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How to make very cheap house?

If you the ordinary person who does not have big collateral earnings and not doing nothing in the administrative nomenclature whether then you for the family will be able to build quite tolerable and original giving, and can be also a residential building? You will say no - and will not be right. Such house can be built. It is necessary to work and find a few the minimum sums on some building materials, though there it is possible to save fine.

So, we will begin with history. When our ancestors left caves and began to train wild horses, they wanted to have easy mobile lodges that upon termination of a season to move to new pastures. But I not building yurtas - though idea am close. Let`s look further - the people of Eastern Siberia depending on an image of their life had various constructions which are quite adapted for cold weather. For nomad tribes it is plagues, yarang, yurtas; for settled - dugouts, fellings, golomo.

The traditional housing deepened to the earth to one and a half meters is distinguished from forty types of constructions of Khanty and Mansi, it is the frame construction made of inclined beams. Walls put logs, poles or boards, from above the earth. The area of the house is from 10 to 50 sq.m, doors 1,3 m high, windows about 30 cm. Inserted ice floes into windows in the winter, and pulled a deer gut in the summer. Lived in such semi-dugouts of the Khanty till 1950 - x years.

The people of North America so - built similar dwellings - wigwams. Around or to an oval flexible trunks of trees are stuck to the earth, then they are bent or brought in a cone, depending on dwelling type. This frame design is covered with birch bark bark, or mats and branches. And as well as the people of North America, and peoples of the North and the East came to almost identical type of the dwelling absolutely independently from each other.

And now we will begin to do the house on the basis of a hantovsky vigvamostroyeniye which is only a few modernized under our difficult civil conditions.

First of all we plan soil. It is desirable to build the house on a slope of the small hill, then it is possible to organize well waste system and to save material. Then we find old, it is desirable the dried but not rotten trees and branches, and gradually we connect from them by a wire frame system, as on a photo. Floors keep within bales from the pressed straw. In general the pressed straw, is excellent and main material of construction of such house.

The following layer of a roof is covered with a strong polyethylene film and takes cover an earth layer. Walls so - are made by method of pressing of straw with fixing of bales of a pressoloma landmarks, and the subsequent plastering of the pressed surface. Windows and doors can be made any, but for receiving an original interior everything is better to do in style “ there lives a wood goblin“. Water from a roof gathers in a special reservoir for watering of plants. On a roof it is possible to install solar panels. The house turns out here such look as on a photo. Quite decent and original structure.

Costs of such house are at least 20 times less than the usual house. And on environmental friendliness, this the best of decisions. So create, invent, try!