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Incident of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal, for children

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour

to prevent Incident not to allow to worry to expect the reason of property occur an assessment influence depends promotes is reflected consequences to operate influence perception reaction belongs to assume

z Incident breaks the usual course of life, and even blows up a situation.

pv Many incidents happen on the soil of low spirituality and immorality.

pv Often incidents occur because the person breaks laws of the nature.

d the Lion`s share of incidents - result of human nonsense.

pv Prerequisites of incidents are put in people.

d the Reason of the biggest incidents - sometimes are trifles.

p plays a Considerable role in incidents negligence.

and the Person is inclined to attribute the reason of incidents not for people, and circumstances. by

and If the person does not know the cause of the accident - he considers it casual.

z Incident is actually seldom obliged to a case and destiny.

and Incident as a rule depends on circumstances and mistakes of people more - than on a case.

p the Reason of many incidents - irresponsibility.

z We look for the reasons of incidents on a surface - and they are, as a rule, very deep.

z Comprehending incident, the person is mistaken when he looks for or

finds to it one reason. As a rule, there is a lot of reasons, and they different main and minor, natural and casual, objective and subjective …

to What for the atheist incident, for the believer - the God`s sign.

and the Believer does not look for the reasons of the happening incidents, believing that they occur at God`s will.

and Wisdom expects incident.

d Care does not approach incident.

and Attentiveness grazes incident.

pv Kohl allowed incident - so though do not allow it to operate you.

pv If people operate incident - it becomes twice weaker if incident by people - is twice stronger.

p To incidents is expedient to be prepared.

p To incident belongs as to due better.

p Some incidents should be worried nothing, without undertaking, standing aside.

d A lot of things depend on perception of incidents.

and If to manage not to allow incident will be reflected in consciousness - so it and was not.

to Everyone in incident sees that - that wishes to see.

d How many people - are so much to incident and images.

p We should not behold incident, and analyze, expect its consequences, assume the reasons which brought to it.

d Incident - excites minds.

d Incident - sets thinking.

d Incident - focuses attention.

d Incident - generates rumors.

and After incidents often human life changes.

p Unexpectedness of incident - is artful.

and sometimes influences us not incident more - and the attitude towards him.

d Incidents - teach.

z Incident dissolves indifference.

d Incidents can remain in memory of the person for the rest of life.

z Reaction to incident at the person is significantly corrected by opinion of people around. and Usually in incident it is easier for

not to uchuvstvovat - than to prevent it.

and Understanding of incident clears up over time. z people feed with

For incidents on the one hand fear, with another - curiosity.

and Consciousness excite not only those incidents which happened, but also they are which can occur.

and People do not love incident video - they want to represent it in a different way.

to Expectation of incidents - is more terrible than them.

and Even the most allowed incident - happens unexpectedly.

and the Person does not allow incident, - which did not happen to it.

of C Wisdom is higher incidents, nonsense - within his power.

and Incidents - elements for heroism.

and incident - has no indifferent.

z Never the person so laughs loudly, removing stress - as after incident with the amusing end.

yu People are careful more of those incidents which already happened, than they are which will occur.

yu About incidents tell more than about work.

yu Most of all incident please with mass media.

yu About incidents confusedly are told only by eyewitnesses.

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