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Patriarch of the Gipsy theater “Romen“ of

Yakulov Alexander Yakovlevich (18. 12. 1927, Vladivostok - 30. 09. 2007, Moscow) - the people`s artist of Russia, the violinist - the virtuoso.

Musical director of Romen theater.

Is buried on 5 - m a site of the Armenian Vagankovo Cemetery of Moscow.


Is people - persons whose biography begins long before their birth. One of such people, with whom I was lucky recently to get acquainted - Alexander Yakovlevich Yakulov. If to present it according to the business card - the people`s artist of Russia. Violinist. But one line about this person - oh as it is not enough, to criminal is not enough.

The first time about this person I read in the bell, not corresponding according to contents to the name at all Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper. It was the interview with Yakulov published under not really - that the flatter heading “Sinner“ (“MK“, 5. VII. 1996) . I cut out and kept article only because there the hero of article speaks: “My uncle was the ingenious artist Georgy Yakulov“. I knew that Georgy Yakulov is the Armenian, I was going to write about him the book. But here what is written by the journalist Katya Pryannik in the preface to the interview with Alexander Yakulov: “He is the poured-out Gipsy baron. Saw it on a secular reception - an eagle profile, huge growth, a long gray hair, a butterfly (he calls her by a bow), a tube, fingers in large flickering rings. Majestic - though paint a picture“...

I in conclusion - “Under gin with tonic I try to comprehend breeding secrets of the Gipsy blood“.

“The Gipsy blood“. Whether so it?

Last year there was my book “First Handshake“ where it is told about Georgy Yakulov`s friendship with the poet Sergey Yesenin who got acquainted with the next wife - Isadora Duncan in an art studio in 1921. Alexander Yakulov bought this book, I read it, and here at his place in one of short narrow-shouldered lanes of the well-known Arbat.

the Host, one behind one extinguishing and beginning to smoke cigarettes, it is loud and with pride tells about the family tree, from time to time showing unique photos, documents, letters of the famous cultural figures:

- my great-grandfather on the father Galust Yakulyan was the rich landowner, had lands in Kizlyar, held the whole caravan of camels, and children it went to law. In particular, both my grandfather Bogdan, and my father - Yakov Bogdanovich and Georges Prekrasny`s father (so in due time many called the artist Mr. Yakulov. - Comment of R. B.) . My father, Yakov Bogdanovich Yakulov, in imperial Russia was considered as the large politician and the prominent lawyer. Actually, then three political lawyers were very famous: Kerensky, Malyantovich and my father. The father had a reputation for the advocate of the monarchy, was close to Romanov` family, was on friendly terms with the native uncle of the last Russian tsar Nikolay Nikolaevich....

my Mother was called Susanna Artelovna Cananova, she was the tiflissky Armenian. Georges was born in Tiflis too. And I - in Vladivostok, in 27 - ohm.

- That is how? - I was surprised.

- Garik! - suddenly my interlocutor to the son sitting in front of the computer in other room shouted, - bring me matches, here any lighter does not work. - Also continued: - Before revolution my father was the prominent politician famous for the lawyer. It at the request of Lenin went to Vladivostok to untangle oil debts of Russia... There he got acquainted with my future mother - the noblewoman Meshcherskaya - russko - polsko - the Jewish blood. By the way, Solzhenitsyn in the book “Archipelago GULAG“ writes about my father.

Examining the small drawing room which is chaotically hammered with any antiquarian objects, pictures, books I asked:

- Probably, and wrote about you, and you were written by artists?

- Yes, happened also it, - the maestro answered. - Heinrich Boll wrote the short story “Bach in a Solitary Confinement“, based on the events connected over the years, carried out by me in prison. The magnificent movie was shot about me by Artem Borovik - “The person from the Arbat“. Very sad movie. The sad song about me was written also by Alexander Novikov - “The maestro had me on a visit, at the prince“. And Okudzhava devoted me the song according to which then shot the movie. There were such lines: “... On some piece of wood, on some vein strings the friend my Sashka to me turned soul...“ Yes, I was on friendly terms with many famous poets. Here and Brodsky Iosif, Zhenya Yevtushenko, Bella Akhmadullina, Sascha Rosenbaum... And at Volodya Vysotsky records to the poem “Horses“ are played by my violin. By the way, this my violin is 350 years old and the Frenchman by the name of Amati made it.

I long considered its apartments hanging on walls the owner`s portraits, and 75 - the summer owner with a diamond ring on a forefinger, showing for these works, spoke: “It was drawn by Ernst Neizvestny, it is Sara Lebedeva`s work, it is Shilov, Sasha immortalized me, this portrait on wrappers of candies now“.

- Alexander Yakovlevich, - addressed I it, - and in this connection you appeared in prison? And how long you stayed there?

- Is very simple, - the maestro answered, - after the termination of the Moscow conservatory in 1949 - ohm I was arrested, having accused of love to the jazz, to the German music, in particular of hobby for the composer Wagner... In 53 - I eat Stalin died, in 54 - the ohm me was let out. In prison I got acquainted with many famous people. Especially I made friends with a talented dudukist Caro`s Lips as it was called. He taught me to many Armenian songs, including “Krunk“ (“Crane“), “Tsitsernak“ (“Swallow“) and to other different melodies...

Further I was surprised and indignant - why he was often called the Gipsy, the Gipsy baron or as I already cited “MK“, the person of “the Gipsy blood“.

- Probably therefore, - explained to me with the maestro, - that my first wife was the Hungarian Gipsy, the second - the Romanian Gipsy. Besides I worked twenty years in the Gipsy theater “Romen“ the musical director. I am the veteran of the Gipsy theater. We were very amicable with Slichenko, he even put a performance about me - “About what the violin sang“, and I in it played myself. Any I am not Gipsy though two of my sons from the Gipsy mothers. And both live in America. One of them - Yakov is a great composer and the pianist, it will arrive to Moscow on tours soon... And I? What is not visible, who I am? Everything my relatives - on Armyansk a cemetery of Moscow why also I there often go...

- And how are you with Armenia? - I ask.

- About - about! I visited the half-world. I love two countries most of all in the world - it is Australia, far from Europe, and Armenia very close to my heart - the homeland of my ancestors and a magnet for all Armenians living on light.

Here to you and Gipsy baron!


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Robert Babloyan.