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Color television of

Adamyan Hovhaness Abgarovich (on February 17, 1879, Baku - on September 12, 1932, Leningrad) - the inventor of color television and radio facsimile, the author more than twenty large discoveries …


He was extraordinary gifted person and besides had amazingly motley range of interests. These two circumstances as a result also defined discrepancy and unpredictability of its character what, by the way, at the very beginning of the XX century the famous French physicist Jacques - Arsene D`Arsonval paid attention to: “You, the sir, an idler what it is not enough. To have so outstanding talents and with such carelessness to squander them - simply a crime“. The scientist, of course, was right: the diplomaed chemist Tsyurikhskogo and Munich universities, and nowadays the student of the Berlin university and Sorbonne, he really loved, very much loved a variety. “The world does not share only on black and white, is much and other flowers“, - the young Armenian scientist or as it was called still, “the eternal student“ Hovhaness Adamyan often used to say. With Jose Capablanca and Duz - Hotimirsky he played chess, with eminent musicians executed Bach, Beethoven, Strauss, Mozart`s works, organized exhibitions on Montmartre. Especially loved and appreciated meetings with compatriots: the well-known Berlin cafe Cafee des Westens on Kyurfustendam became the place of its meetings with Komitas, Avetik Isaakyan, Caro Melik - Ogan - dzhanyany, the khan Maseyan. Once on a marble little table of cafe it outlined an indelible pencil so graceful drawing that the owner of an institution to keep a masterpiece, covered a little table with glass.

The classic of the Armenian literature Alexander Shirvanzade somehow met young Hovhaness Adamyan in Paris: “From the very beginning of acquaintance it caused interest, perhaps, exclusive advantages. In perfection acquired the European manners and several languages. Really for all the life I seldom met among Armenians of so educated person what was this “the eternal student“. All twelve months in a year he wandered from one city in another, from one country in another, visited the museums, libraries, theaters. It had outstanding scientific knowledge, however the title of “the eternal student“ preferred to professor`s rank. He also did not take offense when it was so called“.

Hovhaness Adamyan invites the venerable writer to the “most interesting lecture“ devoted to the new invention of Marconi - to wireless phone which created the real furor in the international scientific environment. The poor creature does not know yet that lecture will be given not by who other as D`Arsonval.

- Mister Adamyan your compatriot? - the famous physicist is interested in

after performance.

- Yes, we from one country, Shirvanzade answers.

- Then, I will ask you to reproach it properly.

- For what?

- For laziness, the sir, for laziness and carelessness. Your fellow countryman is gifted by nature and if he persistently works, then one fine day he, just as Marconi, will give me a new subject for lectures.

Jacques - Arsene D`Arsonval appeared the rights also this time: shortly Hovhaness Adamyan will invent the fax. However, the Armenian student never will advertize the numerous opening. Other business that these inventions - a guarantee of comfortable residence in Europe: by 1911 32 - the summer son of the Baku petroleum producer Abgar Adamyantsa-author of seven inventions patented by international firms and the enterprises. Among them there is the first invention on decomposition of the transferred drawing, options of transfer is black - white images and the first-ever project of the two-color TV submitted on July 12, 1907. By the way, for the last the acute competition between Paris, London, Berlin and St. Petersburg will be played; as a result in 1908 four patents will be issued at once.

Since 1913 Hovhaness Adamyan in Russia. “For the first time I felt happiness of creation here, - he in 1920 admits to sisters. - Though conditions of my life in Petrograd not the best - I work in not melted room, and I should drag water most from far away, but I am happy, and ideas occupy me more today, than ever“. By this time Hovhaness Adamyan already world-wide recognized scientist, the author of tens of inventions, including such as “Device for an automatic pokazyvaniye of advertizing“ and “The device for transfer of photographic images on distance“. But there is among other one idea which never leaves it: twenty years ago he also discussed it with frequenters of the well-known Berlin cafe Cafee des Westens on Kyurfustendam - idea of the Armenian prosperity.

“And though the world really does not share only on black and white, but the destiny of my people long time, alas, was two-color, - Hovhaness Adamyan at the beginning of 1920 states. - The periods of accidents and celebrations alternated, however we lacked other color scales - a measured rhythm of history. And where I lived, but in Yerevan is obliged to start the first color project“. In 1925 all world agencies extended sensational news: “In the capital of the Soviet Armenia the first-ever working model of the three-colored Erates TV - in translation from Armenian “far-sighted“ is started“.

The death from a cancer of kidneys overtook on September 12, 1932 Hovhaness Adamyan at the zenith of fame. In two years prior to death it for the first time in the world carried out transfer of the radio phototelegram from Moscow to Leningrad. In a year - invented the device for confidential transfer, in four months - the device for reproduction of the images which are written down on a film. Incomplete were outstanding projects: in particular, the scheme of transfer of the image of a lunar landscape to Earth. Hovhaness Adamyan really moved forward space steps.

Later exactly a quarter of the century after withdrawal of “the eternal student“ from life the famous British scientists M. Kayver and S. Dzhigit admit: “In spite of the fact that the first ideas and patents on creation of system of color television belong to the Russian engineer I. A. Adamian who in 1908 offered the first system of color television, works in this area are begun rather recently“. However, at the end of life the household TV already interested Adamyan less; his intelligence was knocked on gate of Space and even nearly slightly opened them. Its “a space baton“ which it also transferred in one of rainy August days 1924 to future creator of star associations who reached to it home, absolutely still to young Victor Ambartsumyan became result of these efforts also: “Be not lazy, the sonny, the nature generously endowed you with talent...“

“Gone with the Wind“ with Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable, Alfred Hitchcock`s “Rope“, to “Becky Sherk“ of Ruben Mamulyan - opportunities to watch all these first color films the world is obliged to Hovhaness Adamyan. He developed the device allowing to transfer the color image to distance. The principle offered them was finished and developed in the French CEKAM system subsequently.


From the book “100 most great Armenians of the 20th century“.

2007, Moscow.