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What to look in the evening at?

Many, coming home on Friday from work think that it to look. I will provide several movies at choice. Fans of the American comedies can watch the movie Twins (1988) - the American scientists conceived risky experiment on fertilization of the woman spermatozoa from six different men. Treated the choice of candidates for fertilization very seriously, among them there were a scientist, the football player, the exchange broker and even knocked out. The purpose - to receive the baby with ideal qualities which can be used for defense of the country. But against the nature you will not trample and instead of one baby two absolutely different children turned out. One robust fellow, another his complete antithesis. They are separated, having sent weak to a shelter, and the robust fellow to study. Years later they meet and together conceive fascinating swindles

Ghosts of the former girlfriends (comedy) - Conor - the lady`s man and the bachelor. Once it comes to celebrate a wedding of the brother. He does not believe neither in love, nor in strong happy marriage. During rehearsal of wedding ceremony he meets Jannie - the girlfriend of the childhood. She does not consider him as the lady`s man, thinks that all this only a mask for others. Once Conor strongly drank and the ghost of his uncle Wallice who all life of veins only for himself and was never married came in dream to him. The uncle was always an example for imitation the dissolute nephew, in this vision he spoke to Conor that he did not make his mistakes. After that Conor meets the ghost of the former girlfriend who shows it from outside as he treats the girls Fans of horrors can look with

at the Cemetery of Pets - Doctor Luis Krid settles with a family in a small, quiet town on the edge of the wood in which there is a small cemetery. On it locals buried the house animals. Tragic accident tears off life of a cat of Luis and he decides to bury him on this cemetery which allegedly have the reviving force. And once the died cat returned to the house . Through some time Luis`s son is run over by a car. In despair the father decides to rebury the son on this mystical cemetery, having laid thereby the foundation to strange events .

For those who loves movies with sense I advise to look the Route 60 - the Universe and time is infinite so there can be everything, even impossible For example, the butterfly can meet the guy in a tie and with a tube in the form of the head of a monkey granting desires. The main hero, the son of the famous lawyer, meets it with a permission of gin thanks to which it gets on the route 60 on which last, real and future if can be meet together and mix up .

For those who loves mysticism, I recommend the Area No. 9 - Vikus van der Merve - the head of the organization dealing with issues of resettlement of aliens. Newcomers are decided to be isolated to study them. During studying of the territory the secret laboratory was found. There Vikus finds an artifact in the form of the small cylinder filled with liquid which gets to it on a hand. Gradually the hand of the main character is transformed to an inoplanetyansky three-fingered extremity. Here then he to become object of fixed studying and various experiments fans of fighters and dramas can look with

A at the Post - the North Caucasus 90 - ye years. War. Soldiers of the Russian army enter one of mountain settlements and become involuntary witnesses of death of the local boy - cripples. Before clarification of circumstances the division is taken away on a far post. One of local residents sells to soldiers for cartridges the deaf-and-dumb sister - I Wave. Between it and one of soldiers the unexpected novel flashes. The cartridges sold by soldiers, having finished circulation, appear in a rifle of the sniper who is constantly watching a post . Or Tristan and Izolda - To Romeo and Juliette were they. During war between Ireland and Scotland. Abandons Tristan who was left without parents in Scotland. It almost died is found by Izolda dreaming of the prince charming and big pure love, but . To them to have to leave. Through some time Tristan wins Izoldu in knightly tournament, but she has to marry the king of Scotland. This wedding can put an end to bloody wars. Whether the kingdom will be able to destroy love of Tiristan and Izolda?

of Pleasant viewing!