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Whether the Christianity is the first brand with history in eternity?

for anybody not a secret that the religion is included more and more actively into our life and as it seems to me, was already included in the category of untouchable. The internal censor sitting in many of us warns against scoring of views which disperse from the standard judgments.

I faced it recently in attempt to publish the book “From a Trademark to a Brand in Russian“. To me recommended to clean chapter 1 which I will give below several publishing houses. It was told approximately so: “We though the secular magazine, but recommend to you to clean this chapter“. Here to you and the democracy proclaiming freedom of speech.

the Founder of modern branding

Being engaged in

in branding bases about ten years, I periodically address historical experience of its origin and came to a conclusion that the Christianity can be considered as the very first brand. It not only very first, but also most successful brand. Having caught inexhaustible thirst of people for mysticism and superstitions, one enterprising Jew decided to systematize mystical and superstitious needs of the person and to create profitable business on this basis. The legend says that Jesus (Ioshua) from Nazareth was such enterprising person at the beginning of a new era. Having created this business, it, that without knowing, became the founder of modern branding. You do not trust? I will try to prove you it.

Stages of creation of the Christianity brand

During creation of any brand to his future owner should pass several classical stages. And it is unimportant whether it does it, using own potential, or involving third-party performers. So, having studied the market and having defined consumer preferences, the creator of a brand, first of all, begins to think of its attractive name. In this case the creator followers long did not deliberate and called a brand on a pseudonym of the founding father Christ (Christ Redeemer) - Christianity .

In modern practice such early decisions when the surname of the businessman or a name of his girlfriend become a company name or a trademark meet too. The second stage of modern branding is creation of a logo or graphic image with which all activity of the businessman will be associated further. A logo the creator of Christianity had a cross which could be used further as separately, and together with the name. Since then the cross became irreplaceable attribute of all goods and services which advanced and advances church.

Important value in modern branding has corporate (company) style on which creation certain creative designers work sometimes, but is more often - the whole on-stage performance groups. Also not one day, but many months work. Church corporate style was created for years and has all main attributes inherent in large corporation now.

I will not list all elements of church corporate style, I will remind only some of them:

- company colors and fonts;

- a peculiar interior design and architecture;

- company documentation to which both church forms, and confessionary sheets, etc. belong;

- company clothes of attendants;

- souvenir products in the form of candles, icon lamps, altar breads etc. which turned further into goods;

- elements of outdoor advertizing in the form of icons, banners, etc. of

advance Strategy


For effective realization of the goods and services released under the Christianity brand developed concrete strategy of advance which consisted both from ideological (creative), and of an advertizing component.

The creative component included development a brand - the character called developers God and creation of a legend which main keynote was an immortality or life after death. Than not attractive idea? Such idea can not only attract the consumer, but also establish over him the boundless power, or as now speak, to make him infinitely loyal. And if still to address this consumer with use of a sentimental advertizing slogan, then the success is provided. And such slogans (precepts, precepts) the great variety was thought up. I will remind the reader only one conceptual slogan: “God is love“.

As for advertizing component

, at the initial stage modest BTL - actions with involvement of missionaries who went through towns and villages were chosen b, distributing the Christ`s doctrine among target audience. Further, except the elementary actions, it was required to apply all arsenal of advertizing influence from direct advertizing to PR - maintenance.

Such aggressive advance and competent marketing allowed church employees to create a powerful distributor network in short terms and then and to open the branches in all large and small settlements of the planet.

of Requirement of target audience

A what it is necessary for the person? It is necessary to trust in something. He believes all, a coma laziness, but only not in himself. There was a water simple and saw it for lovely soul, without thinking of curative and mystical qualities. But here made it the Saint, having waved with a censer, and people rushed for it from every quarter of our immense homeland.

The target audience began to grow not on days, and on hours, and it, naturally, led to increase in sales volumes and increase of cost of the offered services and goods. Increase of cost was dictated by the law of branding - the brand, the more considerable it a surplus value is more known.

But increase in inflow of new consumers and increase in profit required creation of new UTP (unique selling propositions). It is possible to refer the sacraments offered the consumer to such UTP:

- baptism;

- an anointing;

- repentance;

- ordination;

- marriage;

- anointing of the sick, etc.

the Competition in the market of advance of a brand

After time under the umbrella Steel Christianity brand to appear subbrands, such as Catholicism, Orthodoxy and Protestantism. Not everything was smooth under a Christian umbrella, but also now we observe a picture when some holders of portfolios of brands have to refuse those from them which begin to create hindrances at advance of others.

And all nothing, but developers did not guess documentary to secure an exclusive right to religion and immortality. As now speak, did not acquire patent law for this kind of activity. In this regard all new and new players in the form of sects and the religious communities separate of the self-proclaimed Messiahs and other easy riders began to enter the religious market. There`s nothing to be done, the competition in any profitable business is inevitable.

But we know that the civilized competition very positively influences pricing, reducing the price. It influences and quality of the offered goods and services. Besides, the competition forces the businessman to think of new forms of communication with the consumer. Here and holders of the Christianity brand the competition forces to celebrate and recede from earlier proclaimed dogmas.

The American attendants of belief reached even that reading prayers began to take place to the accompaniment of jazz music. Well what you will do for the sake of favourite flock. Besides, under the Christianity brand more and more types of goods and services, potrebny not only the believer began to be issued. New factories and plants with use of the most modern equipment and technology were for this purpose created and created. By the way, to compete with such ancient brands as Christianity, other religious TM it is extremely difficult. It is as difficult as to some provincial producer of drinks to compete with the world famous Coca brands - Cola and Pepsi - Cola. The result is predetermined.

As the reference: now the number of adherents of Christianity exceeds 2 billion people, and it is, in my opinion, one of the most numerous loyal groups.