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For what mistresses are necessary?

the Prince charming met the Charming Princess, fell in love with her, and wedding bells announced the beginning of new, happy life. But there passed not much time, and already the Charming Princess spends time alone, and the Prince charming looks after another. Classical love triangle: He, she and is One more. It is asked: why One more is necessary if He and she loved each other?

Option first. Rather widespread, repeatedly described. Family life began, children, and It any more not that Charming Princess were born. What is called - jammed life. Eternal shabby dressing gown, rassharkanny slippers, lack of a make-up, dissatisfied look, quarrelsome intonations. And constant: “You have to!“, “I gave you the best years, and you …“.

It is difficult to sustain similar even if the man not Charming Prinze, lost a considerable shred of the young gloss. But at the same time continues to remain Prinze, and the Princess who here was turned into the Servant who is growing decrepit in the eyes. It is not surprising that Prinze directs on searches of the New Princess.

However, if Prinze possesses a sense of responsibility, then the New Princess can count on divorce not too. And let Prinze feels the family as a stone on a neck, it will not leave it. The mistress in this case only a consolation, an opportunity to distract, have a good time and only.

Option second. the Princess became not the Quarrelsome Servant, and just the Servant. She is interested only in a family, outdoors it practically has no interests. She does not want to meet friends, visits neither of theater, nor of restaurant, nor of club are not interesting to her. All her life, all meaning of life - a family.

Such wife not necessarily walks in an old dressing gown, she can look very attractively. It is brought by limitation of interests. When the husband tells about the work or tries to interest it in any idea which suddenly came to mind under the influence of read or seen, she does not listen, answers inattentively and conversation on what is interesting to it - on a family tries to change all the time. But any man for hours will not admire new boots of the child that, by the way, does not mean that he does not love this child.

In this case Prinze will move off in searches of the mistress too. At least then, that was with whom to talk or descend where - nibud. But the New Princess most likely should reconcile to a role of “the girl for an exit“. Especially as often in such cases Princes very much appreciate the wives capable to create a cosiness in the house and to raise children.

Option third. Family life and children turned the Charming Princess into the Great Queen. She is still graceful, refined, watches closely herself, at the same time without forgetting neither about the husband, nor about children. Most often the Queen works, and not just is engaged in a household. It would seem, everything is fine. But not always the Prince charming becomes the Wise King. Quite often happens that it and remains Prinze and royal duties weigh it.

Such Prinze moves off in searches of the Princess too. Just because the royal crown for it is heavy. He wants to run away from responsibility which is assumed by existence of a family and children. For this Prinze the mistress - escape from the conclusion. With it he feels still free while houses expect “burdensome“ duties, life with which Prinze “chokes“.

In this case the mistress can even receive Prinze in personal property. This Prinze the sense of responsibility before the wife and children does not keep in a family, moreover, responsibility to a family and is the reason of appearance of the mistress. So divorce is very probable (unless will stop household nuances: for example, the mistress has no apartment, and Prinze has no separate own living space).

But the Princess who picked up such Prinze has to be ready to that, as in a new family there will be same problems: as soon as there is responsibility, Prinze will feel very not very well. And it is very probable that on its horizon One more Princess will appear.

By the way, usually Princes of this kind are losers who vigorously begin any business, but is not able to finish it. They always lack freedom, “scope“, they “cannot think in such conditions“ etc. These are those foul dancers of whom it is possible to make, of course, good singers by a treble, but only by means of surgical intervention. They will never be able to dance. But are able to argue loudly and convincingly on those great causes which they would make if for them the corresponding conditions were created.

Option fourth. the Great Princess became the Charming Queen, Prinze - the Wise King, they have a fine family, children, everything is remarkable. But years go, and the Wise King even more often remembers those carefree times when he was only Prince charming. And he very much wants to take a sip at least just once still youth.

This option is perfectly described in the Old Testament (3 CAR., 1:1 - 4) - a young sunamityanka Abishag who looked after the grown old tsar David. The beautiful girl returning to the grown decrepit tsar youth.

In this case the mistress practically has nothing to hope. The wise King is not going to leave a family, moreover, he can continue sincerely and gently love the wife. Simply - crisis of an average or the advanced middle age, thirst for youth. Seldom or never the King so loses the head that will decide on divorce, and that usually at the same time his wife is not the Charming Queen at all, and belongs to wives of the first type rather - the Princess who turned into the Quarrelsome Servant. In most cases the Wise King, having received a youth drink necessary for it, quietly comes back to the Queen.

Option fifth. Status. The wife for the Prince charming - a piece of furniture of which it is possible to brag to friends and colleagues, indispensable accessory to an exit (as, for example, a good suit and a tie). But over time the Princess grows old, and does not look as remarkably any more as earlier. And Prinze fast finds her replacement. New Princess.

This option for the mistress wishing to become the wife, the most perspective. If Prinze and his wife are not connected by financial interests, then divorce is as inevitable as replacement of the old, worn-out suit by new. Actually, quite so Princes of this type also treat wives. However, here is to the New Princess who already received a wedding ring on a finger, it is necessary to fight for existence cruelly. Time goes, and her youth dies away too, and around a great number of the Potential Princesses who are in all shine of youth. Eventually, and the New Princess can become the same “old suit“, as well as the previous wife.

Option sixth. Children`s. Yes, happens and it is Prinze and the Princess love each other, but they have no children. And Prinze who already turned into the King very much wants to get the Successor Prestola. Such King can quite leave the Queen - not for the sake of the mistress, for the sake of the child. Nevertheless desire of a reproduction - part of basic need of the person for a survival. And absence of children quite often leads at first to appearance of the mistress, and then and to divorce.

There are also other options, generally - combinations from above described. But that is interesting: most of the wives complaining that the husband got the mistress quite could prevent similar. It is necessary to make a few efforts only. And to try to understand the husband. The vast majority of men brings mistresses at all not because “all men are goats and cattle“. In each case there is a reason, and most often it consists in the wife.