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How to be prepared for Easter?

Many of us - people believers. But quite often in our consciousness superstitions and ignorance prevail. And here every time before Easter we begin to look for answers to the most burning issues: when and how to light Easter cakes, than it is possible and what it is impossible to paint eggs with, and in general - as it is the best of all to be prepared for a sacred celebration and to hold it. by

to cast away all doubts this time, we will try to be trained for the Great holiday as advise us in orthodox church.

Rule first and the most important: it is necessary to celebrate Easter at the world in heart

cannot swear at someone At all, to take offense at someone … If there are old offenses, it is the best of all to reconcile. But if you have no such opportunity - then forgive this person at least in own heart. Forgive and pray for it.

It is the best of all if before Easter of people it prichastitsya. For this purpose the Orthodox church recommends to fast at least three days, and before Easter and all 49. Another thing is that people - are weak, and interests of flesh it is more important for many, than spiritual needs.

Rule second: the easter food has to be symbolical

Any festive meal the church charter calls “a great consolation of brotherhood“. But it does not mean that Easter has to be a stomach holiday. On the contrary, the Orthodox church not especially approves refined dishes, including it manifestation of a sin of gluttony, and demands presence on an easter table of inexpensive, but tasty dishes which bear in themselves symbolical contents.

For Easter it is accepted to paint eggs with different paints, but among different flowers the central place belongs to red. Why? History kept to us such legend...

After resurrection of Jesus Christ his pupils and followers dispersed over the different countries, everywhere announcing a joyful message that it is not necessary to be afraid of death any more. It was won by Christ, Christ Redeemer of the world. He revived Itself and will revive everyone who will believe It and will love people the same as He loved. Mary Magdalene dared to come with this message to the most Roman emperor Tiberias. As to the emperor it was not accepted to come without gifts, and Maria had nothing, she came with simple egg. Of course, she chose egg with sense.

Egg always was a life symbol: in a strong shell there is a life hidden from eyes which in the hour will escape from limy captivity in the form of a small yellow tsyplenochk. But when Maria began to say Tiberias that Jesus Christ also escaped from deadly fetters and revived, the emperor only burst out laughing: “It is as impossible as to your white egg to turn in red“. Also Tivery did not manage to finish the phrase as egg in Mary Magdalene`s hands became absolutely red. Since then in memory of this event symbolizing our faith in the Revived Lord we also paint eggs.

Artos - bread which is consecrated on easter church service and is distributed believing on Saturday the Bright Week. Easter artos - Lord Jesus`s symbol. Addressing pupils, Christ spoke: “I esm life bread... The bread descending from heaven such is that yadushchiya he will not die. I am bread zhivy, sshedshy from heaven; sow yadushchy corn will live for ever; bread which I will give is Flesh washing which I gave for world life“ (Ying. 6, 48-51).

The easter Easter cake symbolizes Bozhiye`s presence in the world and in human life. Unlike artos, at it there is both a fancy bread, and sweet, and raisin, and nuts. It is considered that correctly prepared Russian Easter cake can stay, without having deteriorated, all 40 days of Easter.

Cottage cheese Easter is a symbol of easter fun, sweet of paradise life. And “hill“, a form which Easter keeps within is a symbol of Heavenly Zion, the firm basis of New Jerusalem, the city in which there is no temple, but “The Lord Vsederzhitel - his temple and the innocent person“ (Apok. 21, 22).

Rule third: the Easter cake should be consecrated in the temple

A here Easter cakes are concerned on Thursday the Holy week of the Lent. But if you have no time, then there is nothing bad if Easter cakes are baked on Saturday. In the same days do cottage cheese Easter, paint eggs and prepare other dishes of a holiday table.

It is necessary to consult about time of consecration of an Easter cake and easter food in that temple where you are going to make it. Most often consecration of festive supplies begins after end of a liturgy of the Holy Saturday. In the majority of temples the entertainment is consecrated also in the morning of the Easter Sunday, also after end of a liturgy.

You should not give in to advertizing and to believe that the sold Easter cakes are already consecrated. Priests say that consecrated it is possible to consider only what was consecrated on easter vigil. To silly think that priests stand in bakeries and consecrate party behind party.

Rule fourth: stickers with the image of icons are inadmissible!

it is better for h2 to paint

of all egg on Saturday that they longer remained fresh. By the way, in national lexicon the Holy Saturday has the name of tinctorial Saturday. The traditional Easter egg is painted in the equal red color symbolizing a life victory over death. In Russia Easter eggs were most often painted by an onions peel. Also other coloring, images of abstract ornaments, flowers, plants, heavenly bodies is admissible.

And here decoration of Easter eggs stickers with the image of temples, a cross, Lord Jesus`s icons, the Mother of God, saints, according to Church, absolutely inadmissibly. Sacred images should not be located not only on Easter eggs, but also should not be at all where they can be profaned by the negligent address.

Rule fifth: on Easter Sunday it is not recommended to go by a cemetery

As priests tell, this custom - the comer to us from the Soviet history when completely Orthodox churches were closed or destroyed. Though on always the existing church canons this light day should not go to a cemetery. All Church - both heavenly, and terrestrial - triumphs and exults, and the grief in heart of the Christian of the place should not be. According to priests, we are not able to treat death as we do not understand that it “is not the termination of all real, and the birth of life Eternal“ correctly.

As advise in the Russian churches, on Easter Sunday it is the best of all to visit people lonely, ailing, those who were not seen long ago. And it is possible to visit a cemetery on 9 - y day of Easter, that is to Radunitsa.