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What myths surround the gun Glock (Glok)? The most improbable! The interesting name the gun received

very simply, “Glock“ - a company name - the producer, 17 - number of cartridges in shop.

The gun was the first weapons which were produced by Glock firm, and it won a competition for the army gun announced in 1980 by the Austrian military department, having bypassed such eminent competitors as

- Italian “Beretta“;

- Belgian “Fabrique Nationale“;

- German “Heckler & Koch“;

- Swiss “Sig - Sauer“.

Evil tongues then said that all this is only result of bribery of the Austrian military officials as the firm delivered in the Austrian army engineer shovels, infantry knives and some spare parts for repair of manual machine guns for a long time. It was the very first myth which with a crash burst , - more than 30 countries officially buy the guns Glock for the army, police and special divisions.

So, Glock. The first-ever gun made almost completely of plastic. From metal details only a trunk, a returnable spring, the top casing and numerous inserts in plastic for its strengthening. All the rest - high-strength plastic. Frame, handle, mechanism details. Several myths are connected with this purely technical fact.

1. Plastic can burst when falling the gun even from small height. Allow

, misters and as reception tests of the Austrian military department who rejected such “all-metal guns“ as, for example, Beretta 92. Unless they would pass the gun which can be split elementary, having thrown on a firm surface. And in nearly three decades about it it is not heard at all, otherwise competitors did not fail to use this shortcoming and would trumpet about it everywhere where it is possible.

2. Plastic can melt on the sun and burst on a hard frost.

the Declared temperature range in which the producer recommends to use the gun Glock... from - 40 to +200 degrees Celsius. Really, if you go highly to the mountains or go to polar areas, it is better to take other weapon.

3. the “Plastic“ gun is not defined by metaldetectors.

The fact that it is a complete nonsense was shown by the head of firm Gaston Glok (Gaston Glock). In the presence of journalists it repeatedly passed with the gun through the metaldetector, and every time the device surely gave a signal, in the gun of nearly 400 grams of pure iron.

Other myths are connected with allegedly phenomenal survivability of this weapon. Speak, to it either water, or sand, or liquid dirt and at all at all, it can shoot even under water. Speak, the trunk is calculated on 350 thousand shots though also the trunk maintaining 40 thousand is considered very “hardy“. Fantasy! In practice - all this an honest truth.

1. the Gun Glock 17 is brought in the Guinness Book of Records as the gun which passed the most severe tests and did not lose the fighting qualities.

of 2. due to broad use of plastic
and special, very strong covering of metal details (fortress of 69 units of Rockwell; at technical diamond - 71 units) the gun is almost not subject to corrosion , is not afraid of abrasive effect of sand and other pollution.

3. Glock can really shoot under water!

For underwater firing it is enough to i to replace a returnable spring with more powerful as density of water is nearly 800 times higher than air density. And at the majority of guns in attempt to shoot under water will simply break off a trunk.

4. “Survivability“ of a trunk in to believe in 300 thousand of a shot really difficult. If to consider that the standard police trunk “shoots“ in a year of at most 200 times, it should wait for a gun wear-out … at least 150 years. And to check, spending for check “blood“, considering the high cost of the boss of 9õ19 mm “Automatic pistol“, - occupation too expensive.

However such person was! I quote Wikipedia: “Theoretical wear resistance of Glock 17 makes 300-350 thousand shots, however the record on number of the shots made from this gun belongs to American Chuck Taylor who, having decided to check truthfulness of the technical specification, made about 100 thousand shots within 3 years. At the same time the gun kept an accuracy of hits and fighting capacity.

Shops which each 5-10 thousand shots were necessary to change were the only weak place. Before any serial gun did not show similar fighting survivability“.

The third part of myths is connected with the phenomenal accuracy of firing. And here have more than truth, than fiction. The plastic frame partially absorbs blow even from such powerful boss as 9õ19 mm the “Automatic pistol“ which is low put and rather long trunk, the convenient handle promote increase of accuracy of firing too. Besides, on some models the special dulny compensator reducing “tossing up“ a gun trunk at the time of a bullet departure becomes.

The fourth myth is connected with absence at the guns Glock of an external safety lock. does not have it at all. They say that it reduces safety of use of this weapon. The gun is automatically put on a safety lock after each shot and is removed from a safety lock only after full pressing of a trigger. Partially truthfulness of this myth is confirmed by statistics of the shot legs at the departments serving those where use the gun Glock. Theoretically - the shot can occur if to thrust the gun into a holster, without having removed a finger from a trigger.

Fifth myth. Meeting modern weapon fashion, the guns Glock are issued the most different flowers. Except black and camouflage coloring, modern Glock is in blue, red and even pink execution. They say that all the guns Glock of non-standard flowers lose on fighting qualities to the weapon of a standard color (black or camouflage). And so, all this complete nonsense. Any gun Glock passes standard acceptance at plant, and guns of one model of any color are absolutely identical according to the characteristics.

Sixth myth. They say that all details of the guns Glock assembled at subsidiaries worldwide of become only at one factory, in Austria . And already in America, Asia and other Africa only assembly, acceptance by representatives of Glock GmbH firm and adjustment fire is carried out. Hundreds of thousands, nearly one million guns a year - and all at one enterprise? It so, the firm jealously protects the secrets which in 30 years industrial spies did not manage to learn.

Well and last myth. Not in general, and in this article. For some reason it is considered that the guns Glock cost a fantastic sum. However the stubborn statistics tells the return, the guns Glock cost about 25% cheaper than the direct competitors due to high technological effectiveness of production and widespread introduction of plastic details.

You can draw a conclusion from all aforesaid. Even the most improbable tales can be an honest truth, and “very truthful“ (at first sight) information after check appears pure fiction.