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And how - you would arrive? - job search in Italy   .

B far 2002 I, as well as many fellow citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria … …, decided to go to earnings to Italy to improve the budgetary condition of a family. According to the announcement found the Bulgarian “firm“ offering services by the sufferer in the Internet (on transportations and registration for work abroad). Not really I trusted in this invention, but the choice was not: many were in difficult marital status in those days. Any paid work was in pleasure.

Hardly borrowed money at acquaintances for service and the road. Left part of them to a family as did not assume when I begin to earn and I will be able to send home.

In pass - a bus we were six passengers. Reached northern border of Italy in good mood. Children joked, told about adventures, about life, life in Italy (I was the beginner only), but in soul constantly squeaked, the bad presentiment which amplified after the heard negative stories from passengers about “firms“, similar that in which I addressed for employment haunted.

Having driven to the country, at once bought SIM - the card and began to ring round the representatives of the meeting party given me by “firm“ on employment, but nobody answered and in Bulgaria phone numbers were blocked. Began to understand that “got“ and that I was “lokhanut“.

learned Later that this “firm“ gathered within a month of persons interested to get a job abroad, employed transport and in one day sent all to Italy and... disappeared. Since Monday began all activity in a new way (with problems of movement and telephone numbers of “firm“). Yes. How many such as I, suffered in those days! It is good that subsequently organizers of this swindle were put.

And here I seriously reflected. The problem was that I in Italy had neither friends, nor acquaintances. I in general went at random. Means it was necessary to come back the same flight or...

As approaching Rome, children dissipated on the towns, calming me: a pier, already time is later, you will surely contact “firm“ in the morning and everything will be normal. And I had a hope for it. Almost till morning of a beads traveled about on night small streets of the suburb of Rome. The driver, collecting parcels and transfers from the Bulgarian families living and working here, in passing tried to arrange me temporarily to somebody. To my regret, nothing was impossible: everyone with the problems. And how just like that to accept the stranger?! Times - that were restless.

In the morning, still, nobody answered my calls, unfortunately. At the last minute Evgeny (the driver, give him God of health) remembered that he has familiar Russian (Olga), living in Rome. She helped to get a job, the truth this service was paid. As I did not want to come back home, without having achieved the objective, was ready to pay any money. We contacted Olga quickly. She, to my happiness, not only agreed to help, but also personally to arrive for me to a certain place in one couple of hours.

At own risk, having said goodbye to Evgeny, I remained alone on the suburb of the city with petrol filling station (from fifty euros - in a pocket and kopeks - in phone). Here flew! Did not trust himself! Stupidly looking on removed pass - a beads, with huge pain in soul and offense for the whole world, thought: “And what further? “ - in others and unfamiliar country, without language and even without concept where I am. For the first time felt all interior what is real “Sucker“. Precisely I do not remember the moment any more, but it seems, nervous laughter scolded.

At a gasoline station waited more than six hours. During this time made toilet (“bourgeoises“ have all conditions), began to get accustomed gradually to people around, to a situation and for some reason calmed down. And here “the white strip“ went. A bit later Olga called, apologized that is late from - for breakages of the car. Having got acquainted with it, I was captured by feeling that as though native mother arrived. Olga in detail explained a situation that with work is very difficult at present, the only option to send me in Torino - to work in circus. But... Whether to me to choose in such situation?! It was ready and “to the other end of the world“ if only to get out of the created situation. About any money for service the speech did not go. Probably, Evgeny should be thanked for it.

After arrival to the central station of Termini and a detailed explanation (that, where and when) Olga, and also having said goodbye to her, I passed to cash desks. It was necessary to hear as I explained in all terrestrial languages that I want from the employee in a window … It is a shame to remember! And here “the white strip“ suddenly ended. It turned out that I needed the ticket not to Torino, and with change to go further (to the town at the French border). In total - navsy I lacked two euros! And what was to do?! Not to beg?! Having run out from the station in hope to find Olga on a parking, nearly faced it at an entrance to it. “I and assumed that you will lack money“, - Olga told and, smiling, stretched me the twenty. Oh... There was a wish to kiss this pretty woman for her help and kindness.

I got to circus next day, it is a lot of propotev, and also confusing at change in Torino lines of trains and all on light for fatigue and bessonitsy. At an entrance on the territory, I was captured by horror from dirty cars, bare paint and a stench...

my new employers very unfriendly Accepted me. Instead of as it is necessary at good owners (to invite at a table and to feed, change clothes and warm), I was “thrown“ to assist to an arena to actors, without having asked even my name. Yes!. To remember terribly. In a word, the CIRCUS …, it is also CIRCUS, and it is even worse - in the Italian option!

The author is Dmitry Koropchanov.

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