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Who really ordered Georgy Gongadze`s murder.

Are the letter to Kuchma I downloaded from the website of the friend - the inventor Alexander Ekimovskikh. You are, having set on Ekimovsky` Google, can open its website and find in it other materials on organizers of murder of Gongadze. I provide only his letter to Kuchma. Here it is

Dear Leonid Danilovich!

I Want to rise in your defense because true responsible for death of Georgy Gongadze was then near you, and now again yearn for absolute power and money on corpses, without stopping before anything and before anybody!

Names of financial swindlers and their business - holdings, thanks to you and your protection, naiavtoritetniyshy steel from officials of Ukraine who set up you and Ukraine for the sake of the mercenary ambitions in power by means of which they criminal acquired the capitals.

Main “monsters“ of your troubles: Tigipko Sergey Leonidovich, brain and organizer of CB Privatbank and its friend - the colleague in All-Union Leninist Young Communist League Shlapak Alexander Vitalyevich, which by means of the godfather Shlapak - The Fast walker Andrey Vladimirovich turned bank into “Privatbanda“.

Being 8 years a member of GOKOD, the chief of a staff and the commander of group I and Skhorokhod Andrey made our group the best in Ukraine and the USSR. Thus we had the general friends - companions in militia, KGB, prosecutor`s office, a city town committee, regional committee and the Central Committee.

After collapse of the USSR A. V. Fast walker created Themis law firm, having taken in cofounders of the chief of regional department of justice sir Tertichny (future head the administrator of court of the Lviv region and Kiev). Working as the director of this Fast Walker And firm. Registered societies with ogracheny responsibility to everyone, including bandits, swindlers of all ranks, specifically 15 firms of the authority Zavinsky (Zavinya) and Shlapak A. V. firms century. Once I with the Fast walker met by

Shlapak A. V. at the airport and brought it home while we went Shlapak showed the documents signed by Tigipko S. L. about creation in Lviv of the Lviv branch CB Privatbank. Right there, in the car, he appointed A. V. Fast walker the first deputy with a right to sign of documents. The fast walker quickly processed registration documents and began to collect kliyet for bank. As we had the general office, that is my firm “Lviv Souvenirs“ and Themis firm therefore we were all the time together. And our seals lay in the general safe, and his wife was the secretary. Office together we began to use

when you received powers from the Verkhovna Rada, began to operate Ukraine. My contract for delivery from Yekaterinburg of galvanized steel to Czechoslovakia for 1,5 million dollars was doomed to a swagger - a major from - for quotings and licensing what was not before signing of the contract. But cars from Yekaterinburg already arrived to Lviv, half a year I with the Fast walker tried to find correctness in the cabinet, but nothing turned out. Kirpa the dead took away from me 4 cars (240 tons) of galvanized steel for idle time of cars, and the Fast walker did not earn from me the reward. Then A. V. Fast walker told

to me that he thinks about you and your power, having promised to revenge.

Revenge of the Jesuit:

1. Where to take money?

- The Conflict between the chief of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Lvovky area and authority Orest Zavinsky came to an end in his murder, in day of arrival of the State Office of Public Prosecutor for his interrogation. At once the next three days A. V. Fast walker joyfully began to squander money, to buy the car, the apartment, to convert cash everyone under 7%. Before it had no money!!! Many times he borrowed money at me!!! Now everything became on the contrary!!! Witnesses about opening of accounts in the Lviv branch CB Privatbank Zavinsky Orest on false documents except me and his deputy Kurochkin V. were not. Thus he stole several billion coupons from accounts of its firms at once, and further on them cashed money with Kurochkin V. Avaricious on them on cheap stuff all real estate of the first floors in Lviv for shops and offices of Privatbank, the earth for Kolomoysky`s gas stations. So Zavinsky`s bandits of “Zavini“ remained poor, and in Lviv the new rich banker appeared.

2. Where to take the power?

- On arrival from Dnipropetrovsk A. V. Fast walker bragged that soon Kuchma (you) will make Tigipko the successor, Shlapak the assistant, and it - the head of ZGRU of “Privatbank“ also exposed about it a banquet. On this banquet the Fast walker quoted Tigipko: “The power is not possession of plants, the seas, steamships, but effective management of someone else`s “state“ property in own favor under the President`s roof.“

By the way, at employment to a position of the Chairman of the board of CB Privatbank Tigipko set to Kolomoysky only one condition: “Full confidence and non-interference to management of bank“. So he earned to Kolomoysky and himself money, and, above all came to the power from your blessing.

Shlapak A. V. asked me to help his mistress to give birth to it to the child, I agreed and persuaded the girlfriend - the gynecologist to patronize Gelena Gerardiyevna, it on three times per day put it droppers, through half of year Shlapak was born. A. V. fast walker became godfather, my girlfriend the godmother, and Gelena Geradiyevna became the authorized representative on a whip-round for Shlapak from all his trade objects in the Lviv region, in addition he to it bought the apartment and the car.

In a week after that Shlapak said goodbye to us at Grand hotel restaurant and left to you, Litvin V. assistant. After that on all our mutual friends of militiamen, prosecutors, Sbushnikov, judges increases in positions with cosmic speed fell down. A. V. fast walker personally congratulated all and handed them new shoulder straps what all would know what it is the Almighty. After that he thought up a network of supermarkets on household appliances “Inter a market“, “Arsen“, “Foxtrot“, “Shock“, “Elit“, “Subway“ having exercised at the same time Tigipko, Shlapak`s all power, and the pravookhoronets together with bandits who carried the left alcohol on underground plants of cognacs and Tigipko`s vodka in the east.

By the way, everything that went through border of the Lviv customs for the above-mentioned Fast Walker And supermarkets. Did from your name &ndash century; thus and he received the piece of the power.

3. What does it have to do with I and Gongadze?

- When I was a commander of Komsomol operational group on fight against plunders of socialist property of Lviv at group of companies LKSMA Lvov at us there were curators, from the Department of Internal Affairs of Lviv. The militia captain Bzikadze Revaz Shalvovich was the last curator, it is from Sukhumi. In 1988 I issued disability after a trauma during detention of plunderers (the newspaper, television of the USSR), and thanks to the developments, inventions and NOU - HAU began to work in JV Ukrapol, and in 1991 created LLC Firm Lvovskiye suveniry. We communicated with Bzikadze R. Sh. every other day as he was my neighbor through the house. Being a deputy chief of criminal investigation department, Revaz acquainted me with the chief Gusachenko Volodya. Once, passing by the District Department of Internal Affairs, I with the Fast walker A. met Bzikadzhe R., he invited us to Birthday of Gusachenko V., we came upward, to it into an office, so the Fast walker was acquainted with it. In half an hour on the District Department of the Interior the sports car approached, it left the authority Kolya of “Rokero“, rose and joined us. In 2 hours of a booze all were friends and the Fast walker began close business - relations with Gusachenko and “Rokero“. Gusachenko`s

was transferred to UBOZ and received the lieutenant colonel, went in shape - accompanied the left alcohol on Tigipkovsky plants. “Rocker“ and the company in Poland repacked medicines and other overdue goods for delivery to Ukraine through the Fast walker A. in its supermarkets and through its accounts. Delivered “rocker“ to the Fast walker A. false dollars, and the Fast walker legalized them via ATMs of Privatbank as it was the main thing on currency and ZGRU CB Privatbank. Once I, being in the Fast walker A`s office. on Gutsulskaya Street, became the witness of his conversation from Tigipko S. L. Togd he still was the chairman of the board of Privatbank. Tigipko S. asked it to meet the plane with two million dollars, the Fast walker answered that he will meet and will receive. Whether he asked me I will be able to help to give bags with millions - I answered that it is dangerous without protection, he told that nobody knows about money and therefore there is nothing to be afraid. And was, bales, bags were without signs that in them there was money. Fast walker A. received them and we arrived to Gutsulskaya Street where they were brought in its office.

Once Gusachenko V. in the presence of the chief of criminal investigation department of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Lviv region and the Fast walker A. asked them to bring to the Department of Internal Affairs of the area, they were fairly drunk, I agreed and gave a ride to them. When they went out of the car, I left to say goodbye and go further. Gusachenko V. declared to me if I try to make something bad against the Fast walker, then his bandits will take out me to Bryukhovichi and will burn together with car. After that he took me for a shirt in a fist and asked me I understood it or not! I answered that I understood and having turned out hit the lieutenant colonel in a breast, that fell, and I told that now he should protect the car. Sat down and left. So I quarreled with the Fast walker and Gusachenko V. and, up to his dismissal from UBOZA, I pricked to it wheels, even when it put it under windows of a dezhurka of the District Department of Internal Affairs. 1996 I finally finished with

B all tests on production of ceramics “Vedzhvud“, the most expensive and beautiful in the world. And, I could reduce the copy by 500% without quality change. after that I decided to buy

the modern tunnel furnace of roasting for ceramic miniatures and agreed about the credit for it. Came to CB Privatbank asked the chief accountant documents and found the movement of billions of coupons and hundreds of thousands of dollars unknown to me on my account. I came to the Fast walker A. behind clarifications, that gave me blank forms with the seals of bank and told me write that he wants. I answered that I will write nothing until he explains to me from where and where money on my account got to. I gave it three days on settling of this problem. In three days I came to it to an office, and he asks me that I took the credit for other firm, I refused and told - “from now on my problems will become yours“. He impudently laughed and told that there everywhere my seals and my signatures.

Where I only did not file a petition for initiation of legal proceedings against Privatbank and the Fast walker specifically. All twisted a finger near a temple that I abnormal and raise a hand against main “mafioso“ of Lviv and advised to reconcile with it, while the getting is good. So nobody registered my statement. But all studied it and “milked“ the Fast walker A. Vstretiv Revaza Bzikadze, I heard from it that the Fast walker offered it work in security service of bank if he persuades me to reconcile with it. Told that we will go to the country, we will drink the car of vodka and the car of shish kebabs. I answered Bzikadze that I will be reconciled with him if it provides all documents on the taxes paid for my firm, differently - war. Fast walker A. was not going to pay taxes as had there the chief of internal security of DPA of the general Shabayev whom did in, as well as when they to it were already not necessary to Gusachenko.

Ya went to the State Office of Public Prosecutor to Kiev and on reception at Olga Kolinko registered the statement for initiation of legal proceedings on my firm according to which 17 criminal cases were brought, but in a consequence the prosecutor of the region Renazhevsky forced the investigator to unite them in one and having taken twice from the Fast walker 150 and 100 thousand dollars closed them at himself in the safe, and dispersed an investigation team. Sent Galomsha to other area. I wrote about these gangster actions of the Fast walker A. in the newspaper “Day“ where Evgen Kirilovich Marchuk`s wife was the editor-in-chief. “Privatbank“ gave on me and “Put“ the newspaper in court for honor and advantage of bank. As, after the publication in a gezeta, more than a half of clients of bank passed into other banks.

the evidence Produced by me were sufficient for a judgment. Four appeals of “Privatbank“ failed. The last court which I and the newspaper “Day“ won was the Minsk court of Kiev. Verdict: “Everything is stated correctly, is not subject to the appeal“. While I went from Lviv to this court, you appointed E. K. Marchuk the secretary of RNBO and the judge knew about it, and I did not know. Since then advised me many to sit quietly and not to ask compensation as it was easier for them to pay the killer, than me. Privikshy to fight in an operotryada and justice (on my account of 2,5 thousand caught plunderers, from them 28 employees of militia), I proved their guilt in vessels everywhere.

Once I met Revaz with the company. In it there were two more Georgians, one was Georgy Gongadze, other his sworn brother, the others were children from UNA - UNSO. Revaz briefly described him my war with Privatbank and as I won it against Privatbanda. I offered Georgy all the materials for publication in its Internet - the edition, also told it that it will be a fat point in materials which to it will be provided by Georgy Omelchenko on Privatbank and frauds Tigipko S. L. Georgi agreed. Once, when Georgy was with children from UNA again - UNSO in shop on Russkaya Street, I approached it and gave everything the documents on Privatbank, the Fast walker A which are available for me., Any more I Gongadze G. never saw Shlapake A., and Tigipko S.

. Then, when all began to say that it was gone, saw it allegedly in “Privatbank“ on Gutsulskaya Street that it had financial problems with bank, it was sounded by the general Pukachem.

During the investigation on the Fast walker A. he who is twice judged for bank frauds the swindler and the murderer, met the minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Yu. Kravchenko at High castle restaurant together with Shlapak A., and then in the same way met the Prosecutor General Potebenko here, in Lviv. Personally I do not believe

that these meetings were casual and especially as a meeting of the Fast walker and Pukacha before and after disappearance Gongadze. I consider

Ya that the publication according to Tigipko S. and his “Privatbanda“ left a cross on his political career as prime minister and candidate for president as it he declared in the business - campaigns. Tigipko`s

was confident that on films it does not appear anywhere therefore offered money for their interpretation.

Having believed Yushchenko that it will open Gongadze`s business, I submitted the application to the State Office of Public Prosecutor to sir Piskun and sir Turchynov in the State Security Service of Ukraine, also my friend Mischa Muzhilivsky transferred to the prime minister Tymoshenko Yu. who promised to help me, but as I understood - removed from Kolomoysky and Tigipko money for elections at full scale, and on it everything calmed down. Except these formal replies which I attach I any more know nothing, but on the channels explained to me what in 2005 all documents destroyed. Whether so it, I do not know.

Before the second round of 2004, I was on birthday at Gayduchk I. who is with you on a photo in its office. It it is sure declared to me that Medvedchuk V. will be the head of the Verkhovna Rada, Kirpa - the president, and Tigipko S. - the prime minister. Yushchenko - Yanukovych - are cancelled. But everything went not so, and Tigipko yearns for power on corpses again!

I will be glad to help if I am able. Force in the truth!

P. S. The most important - since 2005 at me all documents on the Fast walker and Gongadze are available on my website, but they do not file a lawsuit against me, and mass media to be afraid to comment on everything that is connected z by Gongadze.

Progress to you and health!

yours faithfully, Alexander Ekimovskikh