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Egypt: how to solve tourist problems on racks a reception?

Whatever one may do, and come the tourist to the country alien to it and goes to others house (hotel) where only for a short time he rented one of rooms (number).

The first who meets the tourist in the alien house is an employee on a reception. In Russia there is a proverb: “When in Rome do as Romans do“. But in a case with placement in hotel sometimes it is possible and it is necessary to go with the charter to approach! But only at emergence of a certain conflict situation.

For example if at you one hotel is stated in the contract with travel agency, and you are pushed absolutely into another. If palm off on you number at hookah, and you do not suffer a tobacco smoke, plus with you kids - too be enough “charter“ and advocate the interests!

At the first contacts for employees on a reception you - for the present one “gemmory“ on whitish legs which something will ask and demand from them. But do not forget that about a reception you anyway should communicate quite often during holiday, therefore, if you more - are less happy with number, placement, work of household appliances, purity, a view from the window, then you should not go to swear at personnel of hotel and to demand paradise conditions. And here if your interests “are obviously infringed“, then forward - in fight! Yes, you thereby initially worsen the relations about a reception, but that it is necessary to have a rest - in this country to you.

Demand the chief manager of hotel, you call in travel agency which sent you to a trip, you threaten that write the application in the Ministry of tourism of Egypt. If the hotel is not very loaded, then will meet requirements of you. If to swear laziness (we to have a rest arrived, and it is necessary “to be yelped“ even eleven months in Russia) if you quite logically do not want to spoil the relations about a reception as representatives of the host (hotel) if you are not so basic and rest to you is more important than clauses of the contract, then reception of transfer to the employee a reception of a twenty-dollar banknote well works. Consider, only 600 rubles. This reception works with almost always smoothly - you can expect in reply a radiant smile and number not from the worst. We will talk about this shaky moment in more detail below.

Scrupulous subjects will notice: so this bribery! And that! But, as you remember, to others monastery... If in Egypt in services industry in the course “baksheesh“, then it their rules. Their monastery, so to speak. And to follow them or not, everyone solves.

Simplest to those tourists who go not to study purity of sheets under a magnifying glass and to measure by a roulette width of toilet paper in number, and to bathe, sunbathe, dance, go in historical places and natural reserves, to climb mountains. More simply than subjects who goes that just after a glass of whisky to chase all crowd on hotel the butterfly who flew in a lobby. At the same time to laugh loudly and put footboards to running nearby.

Once again I will remind that it is necessary to interact about a reception throughout all a vremema of your stay in Egypt. Therefore all - is important to have normal relations with those children - little girls that sit at a rack with the sign “Reception and Accommodation of Guests“. What methods of the treatment of these employees?


your problems, it seems, are solved by

Through scandal, but potompersonat “holds on you tooth“ and in every possible way holiday poisons. The author to admit, chose first strategy of scandal at communication about a reception. At the same time to me with a scratch, but selected number better. And then any small dirty tricks, the ice relation, ignoring of requests, an odergivaniye and other began.

On the way of scandal also the woman of years under fifty went. It was given number better too, but that is remarkable, it was necessary to be fidgety very much when neither in two days, nor in a day, nor even since morning in day of flying away to Moscow the announcement was not hung out, nobody called it and reported, the transfer bus will come for it or not. Literally in five hours prior to a departure the reception deigned - to hang out the message on a bus arrival time to the airport. It is good that “air gate“ Charm - Ale - the Sheikh are near a tourist zone and it is possible to reach there by a taxi without problems. Yes, the troublemaker was brought eventually to the airport, but the offense deposit in soul of the Russian remained.

Baksheesh. Gift - a bribe

As it is sad, but “baksheesh“ works best of all. Here it is only not necessary to perceive it as a bribe, if it so, then, having concentrated and having thought, our brain will think that you are a bribe taker! And not on the native Russian land, where “wheels do not run without oil“, and on the earth of Pharaohs where it is possible “to smear“ so that you will go to the Egyptian prison on that “oil“.

Perceive a baksheesh, say, as a gift for a reception. It does not mean that it is necessary to jump as the cowboy over a mare, through a rack of the receptionist and to put to him 20 dollars in a pocket. Gifts are made delicately. You put a banknote in the passport at placement, you do “a face by a brick“ (it simply because after libations on the plane it already red), and you study finishing materials on a ceiling.

You by all means to will be given good number . Our tourists in our hotel so also did all.

The author of article stepped into other way. Though it had everything available: both the physiognomy red after the journey, and the passport, and a twenty-dollar banknote, and even finishing materials of a ceiling seemed to it interesting. But it chose other way as I already mentioned above, - a way of scandal.

In the second part of article we will consider more human and more cool models of creation of relationship about a reception.