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Why to us legislation?

In the modern world people differently belong to laws and everything that is connected with them. Someone is afraid, someone does not trust, someone considers that it - “not his mind business“, others - try to understand, but the third are confused in their artful designs, - study and honor. There is a mass of opinions on the modern legislation, and as it is not strange, they, in the majority, critical.

But in any modern country codes of laws exist! And everywhere they are jealously preserved! There are government bodies, police and courts standing on their guards! And people, as if they treated the law, often demand that laws were observed, especially when it concerns them personally or their property. Means, in it there is something necessary and correct!

So correct in laws, their existence, and, above all - in ours to them the relation? That thoroughly to understand something, it is necessary to begin from “beginning“, from what became a basis of a situation or the phenomenon which you study. Therefore we want to begin conversation on laws with acquaintance to concept which lies at sources of any legislation - it is “AGREEMENT“. Such beginning will allow to understand a lot of things, without going into legal subtleties to which we will gradually come. So, let`s understand.

From - under a feather of one successful businessman there was fine formulated thought not so long ago: “To achieve success, we need to interact with other people“!!! Well, so left that it is the truth. When you one - odineshenek, it is difficult to argue on success in general. In idea of mailing does not enter to suggest you now to understand all subtleties of the human relations therefore let`s return to what began with: “In the beginning there was an AGREEMENT …“.

Present: Four friends decided to go to the lake, to have a rest. Everyone charged itself(himself) with part of duties, the first - to find a picnic set, the second has to buy food, the third - responsible for music, the fourth - for the car. And here at the latest moment it becomes clear that on what care of edibles, took nothing well or does not go at all, just does not want. It violated the agreement. Picnic is spoiled. For some reason it seems that their relations, at least for a while, will suffer from it. And about possible consequences - later.

Or: you were going to play soccer. Hammered together team, decided to beat partners in business. And here you in game, and one of “yours“ in any does not move, all game from - for it “to hell“. The team is nervous. He agreed with a common goal: To WIN! And suddenly - violates the agreement … Painfully and offensively. A victory - your purpose, and at you, it is taken away literally and who - the! Of course, it can destroy team, and precisely to it not to see a victory! About consequences too a bit later.

To what these unpleasant examples?

Yes to the fact that since the beginning of times between people there were agreements. They allowed to achieve more effectively the objectives, whether it be hunting for a mammoth, a victory in war or prosperity of the enterprise. Violation of what agreed earlier with, destroys the relations, collectives and the whole states, did, makes and will do impossible advance!

Remember history. How many empires great once are not present on the card any more? And they had purposes, “national ideas“, and initially they prospered. But not all is lost, some teams and communities remain faithful to the purpose and try to obtain unprecedented progress! Means, some tools which are available in society work! And about it we will continue conversation in mailing releases “About laws by a simple language“ for which it is possible to subscribe on the website criminon. ru