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Are in love?

There is a wish to sing, create, run, go, to give, laugh, cry. You cannot calm down, there is a wish to think constantly of it, to look, see, speak, dream. To catch an eye, to hope that will look back. How to start talking how to tell about the feelings, without having been sure, of reciprocity. At least to try to render the attention signs, slightly noticeable, but such important, for an opportunity to analyse response what it would not be, to be mistaken, hope, again to try, to look for,

to think. Not to sleep, not to eat, suffer, admire, stay in a condition of euphoria with the feelings overflowing you. What else?

Ah if, right now, it is very strong to me to fall in love with someone, then, probably, could transfer better all thoughts and experiences which gushed as a huge wave and absorbed me completely. But wishing to become not always real. To try to share reminiscence? Why, at everyone the stories and, it is perhaps far more interesting than mine. Though mine for me the best, there was also not one such history. But each of them - special, unique. Need for love all have

, certainly, but, unfortunately, some can never have this the strongest of all feelings, many fall in love only once with lives, and very many think that they love, and actually, test only a superficial phase, sympathizing with the elect even if it is very strong. Why so?

People creative, capable to worry not only own feelings, but also to be souchastny to experiences of others, undoubtedly, fall in love more often, and is often boundless. It inspires them to writing of music, verses, novels, pictures and sculptures. They reflect the world of the addictions in the works, try to explain as themselves, and to the whole world what happens to them, thereby constantly adjoin in the thoughts and creations to the adored image. The reciprocity since sufferings from - for its absence do their works by even more emotional is not even so important for the creative person, but if the reciprocity everything is is present, then unsurpassed masterpieces can be born.

Actually, learn most of people about love as from own experience which can be hardly transferred to somebody, and from works of art, whether it be music, novels or movies. It is unlikely the philosophical concept, psychological aspects or the medical formulation of the made diagnosis of love interests many. How many there is a homo sapiens on Earth, so much he asks a question what is love. So all this is it?

love Hormones which are produced by an organism during puberty? The absurdity is full. I as, for certain very many, the first time fell in love at very early age. In one of next - in quite mature. To tell that my feelings too differed, taking into account age changes I cannot unless ways and a form of expression changed, owing to awareness of the importance of a similar event. Indelibility, impossibility to forget these, more than pleasant moments in life, promotes enrichment and spirituality forever.

Coming back to favourite images again and again, you endure all that once was to such relatives, heart from a breast forced to escape. Always I rejoice if I see couples, sincerely in love each other. It is a miracle and it always somewhere nearby. There is only this feeling absolutely unexpectedly and if carries in reciprocity, then you begin to understand that no words will be enough, no signs of attention can be enough because there is a wish to give and tell everything and forever at once, even that what you do not have yet. You understand each other not that from a half-word or gesture, imperceptible for people around, just you become a whole, one organism for which highest sense is only the love. All the rest grows dim on this background, to become absolutely insignificant. The most important - to save, keep, reach a maximum in pleasure from an ispytyvaniye of passionate love. And if suddenly, or later some time, these feelings grow cold unjustly or on someone`s fault, then to enjoy memoirs and to anew endure lost.

But many become unfortunate, just from - for the same love. When it seems that here it desired, the best in the world and in all Universe, but over time this feeling disappears also unexpectedly, as well as appears, leaving often as a result the posterity deprived of mutual care and love of that of people dear each other for the sake of which there were these small defenseless beings who were so counting and hoping that love of their parents to them and to each other - forever or on very long. Whether it is possible to preserve feeling of love or it will already be only a tribute, attachment or a habit?

The love is not an animal instinct, all of us - are not so primitive to follow the unconscious requirements. To art to love it is necessary to learn, and to learn since the childhood, on examples of parents, on the best examples of the world classics, to attach to spiritual. To teach mutual understanding, the correct relation, kindness and mutual aid that the most strong feelings could not break against household problems or lack of due education. Be attentive to each other, you appreciate and respect, close eyes to shortcomings or try to fight with them together, but not to the detriment of your relations and feelings.

But to love does not mean yet to be darling. What it is possible to make to draw attention to itself? What can be made that the attention to you paid developed into sympathy, and ideally - love?

All girls dream of the princes, rich, high and beautiful, elegant and tidy, gallant and affable, clever and careful, charming and sincere, devoted and honest, capable of heroic acts for the sake of them and disinterested, courageous and resistant to difficulties as everyday, and in any situations, significant and talented, courageous and capable to protect themselves and the darling, and in the future to have the real father for the children and that is much important - healthy. But in life there is everything not as is dreamed. And if something is contrary to dreams, then then for itself the disappointment happens unexpectedly. But ideal men, as well as women, it is almost impossible to find. Only at first, so far love to be at peak of emotional lift, apparently, that it and is that ideal, and then, after a while and better having known each other, everyone faces reality.

Well if reality not too to disperse from the idealized image and if on the contrary? Can therefore, stains in the first years of joint life when young people face the daily problems which are not fitting into those light images drawn by everyone in the imagination in any way are so frequent? Not everyone can renounce the principles or a way of life, habitual for it, for the sake of another.

As the relations in love with the courting period as they are lovely are remarkable. And then all as at all - is banal, ordinary, it is simple and interest is satisfied also unknown is studied to trifles. The woman has to remain a riddle, it is impossible to reveal herself completely before the man, it is art. Does not prevent to realize the originality and further to follow this principle. Not to fall to the housewife`s level (kitchen, washing, cleaning etc.) and to remain that with which it is so easy to fall in love. Everything has to be beautiful, both the person, and acts, and usual household efforts, it needs to learn and study from the youth too. It concerns men at all not less. And a kovyryaniye in a nose or a claim and forgetfulness about existence near you the dearest person, to please to own hobbies or habits, can destroy the best intentions for the sake of which hearts communicate.

In this article only the most insignificant trifle that it is possible to tell about love and love is described. We use the verb “love“ very often, it is good, but, unfortunately, speaking to a thicket about pizza, sausages, cars, horses, cats and so forth. In English, for example, there is more clear split between the use of the verbs “love“ and “be pleasant“. It can be right they, and maybe we who will sort it.

For example, still so speak: “I am in love with the profession, the business“ - i.e. it turns out not absolutely clear, so everything - there are not enough words to express feelings, everyone does it or is banal simply, or it is elegantly difficult. But let words remain words, and feelings - feelings. Main thing. that they were, without them to live so boringly, and at times. it seems, as it is senseless. To judge to you.