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From the earliest appearance of the person on the planet Earth, accompanies it a peculiar invisible service which predicts the future of mankind in general and each person separately. This work, magicians, sorcerers, priests, shamans were engaged. Any followers of the oracle, executed ritual dancings, banged in tambourines, sang and whispered strange prayers and spells, various on the contents, entered a hypnotic trance and had prophetical dreams.

Results similar “communication with unknown“, it is quite frequent and unexpected for customers of procedure of “oracle“; when dancing of the shaman, guessing of the professional magician or Gipsy, gave exact characteristics of the future. Which, in turn, literally to trifles coincided with vital circumstances of the subject of guessing, forcing the person to think that there is some, highest force operating life and which actions can be predicted.

The person is curious and cannot do without secret. Secret is that the person cannot learn, but always seeks to solve. An eternal question, for example, - secret of the birth and death. Without secret there is no life. To learn secret of the person - means to understand its sense, meaning of life, existence of the person, the reason of his birth. These secrets special people - priests and magicians knew.

It is necessary to remember thousands of different answers to questions of subconsciousness of the person which are shown at it in dreams, to study various options of guessing, including, and on “a coffee thick“. About such exotic ways of a prediction as the runic Veda or a morfoskopiya, it is not talked at all as for this purpose it is necessary to be the high-class professional knowing history, mythology, philosophy, astrology and many other special sciences.

Not to stuff itself the head with any mystical literature. Which is on sale everywhere, in all shops and book-stores much now, we will not address mysticism, and we will go, as they say, some other way - scientific and evidential, using, whenever possible, scientific and historical knowledge, ancient legends, fairy tales.

Sorcery, magic, fortune-telling, science of magicians about a prediction of the future, past and present, are difficult processes where it is impossible to do without the corresponding knowledge and qualification. For the normal person all mysterious opportunities of the oracle are associated with secrets of the ancient ceremonies and rituals initiated by the priests of ancient Mysteries devoted in secret knowledge.

In many mysteries it is said that the person has to return there from where came. Its trajectory is closed, it makes a circle. They say that the person during the way makes a cycle. The first quarter of the way, the cycle, people enters matter more and more densely. During this period (a quarter of a circle) of a karma is not present as the person makes acts unconsciously (or almost unconsciously) and cannot be responsible for the acts by and large.

The karma begins with that moment when in the person the spirit is for the first time counterbalanced with matter. It is the transition moment from the first quarter in the second, transition from “the silly childhood“ to conscious life. Having passed still the half-circle making the second and third quarters we come to a point, the moment after which a karma, as well as in the childhood, no. Is not present because the person for the life reached spiritual development and is capable to abstain from acts which can create a negative karma consciously.

The described representation of a karma in the form of a cycle and similar cyclic representations are widely presented in east religions and philosophies. In the Buddhism this philosophical direction is called “the Sansara Wheel“. Such proverbs as: “New is well forgotten old“, “History repeats itself, at first in the form of the tragedy, and then in the form of the farce“, are incredibly actual and presently.

That history repeats itself, ourselves are very often convinced of the everyday life. Quite often, in the today`s life, catching signs of old events, we do not pay to them any attention and we do not distract on goodness knows where from the taken unexpected vital circumstances. And meanwhile, times which long ago passed can exert the impact and on our today`s life, making the amendments and dictating behavior options through so-called natural natural laws.

One of them - the law of recurrence (repeatability) which “returns“ us in the atmosphere to the passed reality long ago, as if forcing us, in new quality, and a peculiar foreshortening to see and feel those old living conditions in which our far ancestors lived and developed.

Our today`s temporary space and the recent past, wonderfully corresponds on the semantic value to an interval of time which far back in the past was called not differently as - Shemyakin court.

An example of surprising coincidence in actions of the power modern and long ago passed, is the event when local boyars tried to make “îòëóï“ (impeachment) to the reigning Boris when with an incredible accuracy, time spans of the past separate spatially, are imposed on modern reality.

Historical events, and especially significant moments of historical reality, it is possible to interpret on a miscellaneous, according to the available qualification and in dependence with religion of the researcher, the existing political situation. And, as in any science, in the history, there are also a lot of any speculation and profanation when doubtful or fabricated can often appear and sources of historically significant events, information on which we use in the researches.

It is possible to explain with mysticism the presented threefold spiral uniting reign two Borisov at which even surnames make a certain mystical sense: Godunova (“ãîäóí“ - time, changes) and Yeltsin (a fir-tree, a stick, a chip, etc.) . When the same situation practically repeats. A situation or the period of disorder in society, a civil distemper and physical extermination of boyars (“deputies“) when the last tried to move away them from a throne.

We watch analogs which to us are shown by the natural law of recurrence:

1. Time of troubles. Election of a dynasty of Romanov on a kingdom.

2. War in the Kremlin and victory over Poles.

3. Vasily Shuysky eliminates False Dmitriy.

4. Boris Godunov`s government.

5. Government of the tsar Fedor Ioannovich.

And countdown:

5. Government of the president Vladimir Putin.

4. Boris Yeltsin`s government.

3. M. Gorbachev as Vasily Shuysky.

2. GKCHP and Execution of Parliament.

1. Change of a political policy of CPSU. Time of troubles.

Learned rather convincing example of inversion in details which coincide with big accuracy on semantic character of the taking place events. Small errors on time of execution or repetition of events are not of great importance.

The destiny, fate, fate, all these concepts lean on us since the birth, predetermining many vital circumstances. One say that there is no fate, others say that the fate is, give examples of fatal circumstances. The Russian spoken language contains concept of fate of many phrases: term, lesson, quitrent, adolescent and many others.

A karma is what is loaded on the person, this task which he has to perform in the course of the life it is the reason of the birth of the person, and what in this karma will be imposed what freight will incur each of us, in some measure, depends also on the person. And already according to the available freight of karmic debts the destiny is also defined.