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Neurogenetic device of the person his potential and opportunities.

in any country will always be In any era the people living only in hope for the future or the belief in rescue adjoining by

on madness and they have no opportunity to judge those who are guilty of their troubles. They also become the victims of those who know,

how to manipulate minds and outlook of people so that, eventually, that without knowing,

construct gallows not only for themselves, but also for people, innocent. Victor Shauberger “Energy of water“ of

We make an effort crookedly collected brains in mother`s womb at a stage of assembly of an ovum, trying to get to the bottom of some truth, without understanding that for the person ideally collected from zero it will not make any certain efforts. I am an engineer, and for each engineer the Sacred book is the Study of the strength of materials - it is the set of rules, laws and the mathematical analysis. It is the revealed essence of the laws which are the cornerstone of all universe. And we, engineers, obya - zana to look at the world not through pink glasses of the emotional fans speaking only about morals is moral - st, spirituality …, carrying the infection - mental drug! And to see the real world with its dominating factor - efficiency of the structural organization. It is necessary to understand that the emotional sphere of people in any society it is absolute and total depends on living conditions which are created by definitely created system of the organization of the power. Disgustingly showed it and all were proved by system of Stalinism. This system broke Ljubo - go when it literally put everyone before a choice dilemma - life or death. And not so - that was simple to refuse life even for the sake of the principles. The person was put in such conditions that he had to go in the life every day and hour on various compromises with system. And each compromise, is fine tuning under system both thus slowly and imperceptibly even for himself the person became the slave to such system.

Many try to understand mentality of separately taken person, without understanding that he is only only small part - a subcage of the huge organism under the name society. At the same time learned that any bioorganism in fact is the self-regulating system consisting in turn of a set perfect itself - the regulated cages. And all is the complex organization from a cage and all device of the person is perfect to such an extent that can cope literally with any illness if to provide it to itself. As it is impossible to consider separately taken cage or body of a bioorganism, tearing off them from uniform complex system to understand disorders in all a bioorganism, and it is impossible to consider separately taken person without seeing and not a pony - May that it is generation of the society the mind which caused it the social programs. And right there, for - happening about above the recognized knowledge, we claim that the person is imperfect. Where here all - truth and logic?

“If cages perish the reason it is necessary to look for not in them, and in environment!“ Irv Konigsberg. EXPERIENCE. Once cages provided the healthy environment, and they began to grow violently. Hardly the condition of the environment worsened, and their growth of Torahs - mozitsya. As soon as the got sick environment of a cage improved recovered and began to develop. And the person a multicellular being consisting of these cages and the environment of these cages is a body of the person. And what yav - lyatsya by the environment of a body of the person? Society! Means, development of the person depends on quality of the organization of the environment of society. And if with people of any society it is universal there are psychoses, then the reason should be looked for not so much in separately taken person, and in that sotssreda which gave birth to him, raised, grew and caused his brain the programs. Namely all his subsequent life in sufferings … or … pleasures also depends on all this then. Means, it is necessary as it not surprisingly here sounds, to direct all our efforts on transformation of an essence of the person not to morals of the person, and to change of cardinally that Wednesday which molds each person in his own image. Tediousness of morals irritates the strong personality, and weak plunges to submission. And only prewasps - the tavleniye of a freedom of choice in the conditions of a certain range of the choice develops flexible intelligence in the person.

Let`s say uniovular twins were born, scientists speak about them - genetic clones, are almost identical! And here will of a case one of them gets on education on Wednesday of Papuans, others to families: Russian, French, German … And brought one even in a family 30 - go centuries. There pass twenty years and here all of them before you - are harmonous, beautiful all as on selection! But … WHO is WHO? So here the forehead - cardinally influenced centuries formation of everyone, it is total having changed an essence of the identity of these people without looking even that they had identical in the beginning it is old - tovy opportunities at the genetic level. It is senseless to reproach then such person urging on to speak to him: do not stumble, do not fall! Humpbacked grave …. Unless the reason of all problems is concluded in the person? That effek - tivny in the quality: to correct, or not to allow marriage? And what the children healthy are born at us. Not that that there was normal a mentality, and even the physiology is broken. And what it means? And the fact that it also is initially … MARRIAGE! Che - lovek a programmable being and all his diseases, acts, thoughts, acts are commensurable those programs which in him are introduced from mother`s womb. And here reasonably there is a sense: quality of programs, or rather WHO programmers?

One claim - the person is guilty and offer him the moral code from ten precepts, others - a nesover - shenen and palm off on it a lot of any doctrines, the third - is larded by phobias and attributes of options of psychoanalysis propagate in a geometrical progression today … But all this only consequences! And where that reason which causes all these sores? Speak: all diseases from nerves! And who operates nerves? Mood - a stream of sad or cheerful thoughts. And on what such thoughts depend? From it is information - living conditions of life, and information dominate in society of people! And how living conditions are created? The organization of system of the power, force re - a press of which is based on the set of the Code of laws. In the beginning stretch the necessary laws for this purpose, and then build on this base of laws the mode of the power, but not on the contrary. And who approves these laws in the democratic world? As us chosen, and the deputies employed by Voters for this work legislators are more faithful. And find at least one deput - that that it approached the Voters and it is interested asked: “What you need laws that on - a sort in the country was to all well?“ And until we do not take by the scruff the deputies and we will not force them you - make look fat tasks of society everything and will slide head over heels, breaking all norms of the fair relations. The liberty in irresponsibility of our deputies also creates any nasty thing in the world of people: inflation, corruption, crises, an increase in prices, civil strife, terrorism … - as result mercenarily the approved laws! Here bright to that example: www. hozvo. ru/paholkov/index. php? artes=74411. But it is only silk of public relations of game of intrigues party is barefoot - the owls wishing to snatch more places in the State Duma, and then to have the personal mercantile interest. Us the employed deputies arrange merrymakings to lobby in the Duma who will get monasteries of glory laws for a ring of coins. That to understand it, it is necessary to look attentively at Korea - one nation, but is under the different modes of the power and … re - zultat on the person: northern Koreans have only an ideology fog in the head, and southern - reasonably develop! It - lo and in Germany: the German nation which is torn apart by the different modes of the power and as a result the concept from an uniza - a telny shade - east German appeared! And in Russia the mode of the power was replaced, and … the people began to die out without exception! Here also that infection which does not allow to develop reasonably to the whole world of people disappears. Lie of elections since they do not create the intellectual competition among candidates - they one color and with one-sided outlook!

All Gods, prophets, educators, governors, inhabitants of our world and without everyone on that exceptions it is from the unique and unique female ovum! But as people with such surprisingly Razna - mi brains turn out: Jew, American, Japanese, German, Frenchman, Chinese, Russian, Papuan …? When we understand it that`s it then we learn pleasure of the civilized world of people. If we make the organization of social conditions self-regulating by an example of a bioorganism at which the female organism will begin to collect from molecules in perfection an ovum, and from it absolutely healthy human body this and will become the real rescue of our civilization! And then we will reach the immortality. And all other crazy philosophy nedo - the forced and crookedly brought together in a womb of mother teachers is not worth a penny today and in a market day. “Perfection of the organization of society has to assimilate to functioning of an organism“ Platon. In which centuries it is told and where look both that think and that shepherds of all human society create, driving not one on - a koleniye into psychosis of the reckless relations. Speak, being mistaken, “I the one who I am am“. And if attentively to penetrate into an essence of sciences: quantum physics, an epigenetika … that asks absolutely other sense of an essence: “I am how I was stuck together at first“. In the beginning in an essence of mental conditions of parents gametes arose. Then in some condition of mental feelings of parents there was a fertilization of a female ovum. And as a result of its division, inside - from cages the germ organism, under domination of impression of some feelings of mentality of mother utrobno gathered. And then, after the birth structures of neural cages as nervous ways of a brain in on - a chalny stage of origin of intelligence of the child were created … Here therefore such I also am. “Quality of life in maternal - be in which we stay up to the birth moment causes morning our predisposition to serdechnoso - to sudisty diseases, a stroke, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, nervous and mental disorders … The role of programming of health of the person conditions of his pre-natal development is so big, as well as a role of genes. From the moment of conception experience of pre-natal life forms a brain of the child and lays the foundation of his personality, speed - a rament and intelligence“. St. Petersburg Nathanael “Life in a maternal womb: source of health and diseases“.

Experience. By a cage where the mice expecting an issue several times sat spent a cat. All mice had abortions. The posterity died, and the FEAR was the cause of it. A human embryo, being in a womb, lives own life connected with mortal life of mother. Where they would not find the woman in “expectation“ - foxes - in Russia, Germany, Japan, America … from each other differs in nothing. Only attitude towards future mother miscellaneous. And pass all through pre-natal development of both the woman, and the man. Sovremen - ny technologies allowed “to spot“ pre-natal development of the child and will be convinced that the child in mother`s womb fully perceives everything that occurs around. He hears, sees, reacts to pleasure, fear and pain of mother indissolubly, as to own feelings! If shout at the woman or she suffers indignity, then the child during this instant, as well as mother, is exposed to an improbable stress. All psychoemotional conditions of mother, both a sponge absorbs in itself water, and the nervous system of a germ writes down in the memory of subconsciousness. And it is also “a mine of the slowed-down action“ which blows up in a consequence, the corresponding life situation. So subconsciousness governs us, giving in realities of life the same behavioural reactions by the corresponding irritant, and then, having recovered, we justify ourselves - that was not self-controlled. Here thus drags on, all touch and a touch, a loop over consciousness of the person, and he plunges into utter darkness of the state to a sla more deeply - py and deaf! Understanding processes of pre-natal programming, and creating the corresponding conditions to time - to twisting of nervous system of the child, we can improve starting opportunities of our children and future generations.

The embryo of a frog was placed in “bomb“ - the metal case shielding electromagnetic (EM) of the field. All conditions for development - a nutrient medium, air were created. The embryo began to develop, but at all not as it is necessary to a frog - turned into the freak, and then died. Conclusion: - tatochno to construct the “correct“ organism, information from out of dictating sequence and parameters of construction is necessary for information put in genes, not DOS. We found out that “garbage“ part of DNA adopts this program which special EM - ye bear waves, and then transmit it through microwaves to each cage, defining as to it to develop also what place to take at “construction“ of an organism. And this source is mother`s organism. P. P. Garyaev.

Euphoria of the first decades concerning opening of structure of a double spiral of DNA and interpretation to a geneticha - a sky code somehow imperceptibly disappeared. It turned out that the genetic code to which it was assigned very much on - dezhd gave only one modest achievement, having explained as proteins are synthesized. But the genes answering for proiz - a vodstvo of proteins are one, and the genes defining spatially - temporary structure of biosystems are absolutely another. And this another, main, escaped researchers again. In the same time of strange separate it is real - Stew were such phenomena of the genetic device which it was necessary either to accept and explain, or to carry to “paranormal“ and depending on baggage of scientific conscience to treat as “pseudoscientific“ or to try though something to understand. narod. ru/homo/gen/woln_gen. htm ru/user/main/2945704497

When, at last, textbooks of chemistry will serve as help, but not a hindrance for Bol deep, kvantovo - mechanical approach to studying of work of molecular “turnstiles“? What forces force molecules from - to gibatsya and develop, taking bizzare shapes? You will not find the answer to the matter in uchebn - ka of organic chemistry. This science should adopt quantum mechanics, otherwise we will not understand those molecular mechanisms which are true sources of life. F. Ueynkhold is a biophysicist.

The new direction in biology was put by an epigenetika. Epigenetika radically changes our ideas of how life copes. Epigenetic researches of the last time showed that DNA - the programs descended by means of genes at all not “are imprinted in a stone“ at the birth - they can change under the influence of external factors, such as food, emotions and stresses! Honeycombs - and hundreds of scientific researches, for the last half a century, demonstrate that the microwave oven - radiations, radio waves, visible light, the infrasound heard by an ear a sound, force of the scalar field biologists - chesky processes exert impact on all aspects, and participate in regulation of synthesis of DNA, RNA and proteins. Change a configuration and functions of protein - vy molecules, operate gene regulation, division and differentiation of cages, a morphogenesis, hormonal secretion, growth and functioning of nerves. EM - fluctuations transfer information arriving from I surround - Russian cabbage soup of the environment one hundred times more effective, than such material signals as hormones, neurotransmitters, growth factors. Chromosomes consist half of DNA and half of regulatory proteins which envelop DNA like a sleeve. How “to roll up sleeves“ regulatory proteins? The external signal inducing be - a lok of “sleeve“ to change a configuration is necessary, will separate from a double spiral of DNA and to open a gene for “reading“. Actively - Stew of genes integumentary regulatory proteins operate that, in turn, is caused by signals of external environment! Distribution of bioinformation begins with the signals of the environment operating through regulatory proteins and, only then game is entered by DNA, RNA and, at last, proteins. The continuous movement of proteins, continuous change of their form within the one and only second - here that moves life! A movement source, I cause - shchy various forms of cell activity at all not DNA is, and change electric it is loaded - Nosta of proteins. Conformation which is accepted by a proteinaceous molecule, is defined equilibrium arrange - niy electric charges in its amino-acid chain. If distribution of positive and negative charges in a molecule of protein changes, it right there will begin to be curved and adapt to new conditions. Races - the predeleniye of charges in a proteinaceous molecule can be selectively changed by a number of processes, in particular, accession of other molecules or chemical groups (hormones). Researches showed that epigenetic mechanisms play a role in development of a number of diseases - oncological, is warm - vascular, diabetes. In fact, each functional protein in our organism represents complementary “image“ of this or that signal received by it from environment. Become the reason of malignant tumors not defek - you in genes, and the epigenetic changes in an organism caused ekologiya. The genome is much more subject to influence of the environment as major factor of its mutation. www. brucelipton. com Bruce Lipton “Belief biology“.

The live system not capable will adequately react to changes of environment always to be with it in the conflict, and this Wednesday will be constantly suppressed as disharmonious dangerous education. And here no morals and precepts - or timely and proper response, Ljubo in a history ditch will help. Evolution is an ability of live system in aspiration to obtain reliable information from the ecological environment surrounding it.

Long ago noticed that animals have a presentiment in some way of earthquakes: ants drag the white dolls from - under lands, dragons and lizards leave the holes, dogs whine, horses in a stall rage. And here kra - sy, having a presentiment of danger, leave the fateful ship long before the tragedy. Reading of information from the future?! And how the person on the eve of accident behaves? People quietly get on the fateful ship, the slave - thaw, read, sleep, have fun how mad, and then the place of the tragedy is covered by mountains of corpses of believers, atheists and whom else there? You will not find any corpse of an animal on the place of the tragedy, except for those whom a forehead - the century caged! Amazingly, the person concedes in scanning of habitat to animals and, even to an ant!

I observed nuclear underground explosion from distance of 10 km. Minutes for twenty before explosion, ran up to us with - tanks, hoping to profit something. They behaved as usual. And here on means of communication declared to fifteen - minute readiness before explosion. Also the report of time went: 15, 14, 13 …. But here minutes for 5 - 7 before explosion of a dog of a nach - whether to worry, press close to our legs, putting the tail between the legs. And then suddenly all at once jerked from us to the steppe. And then sharp blow in legs - the earth was rocked by a seismic wave of underground explosion. The multi-colored tongues of flame which broke through granite cracks were lit. All this flashed for a moment and was gone in clubs of dust.

The rain rushed. I lay in a sleeping bag and rejoiced that managed to put tent in time and to settle. Suddenly my dog Charlie raised a howl, then loudly began a bark and began to scrape paws. I wanted to calm down him, but it is vain. With - a tank began a bark even more loudly and that absolutely surprised me, having seized teeth the tent region, began to shake it desperately. When I left to the tent platform where there was a dog, it grasped me by a trouser-leg and dragged to an exit. I on - tried to finish it, helped to take in hand, caress nothing -. I never saw the dog such to a vozb - zhdyonny. I unzipped and pushed him to an exit, but Charlie continuing to hold me for a trouser-leg, pulled for myself. It was necessary to step in dank darkness under water flows. And Charlie pulled and pulled me farther and farther from this place. Without realizing why I submit to a dog, I followed her in outer darkness, away from cozy a pas - latka. We managed to depart all meters on ten as the lightning sparkled, the terrible crash was distributed, and the huge tree failed, having crushed the tent which is growing white in darkness. Being unsteady as drunk, for horror, I trudged for the savior.

And here desperate shout of the person of the military which was by the ship armed as is told to the teeth, modern equipment. And result? What sense in these “crutches“, if the “blind“ person! “I, Brazhnik Mikhail Aleksandrovich, the captain of 1 rank, in resignation. Many mass media were exorcized about the phantom purposes at the sea. To me at - it was gone to face this strange and impressive effect. Scene of action: Red Sea, territorial waters of Ethiopia, Dahlak Archipelago. Time: 23:40. and, as “a butt on the head“, the report from the PIP; “The purpose is surface, single, high-speed - goes on us!“ I was thrown to the indicator of the circular review. Precisely! It was drawn accurate from - a tag of the purpose going for rapprochement. Told characteristic “tail“ about the speed of the purpose behind it. At the same time the purpose yavstven - but maneuvered between islands! The report from TsAPa: “I observe the purpose, I accompany, inquiry “the - the stranger“ does not answer!“. I via the field-glass, to gripes in eyes, peered at the horizon. Anything! Clearly felt how on for - a tylka and the top hair moved. The ship was attacked by the phantoms for some reason seen only for RLS! And the purpose visually was not: neither in field-glasses, nor in devices of night vision. Everything came to an end instantly. Instantly! The purposes did not “thaw“ as it happens at their exit in dead zone RLS, and from a distance 20 cable-laid, a jump, disappeared from screens. Did not fly up in air, otherwise RLS continued “to hold“ them as air targets. No! Such impression that they at once dived, instantly! Though the sonar did not see anything too! In the head the question sounded: “And that it was!?“ - remained concerning and shaking for me and up to that moment“. And such facts already thousands.

Many scientists, researching mechanisms of impact of smells on the person, came to a conclusion: it appears it is possible to create such substances which would force us to work, buy more that it is not necessary for us. The technological chain in the course of sense of smell is simple. The odorant gets into a nasal cavity, and from here, from the analyzer of sense of smell, chemical reaction will be transformed in electric and, the signal comes to a limbic zone of a brain, to a so-called emotional or ancient brain. There are researches about value about - a nyaniye and smells in radio biological effects - consequences from impact of the ionizing radiation on an org - a nizm. In our experiences we found out the following fact in which we believed not at once. At contacts of group zhi - wadded, irradiated with the ionizing radiation, and in the non-lethal, i.e. not causing death doses, about a neobla - chyonny, at the last violations of immunity and deterioration in parameters of blood literally were in a day noted. As though both groups almost equally were exposed to the ionizing influence. Moreover, it turned out that even if to place one irradiated mouse in group unirradiated, then among unirradiated the develops - figurative “chain reaction“. The animals contacting with irradiated, became inductors to a narusha - niya. Thus, in groups of animals can develop not direct, but mediate, secondary to a narusha - a niya. Now we received results about existence obonyatelno - the zapakhovy effects connected not with radiation, and with an illness. Judgments, hypotheses of a possibility of adverse effects of “others“ hemosignal on the person you - affected very often. The person very easily distinguishes pleasant and unpleasant smells. And whether here it can always feel and react with a source exception if began to smell a hemosignal has the damaging character? Vyyavle - but that attack harmful to us a hemosignala can be unnoticed. In the people there is a belief that children and old men cannot live in one room. It is known that existence of certain smells is characteristic of some diseases. Many scientists proved the most important alarm regulatory role of smells, hemokommunikation in life a stomach - ny. At the person the leading role is played by the second alarm system - in the social plan. It means that to a narusha - a niya any adverse communicative factors - can cause pheromones in animals, and in people pe - chatny, verbal,… generally, infectious information. In case of technogenic accidents it can be observed it is information - a semantic stress - development of negative consequences in groups of easily inspired people, not being participants of accident, but apprehended information on her and the become inductors of psychoviruses, having started a stressful situation in society. And the speed and character of a rhythm of a body are determined by its leading function - thinking! Cages, bodies, systems … are capable to perceive factors of the environment directly, but - scrap for them installations of the programmed brain which perceives reality as the whole organism, and programs causing reaction of our brain are dominating a signa and there are our estimates of the events, and posredst - vy nervous and immune systems we influence a metabolism and parameters of a body. Boris Pavlovich Surinov, biologist.

Everything began with riddles of quantum physics - physics of elementary particles. It turned out that the electron and other elementary particles have surprising feature - behave and as the particle having a certain weight and as a wave - the electromagnetic field which does not have any weight. It is impossible to explain it, and many years scientists got off the unclear phenomenon with the foggy term “nature dualism“ - ability of the natural phenomena to act at once in two forms. And then one more riddle appeared. It turned out that to an ekspa - riment with elementary particles influences results, roughly speaking, the identity of the experimenter. The impression was it that people the consciousness involuntarily adjusted the nature to themselves, achieving result necessary to them. The question of scientific objectivity in this case did not stand at all … Albert Valentinov “Scenario of destiny from space“.

Prophecies is a prediction of the future or its programming? Quite often events take place exactly as it was expected, or was predicted, but not thanks to prediction of the future and only because itself on - maintaining people forces these predictions to come true. The such phenomena are well-known in economy, policy, religion. It is rather known that positive and negative expectations often exert impacts on the real course of events. But what relation they have to science? The matter is that many scientists carry out eksper - cops, already on the course surely assuming them what results they will receive as a result and that in experiment is possible and what is completely excluded. Whether such expectations can influence result of research? Yes, can!!! Such tendency is accurately traced in quantum physics where the scheme of experiment defines type of an okonch - telny result - for example whether the answer will be received in a wave or corpuscular form. Similar tenden - a tion can generate subconscious addictions in the course of research since there is one more neob - the yasnimy moment - expectations of the experimenter can influence in some way how bu - experiment is put to happen. Rupert Sheldreyk imobilco. ru/books / - / 610570 /

Placebos: the tablet “baby`s dummy“ and … treats? Yes, still as! If it is only supplied very effective instruction - it. So treats? “We can awaken in ourselves curative forces only overcoming of thick armor of doubt and scepticism in our consciousness. And if we enter the necessary layers of our understanding which awakens force on - shy spirit, then our mentality is able to change even a genetic map - programming DNA, and there is a surprising phenomenon that even cancer cells “melt“ as ice on the heated frying pan!“ Michael Talbot.

Very important chemical signal in an organism initiating reaction of cages to a stress is it is prophetic - a stvo under the name a histamine. Histamine molecules as fairy godmothers, appear only where it is necessary. When I entered into cellular culture and a histamine, and adrenaline at the same time that, in literal sense, the adrenalinic signal developed by the central nervous system suppressed local gistaminny signals. At the level of a cage, the consciousness expressing itself by means of the adrenalovy signals sent by nervous system gets the best of a body, local gistaminny signals - cages submit to orders of higher nervous system even then when these decrees contradict the life of cages!!! Bruce Lipton “Belief biology“.

Doctor Jiang Kanzheng in the work “The theory of management of fields“ proved direct information transfer from one brain to another by means of radio waves and created the wave generator capable to read out genetic information from one being and to transfer to his another. Jiang read out information from ducks and entered it in smoke - a ny embryo. Kuroutka were really brought out of eggs: they had necks as at a duck and a flat beak, on pads - membranes, and ear openings were closed by a plyonochka. Schitav genetic information from a goat, directed it to a pregnant doe-rabbit - the rabbit with horns was born. But the experiment which is most impressing it such: schitav genetic information from himself, Jiang directed waves to a chicken embryo. Also there was a chicken without feathers, but … covered with human hair - black and rigid as at the Chinese. Jiang speaks: before a schit - an elk that the carrier of genetic information is DNA containing a code. Achievements of quantum physics on - zvolil to prove to me that DNA is the cumulative information material existing in two forms: a pass - sivny - genes of DNA and active - EM - the field DNA. The first keeps a code, stabilizing an organism. The second is able to change it. DNA bears in itself two forms of programs: genetic - stable and field - constantly repro-grammiruyemy environment conditions, including mental process of the person who creates EM - fields!

Sergey Dyomkin “Sensational opening of doctor Jiang Kanzheng“ of narod. ru/homo/gen. htm

At the person from a mouth took sample of fabric with DNA, and placed in a special chamber. Then, showed to the examinee a certain selection of video records, the most strong feelings causing in the person: from tough military documentaries, to comedy and erotic plots. At the moments of emotional “peaks“ of the examinee, samples of his DNA which are for hundreds of kilometers reacted strong electromagnetic excitement, races - kruchivayas, and then being twisted, changing a form. A period, between emo acting on the examinee - tsionalny incentive and reaction its DNA, an atomic clock did not fix a difference - everything occurred instantly!

Scientists of quantum biology opened the phenomenon, having called it “phantom effect of DNA“. Experimentally vyyas - it nitsya, human DNA is capable to make direct impact on physical objects by means of some power substance. Experience. From a glass tube extorted air, having created artificial vacuum there. Waca - mind means empty space, but at the same time it is known that photons are there. Scientists determined location of photons in a tube by certain sensors - they chaotically occupied all its space. For - that placed samples of human DNA in a tube. And here photons behaved unexpectedly. It seemed, DNA thanks to some unknown force will organize them in the ordered structure. Research so far - the hall - DNA of the person makes direct impact on a quantum basis of a material world. One more surprise expected scientists when they took DNA from a tube. It was logical to assume that photons to return to the initial chaotic state. Scientists found absolutely other picture: photons continued to keep the order set by DNA in accuracy! The person, by means of the DNA, is capable to influence an okra - his zhayushchy world and all Universe at the quantum level, changing structure of the ecological world!

Studying at university, I somehow came into library and asked whether they have books according to the theory of a brain and about it prak - tichesky opportunities. Bibliotekar, without deliberating, sent me to department of medical literature! When I explained that I am not going to do brain operations, and it is only correct to use it, I was politely answered that they in library, apparently, have no similar books. I left in perplexity. We have managements, instructions and booklets under the name “As It Becomes“. But when business reaches to such the most difficult and yours - a leg of the mechanism what ourselves are, there is no help here. We need our own instruction for the owner on use our Biosuperkompyyuter. “Supermyshleniye“ of Tony Byyuzen.

Unless we see eyes? We “see“ the brain! This only place in which there is our “world“ and it “surrounds“ us. Our eyes just transform light to the electrosignals which are constantly coming to a brain for further interpretation. This “visible“ light - only a tiny strip of EM - a range, making only 0,005% of all matter - energy in the Universe known to us. In this narrow range of frequencies we “vi - dy“ physical reality! Eyes do not send images of three-dimensional streets, trees, people or something else as we think that we see it. Eyes send electrosignals! Besides, optical system of our eyes of lips - a royen so that the image on a retina is made “head over heels“. And “who“, then, overturns it? Only after the brain decodes these signals in imaginary three-dimensional reality, and there will be that world which as we think, really exists “around“ us. In total “around“ is what occurs in our brain, but not around! The ear, as well as all sense organs, turn fluctuations into electrosignals which are transferred to a brain for the subsequent interpretation in a sound. The sound exists in our head! There are even no flowers but only to it - Rhone, the giving-out certain reactions. Colors are various lengths of waves which the brain decodes from “probably - go“ light of EM - a range. We see only that the brain, and as was experimentally ustan - Lena provides us, what we trust in. The way of an electrosignal of separate thought can be tracked by means of the newest technologies of scanning now, and our beliefs and beliefs define the choice of this way. Turn the vn - manias on these words - beliefs and beliefs. Now we can understand better the reasons who and for what purpose the game - trolirut “education“ of the person, mass media and especially TV. “The only thing that prevents my creativity, my education is what remains when everything learned by heart at school... it is forgotten! “ A. Einstein. “Since childhood and to the death we are exposed to different types of zombiing, since education. Comes to the rescue of a gos - donative religion and precepts of the correct behavior. To receive the executive and obedient person of the slave, it is necessary to enclose in him the program suppressing it will to a necessary limit. Then ispol - the heifer will be able “independently to act“, but on those installations which in it are introduced. If the viewer vos - accepts only ready information not at the level of thought but only emotionally - it is a characteristic indicator of zombiing. The inspired viewer does not analyze an event. As the civilian population the power of politicians also dreams to see such people. P. I. Odintsov “All of us are zombies“. “We can be terrified the soldier - ache parapsychology for creation of a so-called new order - the newest form of slaveholding society. The most frightening and imperceptible threat for our fundamental rights of the personality - the rights for freedom of thought and freedom of speech - is the low-studied phenomenon known in science as management of reason. Under control of reason it is meant such compulsory psychological systems as “washing of brains“, “reorganization of views“, and compulsory belief. It allows to make out the relations of people to an event - holes, to proselytize them, to deprive of former beliefs, to change the personality in such a way that the victims do not even suspect about it. The management of reason uses the disguised manipulations over people for receive - a niya of financial and political benefits. Numerous methods of influence are for this purpose applied, beginning from promotion determined by idea, repetitions of routine actions, psychological shocks, deprivations of a dream and a game - tea with the beam psychothrone weapon. Emotions, dream and desires of people will be controlled depending on cash desks - tovy accessory and merits before government agents“. “Red kefir“ Sergey Trofimov.

I found out that we inherit emotions and beliefs of our ancestors. The built-in each our cage, these deeply taken roots templates exert impact on our health, wellbeing and relationship. The reason for which we do not change, - first of all that these templates are programmed in cages ours - go bodies. And these programs arise not only in our life - they try to keep step with us from last generations. The experience endured by the ancestor about many generations till your birth can be the cause of a certain model having moved - a niya which you repeat today. Experiences of the ancestor, the drowned seven generations back, can cause in you hydrophobia, and though in present life you had no similar mental trauma, emotions of this ancestor will force you to shudder internally every time when you approach water. It is similar to the forgotten family secrets long ago, our patrimonial stories hidden deeply in memory of DNA influence us definitely though we usually do not notice it. I understood: if we could find access to the mechanism of formation of templates to DNA, we would manage to change the programs which are written down in these “films“. We could revive and update the lives. While 64 codons are actually available to us, scientists established that we come into contact only with 20 of them. What happened to other 44 possible programs? They just disappeared? Or sleep in us, expecting the awakening moment? The fact that we use only 20 codons, potentially having access still to 44, says that we have improbable opportunities to create such life which was seen never before. Margaret Ruby “Healing of DNA“ of log - in. ru/books/68487 /

your biological system is designed so that it can work eternally if to provide her to itself - it is calculated on self-rejuvenation and self-balancing. However the fact consists that the sets of teams providing receipt in an organism of chemical compounds which predot - rotate rejuvenation are brought in DNA of the person and thus diseases, aging and death come. Krayon. The book VI, erased - 198.

Imagine the abilities of those civilizations which left in development us on thousands, millions of the years ahead. Presented, or is not enough for spirit? “Many events in the history, religion, art … it is impossible to understand correctly if to ignore paleokontakt. Terrestrial history literally dazzles with an example of contacts of people with extra people of Earth. We need to understand the main thing: to fondly expect that in boundless Space there are one nice Dob - ryachka with “gingerbreads“. They solved and solve the, in the majority absolutely alien and unclear for us the back - chi. Look at history of development of all mankind! How stronger people in the development with weak tribes arrived? Unless asked construction licenses Papuans in their territory of air bases? The Kazakh - sky shepherds also did not agree to construction of nuclear test site near Semipalatinsk! And what was “created“ by Christian emissaries with the people of Northern and Southern America in the Middle Ages! R. S. Furduy “Secret charm“.

The strange heritage was left by Indians of America. “The first People were allocated with an insight: they saw, and their look immediately achieved the objectives. They succeeded in vision, they succeeded in knowledge of everything that Yim - etsyatsya on light. When they looked, saw the things hidden in deep darkness, they saw the whole world, without doing on - tortures even to move. They were capable to learn everything - the arch of heaven and an interior of Earth. Gods came and told: “They know everything: big and small! Unless they have to be equal to us. Let their sight reach only what is close; let them see only the little on a face of Earth!“ Cast fog over eyes of People which covered their sight as the mirror covered with breath. And People began to see what was close. Thus, wisdom of the First People was lost“. “Popol - Vukh“ Codes Maya. Graham Hancock “Traces of Gods“, “Power of a mascot“.

The earth moves towards to shock - to Big Revelation! This planet was visited by gods many times. Both terrestrial, and space forces conduct desperate fight for your attention as it defines where and as you concentrate the energy, creating that reality which you face in each mgnov - scientific research institute. Traditionally, as a result of limited perception of the environment, people call gods of those who possess a way - nost which are not possessed by people. Hints on the one whom were your gods are disseminated through all globe. But those who wanted to manipulate people created the myths to impose to people the necessary picture of reality. They keep Earth within certain frequencies, creating conditions of emotional injuries. They eat these emotions!!! When people existed in the correct mode, they perceived a set of realities. These gods captured your reality and changed you genetically. Your DNA was mixed and sorted is real - the stvo which occupied Earth far back in the past. Genetic information was disseminated, but all it remained in cages. Only the double spiral of DNA was the activated information which was left to you for life and continuation funk - cyanations. But many data even within this spiral were blocked, and with ease manipulate you now. www. pleiadians. com Barbara Marsiniak “Bringing Dawn“.

Reject heresy of public relations and the useless scrap of paper of all those a grief of the speaking teachers, being mistaken, approving - begin with yourself! When to begin, in 49, 14, 7 … years? So who and when has to begin it? It is necessary to understand an essence of processes of formation of the person before emergence it on this this world. The matter is that each person passes to Oprah - divided stages of the development which are not dependent on his intelligence at all. Besides, exactly intelligence of future person it is total depends on these initial phases of development so that then will create definitely the cape - the lyashchy person with such outlook which to it not so - that is simple to get off even if he realizes all malignancy of this programming subsequently. So what it conditions? Depends on certain conditions of maturing of gametes? Depends on conditions of fertilization and conception of a female ovum? Let`s remember an utver - a zhdeniye ancient - only immaculate conception and the terrestrial woman gives birth to the person with abilities of God! And what potential opportunities are put in each person? “Also God of the person on the image, on the God`s image … created“ Life 1 - 27. It is not enough or will be enough for all occasions if to show them in everyone? From nepo - rochny pre-natal development depends? Depends on pure development of structures of a brain, so and mental abilities of the born child? Depends on pure sex education? On pure uslo - the Viy of the relationship in society between the woman and the man obliged to establish a family depends? So which of men is capable to create immaculate conception today in order that the Godman - our wise Teacher was born then? Understand that even if to lodge absolutely healthy person in sick society, to it it will become bad, and he by all means will get sick if he does not leave such society in time. By all means will get sick if does not leave! And even if to lodge the sick person in absolutely healthy society, he will inevitably recover. I repeat, will immediately recover! And in this case we will not be needs poor medicine which we have today. We have to understand that our DNA is a creative tool which it is time for all of us to learn to own and operate reasonably for this purpose to create children with such abilities which also did not dream us and fantasts about it and did not dream. So what medicine is necessary for society and in what perfection of an essence of the person consists?

The organization of the power responding to each reasonable offer from any party and immediately introducing it in our everyday life will begin to create the effective growth of quality of an essence of perfection of management of social processes in real time here and now. And it will promote dynamic development of society - habitats of women and men. And in such social environment the bigger number of the persons capable to see new quality of perfection of the organization of the environment will be born. The superior quality to a social sra - dy gives rise to even more talents, and these wise men will create more perfect quality of the organization of the environment. And so a wave behind a wave to harmony of the social environment promoting the wide range of the choice of the person in development of the of infinitely abilities unrealized still created just like God.

Each field of time moves, develops in new space, new planetary systems, the new conceiving civilization. The highest point of development of the conceiving civilization - association of the conceiving matter of all biologically conceiving systems of a civilization in a uniform, powerful power charge. This charge gives tolite - the check to manifestation of new space, new planetary systems, the new conceiving civilization according to the program put in a power charge of the integrated conceiving matter. In total in vzaimozava life - simo. Nothing dies, turns into ashes: neither physical matter, nor thought matter. Changes, a vidoizm - only the external cover of show of these matters nyatsya, but also in them there is no parallelism - they are interdependent, interpenetrated, crossed. So was, so is, so will be always!!!

L. Ya. Veyngerova. “Dialogues …“