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Criminal drama “Bodyguard“. What the English gangster longs for?

I Will afflict latent housewives and sympathizers from among romantically the equipped persons. William Monakhen`s picture has no relation to the snotty melodrama “Bodyguard“ with participation “Kevin Costner dancing with wolves“ and dullly spent on drink talent and Whitney Houston`s voice. The speech in this article will go about the screen version of the book “Londonsky Boulevard“ (in the original the tape and is called) Ken Bruyen of a sample of 2010. And though much the subject component of the movie everything is will remind the above-stated film novel, I repeat, these two movies have nothing in common. At least, by authors of coincidence of names and events it was not meant.

… Having stayed three years in the English lock-up for heavy corporal, Mitchell (Colin Farrell) is released with a clear conscience. He is seriously adjusted to give up the criminal past and to start new life with a clean slate. However one - business to tie laces, and another - to refuse easy money and “friendly“ support of the former accomplices. It is known that the criminal party very reluctantly releases the members on free bread.

The destiny brings together Mitch with the film actress Charlotte (Cyrus Knightley) to whom the world of show - business and character parts of eternally forced women why it was tightly locked in the London mansion bored and prefers to disappear from paparazzi in own garden, than to appear on public. To cope with importunate photographers and newsdealers, Charlotte employs Mitch as a jackhammer, and at the same time and a handkerchief.

Meanwhile, the local mafia cone, the cool and stylish gangster Gant (Ray Winston) does to Mitch “the offer which it is impossible to refuse“. That is it is possible to refuse, of course, but here consequences of such act definitely sad. Gant is a criminal authoritative, to argue with him - what to write against wind. The only thing that the big boss cannot acquire in any way: Mitch`s patience is not boundless. And if it returns into place again, then anything and nobody will rescue Gant from fair punishment …

of the Prime minister of “Bodyguard“ took place in Russia in February, 2011 therefore for the domestic viewer the screenwriter and the writer Ken Bruyen will be marked out this year at least twice. In June at movie theaters one more screen version of its novel - “Without compromises“ (Blitz) with Jason Statham will appear.

Separate thanks to domestic localizers which on a marketing intuition called the movie “Bodyguard“, having confused the Russian audience finally. However, as I already told, certain subject catches for a tape plot with Costner are, though very modest. In fact, all similarity keeps within two facts. In - the first, Keira Knightley`s heroine treats the creative intellectuals too. In - the second, between it and her brutal defender the romance novel, dizzy and dangerous to both, is begun. On it coincidence comes to an end, and to it we will not come back more.

Screenwriters quite often turn into directors. Generally from - for desires to embody own texts independently, controlling process completely. Monakhen, of course, should not complain because to the author of “Turncoats“, “Set of lie“ and “Punishment“ it was always possible to work with venerable directors (Scorsese, Ridley Scott, Martin Campbell). But he very much wanted to stand at a wheel. And, as it appeared, director`s talents of Monakhen are by no means not so big as literary.

The criminal world of Foggy Albion found the international popularity from an easy hand of Guy Richie who not only entered fashion on brutal tipchik with the English accent, but also established certain canons of this genre. Authors of “Bodyguard“, in general, follow these rules, but is peculiar. As a result, if Richie had cruel, but at the same time razzing boyevichka, then at Monakhen the serious, full criminal drama turned out. But at the same time without special delicacy therefore same “Turncoats“ still are out of competition.

The main character Mitch performed by the severe Irish handsome man Colin Farrell is some chaotic character. On the one hand, Mitch is definitely cool and often puts the rivals and enemies into place only one “kind word“, without resorting to the help of iron fists. With another - the thin romantic nature which is quoting Rilke and feeling remorse from the unnecessary victims during shootouts. Mitch did not make the most necessary shot in the movie, but made many excess gestures.

Farrell is extremely good in this role. It is its image on all hundred. In a fire chamber experiments with “Alexander“. Though to the smart character “To go in hiding in Bruges“ his Mitch falls short, but here any more not wine of the actor, but the scenario according to which the main hero of “Bodyguard“ - a figure tragic not in fact, and on combination of circumstances. Just it “was tightened by the dangerous bog“.

Two female images were embodied in a tape by Keira Knightley and Anna Fril. And Fril completely played the star workmate. Besides, it is necessary to agree that party of the eccentrical celebutante and sexual alcoholic (in combination the hero`s sisters) it is obvious more favourably, than an image of the cowed actress who is looking for a free ear. At all natural charm, Knightley there are not enough due emotions, and it looks a background for events more, than incentive for this purpose.

In a picture in general there are a lot of minor characters though it does not influence the main subject line at all. However, thanks to a competent casting, all these fleeting images are very memorable. And stylish, incredibly “disturbing“ and terrible gangster Gant who was brilliantly played by Ray Winston. And eternally ukurenny former actor, and nowadays the idler and the confided Charlotte`s face, Jordan (David Tyyulis). And coward, but impudent Billey, the former friend of Mitch who handed over him to police to save the ass (Ben Chaplin).

Verdict: very stylish (it is obviously promoted by a fine soundtrack and music of the composer Serdzho Pizzorno) the criminal thriller with romantic impregnations. Not an icon of a genre, as, let us assume, “Turncoats“, but the strong representative of family of criminal tapes about hard destiny of the former prisoners who decided to descend from a slippery path.

The bright, memorable actor`s works. Confused, but professional work of the director. Reasonable balance between dialogues and scenes of action: and it is not boring, and there is time to comprehend the events on the screen. And Monakhen spotted the final at himself therefore surprise it should not become.