waiting for the fourth part of “the twilight saga“ already rendered habitable all lips from impatience. And though the new movie does not look like a teenage romantic drag, it about love and sufferings at all, and Pattinson is a good judge of these things.

“Waters to elephants!“ - the representative of so-called period drama, that is the drama telling about events of bygone years. In this case, it is about times of the Great depression (the thirtieth years of the last century). After tragic death of parents, the main character throws a shkolyarstvo and goes to work as the veterinarian in circus. Waters to elephants, inoculations to monkeys, droppers to parrots - the working day of the young man is painted on minutes. And everything is good if not sudden feeling to a magnificent star of circus to the equestrian Marlene (Witherspoon). The relations are complicated by the fact that Marlene is not free, and her husband is a despotic and jealous trainer (Valts) ready to feed the gone too far youth to the pets.

The tape is the screen version of the best-seller of Sara Gruen published in 2006. Statement Australian Francis Lawrence, earlier at all not working in this genre managed. But Lawrence closely cooperated with musical stars like Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears, and also is the author of two fantastic fighters - “Konstantin“ and “I am the Legend“.

2. “Celibate week“ (Hall Pass, 2011)

the Famous phrase - “Good business marriage will not be called“. The main character of the movie only also dreams of escaping from close bonds of the strong and happy union. There are so much elastic hips and busts around. And there is a wish to take a step to the left. However to destroy marriage for the sake of a banal perepikhon - too risky maneuver. Here also the poor fellow should dream in reality and to regret quietly for the lost opportunities.

The wife, seeing sufferings blessed, grants it long-awaited leave. Week without obligations, without jealousy, without offenses! The inspired married man rushes to a whirlpool with the head, but, alas, one business to consider chicks from far away, and absolutely another - to find to itself the partner for the night. The reality bites. And worst of all, that the wife prefers not to sit in place too, and to use unexpected freedom …

the Next opus from Farrelli`s brothers whose situation comedies about relationship of floors have regular and enviable success, despite all intrigues of spitpoisons. And though the amusing comedy “Stupid and Still Growing Dull“ (which many obviously underestimate) remains a wreath of creativity of brothers still, they continue, with persistence worthy the best application, to concentrate on one thing, forcing the audience to laugh at things from which there is a wish to hide in real life, like an ostrich, the head in sand.

3. “Shelter“ (Shelter, 2010)

the Picture of Swedes Mance Marlind and Byyorn Steyn long enough lay on the shelf. Since 2009, the tape shows very modest indicators of world collecting in the European hire, and date of release of “Shelter“ in America is still not clear. There is no wonder, because similar horror stories “for adults“, not connected by bonds of cash franchizes moreover and with R rating, always had limited success in the viewer. And how, ask, well-known “Saw“ and its uncountable continuations? The matter is that “Saw“ is not turbid intelligence digression to violence, and “Shelter“ - the thriller on a joint of psychology and religion.

In the movie got leading roles Julianne Moore who more than once had to communicate with loonies and maniacs (“Hannibal“, “Psycho“) and to Johnathan Reese who unexpectedly reincarnated in an image of very bad guy - to Meyers (“From Paris with love“). In general, from - for fine actor`s game this movie only also should be watched though we will not forget that before us not the fairy tale for the night, and the gloomy, heavy thriller with a mass of naturalistic details.

4. “The wedding on an exchange“ (2011)

the New picture of Dmitry Grachev (“The bride at any cost“) is a wedding for two million dollars. What is so modest, ask? Well, in - the first, all this is Grachev, but not Mikhalkov or Bondarchuk (who, by the way, too is present at a shot, where without him). In - the second, on the screen - entirely young faces - Ekaterina Vilkova and Maxim Matveev (“Dandies“), Ararat Keshchyan and Maria Kozhevnikova (a star of series of channel TNT “University“). In other words, if not Bondarchuk and Malakhov (chur me) … Though to dream not harmfully.

The next rublevsky comedy tells about how the spoiled girl, in peak to the careless boyfriend, hasty marries office plankton. Then, by itself, she terribly regrets for deeds and lost, but gradually falls in love with the newly made husband and oplya! Glamourous hepp - and in the best traditions of a modern Russian komediografiya.

Only for fans of “Sex and the City“. To us my cynical look, too lusciously and again in relation to the huge mass of similar pictures of the Hollywood production. It is only possible to be glad that we already learned to transfer wedding comedies to our realities practically without halts. Only to distinguish these hand-made articles from each other there is no opportunity.

5. “(Hidden 3D) which hid 3D“

What usually are engaged in

teenagers at the weekend? Correctly, go to have a rest to the thrown psychiatric hospitals. So to speak, to vanish from a mad rhythm of the megalopolis and to receive the dose of adrenaline far from the world of consumerism and a persuasive glamour. What usually such trips come to an end with? To the grandma do not go, the little because jokes with the other world at cinema, as a rule, are wrapped not in a cheerful sit-round gathering at a fire, and terrible nightmares and a gray hair will manage to survive. Now also in 3D.

Kanadsko - Italian zhutik “Hidden“ - the enormous stamp connected with certain brutal experiences over poor inhabitants of rehabilitation clinic. There is an impression that treat in similar institutions only in “ series of Doctor House“. All others by all means torture the patients, and those, in turn, save angrily and once vent it on innocent tourists. 3D in this opus it is just necessary to show the flying insects who on a plot play a key role. What? If you force yourselves to spend for “it“ money, you learn.

The new tape of Georgian Otar Ioseliani removed in friendly scenery of brotherly Ukraine and foreign France will leave plus to the above-stated film novelties in limited hire. The comedy “Riff-raff“ tells about drudgeries of the oppositional artist whose talent one is inconvenient, and is not necessary to others.

So, this week is of interest only to fans with all the heart to laugh or to cry violently. Or to pee the pants for fear. Emotions everyones are necessary and important therefore plan a visit of cinema carefully that expectations were not replaced by disappointment.