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Tukhmanov David Fyodorovich of

David Fyodorovich Tukhmanov (on July 20, 1940, Moscow) is the outstanding Russian composer, the people`s artist of Russia.

David Tukhmanov Fyodor Davydovich`s Father from a noble Armenian noble family Tumanyanov, offsprings princes Mamikonyanov - Dsekhsky. Mother is Karasyova Vera Anatolyevna.

The composer, the People`s artist of Russia David Fedorovich Tukhmanov was born on July 20, 1940 in Moscow. Began to practise music in the early childhood under the leadership of mother of the musician and the children`s composer. David Tukhmanov created the first independent piece of music at the 4th summer age. When he was admitted to Music school a ten-year school of pianos, Gnesiny in a class, Elena Efrussi was his first teacher. Since 7 go a class of school it was regularly engaged on composition and the theory of music at the musician Lev Naumov.

the First experiences of the young composer were plays for a piano, vocal works - romances, ballads.

In 1958 Tukhmanov graduated from music school - a ten-year school and arrived on composer office of musically teacher training college of Gnesiny where studied in a class of the teacher, the composer Fabia Vitacheka. The oratorio for chorus, an orchestra and soloists “Behind a distance a distance“ by fragments of the poem of Alexander Tvardovsky, and also a cycle of ballads and romances on Heinrich Heine`s verses in translation of the Russian poets was the thesis of David Tukhmanov. Alexander Gradsky was the first performer of these romances. After the termination of institute in 1963 David was called up for military service, served in Ensemble of a song and dancing of MVO where directed an orchestra.

In 1960 - e years Tukhmanov began to work in a song genre. In 1963 he composed the first smash hit “The last electric train“, then there were songs “I Love You, Russia“, “As This World Is Beautiful“, “Gutsulochka“ which became popular, etc. Its songs sounded on radio, the first albums with music of the composer were sold out in the Soviet Union in million circulations.

B 1970 - e years David Tukhmanov created a number of the songs which became in public popular: “Eternal spring“, “Our darlings“, “East song“, “Ladies` choice dance“, “Earth Attraction“, “A nightingale grove“, “My homeland“, “These eyes opposite“, “My address Soviet Union“, “The beloved party“ and great number of others. Tukhmanov`s songs sounded as performed by the most famous singers, and beginning the career of young performers. Among these performers there is Valery Obodzinsky, Nina Brodskaya, Lev Leshchenko, Valery Leontyev, Alexander Barykin.

In 1973 the first author`s album of the composer “Was let out as this world is beautiful“, in two years there was a second album “On a Wave of My Memory“ written on verses of classical poets Shelley, Safo, Verlaine, Baudelaire and in 1977 - an album “N. L. O.“ for which record David Fyodorovich brought together Moscow group where Nikolay Noskov was a soloist.

B 1975, to the 30th anniversary of the Victory, in the Union of composers the competition on the best song about the Great Patriotic War was announced and the poet Vladimir Kharitonov suggested David Tukhmanov to create such song. So there was a song “Victory Day“, but it did not take any place in a competition, moreover, very sharp critical statements were heard. As a result the song was forbidden, it was not passed in air - neither on radio, nor on television.

Only in November, 1975 in the concert devoted to the Day of Militia, Lev Leshchenko executed “Victory Day“ in direct television air then all country began to sing it and it became the integral attribute of all celebrations connected with the Great Patriotic War.

B 1980 - e years David Tukhmanov continued to write music, working with the famous performers - Iosif Kobzon, Sofia Rotaru, Valery Leontyev, Lyudmila Senchina, Yaak Yoala, Sergey Zakharov, and also with popular ensembles “Cheerful Children“, “Semi-precious stones“. During this period its well-known songs appear: “Let`s give the globe to children“, “Olympic Games 80“, “A stork on a roof“, “Pure ponds“, “Vain words“, “Horses in apples“. At the end of 1980 x the composer directed popular group “Elektroklub“ which part Irina Allegrova, Igor Talkov, Victor Saltykov were.

In 1989 in the commonwealth with the famous children`s poet Yury Entin Tukhmanov wrote the musical “Baghdad Thief“ which premiere took place in 1990 in the Moscow theater “Satirikon“ and at the same time in Sverdlovsk Theatre of the musical comedy. Since 1995, after the break connected with stay in Germany, David Tukhmanov actively worked on children`s musical projects, creating repertoire for children`s ensembles, choruses and theatrical shows. Together with Yury Entin they wrote the song cycles “Gold Hill“, “About Many Six-legged“, “Baddies Beeches“, “Horror Film Park“, “Egg Flip Disco“, “Hopscotch“; Tukhmanov wrote to this period also the anthem of a children`s festival of animated films “Goldfish“.

Twice, in 1998 and 2000, Tukhmanov was invited to become the musical director and to write music for the World Olympic Youthful Games in Moscow.

David Tukhmanov created musical registration of celebration of the Independence Day of Russia at Red Square in Moscow in 2003 and 2004.

David Tukhmanov`s Creativity is beyond far some one musical genre, he is an author of both piano plays, and patriotic songs, and variety smash hits. In the field of chamber music the composer created cycles of ballads and romances: “Square windows“ on Innokenti Annensky`s verses, “Sebastian`s Dream“ on verses of the Austrian poet George Trakl, the poem for a violin and an orchestra “Sacred Night“, musically poetic program “Tango of Dreams of Boris Poplavsky“.

in the Fall of 2001 took place a premiere of the performance “Madeleine, Quietly!“ to which the composer wrote music especially for Lyudmila Gurchenko. In 2002 by Day of Slavic writing and culture in Novosibirsk David Tukhmanov wrote the oratorio “Legend of Yermak“ for big chorus, soloists and an orchestra. In June, 2003 took place in the Moscow Theatre of Satire the prime minister of the comedy “Too Married Taxi Driver“ to whom music was also written by David Tukhmanov.

B on a scene of the State Kremlin Palace passed 2004 author`s concerts of David Tukhmanov “A love attraction“.

In July, 2009 on a scene of Alexandrinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg the premiere of the opera of David Tukhmanov “Queen“ who tells about Catherine the Great`s destiny took place. The Moscow premiere took place in November of the same year in the Kremlin palace.

“ Queen“ is the first experience of the composer in such genre. Statement of the opera was carried out by the people`s artist of Russia, the head of the Moscow musical theater “Helicon Opera“ Dmitry Bertman.

David Tukhmanov since 1970 is a member of the Union of composers.

For the activity the composer is noted by many state and professional awards. In 1972 it was conferred the Award of the Moscow Komsomol for songs “Day Without Shot“, “We Big Family“, “Earth Is Black“.

For the song “Victory Day“ and the cycle “Military Songs“ David Tukhmanov in 1977 was handed the Award of Lenin Komsomol. In 1980 he was awarded with the Order of Friendship of the People, and in 1983 to the composer the rank of the Honored worker of arts of RSFSR was given. In 2000 to the composer the rank of the people`s artist of Russia was given.

David Tukhmanov is the gentleman of the medal fund “ Public recognition“. In June, 2003 to it the State award of the Russian Federation in the field of variety art for author`s concerts in GTsKZ “Russia“ of 2000 2001 was awarded.


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